General Hospital Update Monday 11/16/98


General Hospital Update Monday 11/16/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Robin greets Jason and Carly. She tries to make small talk with Carly and be pleasant. Carly thanks Robin for helping to take care of Michael. Carly and Jason put Michael to bed. Robin tells Carly that Bobbie was there and had to leave for work, but she left her a present. Carly takes it and thanks her. Things are very tense. Carly thinks that the nearby fairy tales are Michael's, but Robin says that's a book that Jason gave her. Jason tries to help by talking more about Michael and encouraging Carly. Carly feels bad about how much time she's missed with Michael and says it will be a while before she is such a big part of Michael's life like Jason is. She asks him to help her catch up. Robin looks sympathetic. She and Jason take Carly through the photo album they made for her so she can catch up. Carly thanks them both profusely but continues to flirt with Jason. Robin can't understand how Carly can insult Jason's photography, but she keeps her tongue. Then Carly insults the pumpkin costume Robin made, but apologizes when she realizes she insulted Robin. Robin is tired so she and Jason go to bed. Carly thanks Robin again for making the album and says she'll try not to drive her crazy. Later, both Carly and Jason get up when Michael wakes up. They sit with him, Carly in her robe and Jason with his shirt off. They read to Michael like a cozy little family. Robin naturally walks down the stairs and watches them with a worried look on her face.

Nikolas and Katherine end up on the bed. She stops things before they get out of hand. He keeps kissing her, trying to persuade her. They go back to kissing but she breaks away again. He tells her how jealous he felt when she was with Stefan and thinks that she must have felt the same way when he was with Sarah. She denies it but he points out that she would always walk in on them at inopportune moments and that Sarah could tell how she looked at him. Again Katherine won't admit it; he tries to get her to change her mind. He wonders what she's really afraid of and asks if she's still "in love with" Stefan. She claims she's not but he points out she was expecting Stefan to be there. She tells him he's not a substitute for Stefan. He agrees to leave, but first he says he understands her and she knows deep down that it's "right" for them to be together. He leaves to take a cold shower...

Stefan tells Helena that it's "foolish" to conspire against him with Katherine because it was only Kath's bad luck that she was in the way when Luke and Alexis tried to kill Helena. Helena says that she knew all this already. Stefan asks her to leave Katherine and Alexis alone, but she can have Luke to destroy. Helena makes wise cracks. Stefan tells her that Luke is in a shack in the woods near town. She doesn't want to do Stefan's dirty work for him. She knows that he can't hurt Luke himself because of Laura. She says if she had wanted Luke dead, he would be. She wouldn't want Stefan and Laura together. He orders her again to stay away from Katherine. She taunts him about how he ruined things with Katherine. He tells her that Katherine was there today to get back with him, but she claims not to believe him. He tells her that Katherine is better off having no ties to their family. He tries to usher Helena out but not before Laura walks in. Helena teases that Stefan is grouchier in the wintertime. Laura asks him why Helena was there, so Stefan explains (leaving out the parts about Luke, of course). Laura asks him if he knows where Luke is, so he lies that he doesn't. She thinks he's not being honest because he said before that he always kept tabs on Luke. The subject of Luke's taking Lucky away comes up; he calls it an "abduction" but she denies that vehemently. She explains that Luke is just trying to fix his relationship with Lucky and he wouldn't hurt him. He asks why she's anxious to find them if she's not worried. She doesn't answer but he promises to help look for Luke and let her know what he hears. As she's leaving, he wishes her a "happy anniversary". So she comes back in and chews him out for being mean. They talk about her marriage, disagreeing as usual. She asks him to be sympathetic to Luke's plight with Lucky, but he
can't really do that. He questions her about things like whether Lucky has a passport with him. He tells her that Nikolas asked him to help but he refused. Now he's helping her and she seems to resent it. She says that's not what she resents. He says he won't lie about being disgusted by Luke's kidnapping of his son. Laura says she would have taken Nikolas from the island if she could have, but he doesn't buy the comparison. Nikolas returns and both of them sense that something is up. He sidesteps their questions and they tell him that Stefan is helping Laura to find Luke now. During their conversation, they talk about "secrets".

Luke struggles to get out of the painful wolf trap and yells Lucky's name as his son speeds away. But then Lucky comes back for some reason and finds Luke on the floor in the trap. He tries to get it off while Luke writhes in pain. Lucky doesn't really know what to do so Luke tells him between painful cries. Once Lucky gets it off, Luke laughs in relief. Lucky tries to call for help but Luke has thrown the phone out. He tells Lucky to make a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Lucky helps him up and Luke leans on him so they can go out to the car. They go to a ranger's station where Luke lies down and Lucky takes care of him. Luke tells Lucky he should leave since he's okay now, but Lucky won't leave. Not much is said except Lucky tells Luke that his plan to keep him there is a pretty lame plan. Luke implies that Lucky was an accident.

Jax introduces V. as Isabella Castillo to Julia. Julia hauls off and punches Jax. She yells at Jax for dating Isabella when Brenda just died. He claims he just took his "old friend" up on her invitation, but Julia keeps harrassing him for not mourning her sister enough. Thaao tries to get Julia to calm down. Julia accuses Jax of being a paid lover for Isabella. V. tells Julia that she knows how devoted Jax was to Brenda and she tried to convince him not to come there, but she realized he needed a distraction from his grief. She insinuates that Julia is lashing out because of her own feelings of guilt. Thaao and Jax stop them from arguing any more. Jax says they all miss her but he thinks Brenda would want him to be there. Julia laughs in derision but Thaao takes her away. Next we see V. and Jax going back to the room. They are depressed because they figure they'll have to leave now due to Julia being there. V. is annoyed at Julia's remarks but Jax knows that's exactly the impression they were trying to give. V. defends their plan. Jax gives V. some background about Julia's feelings. Then they realize that the only reason they were leaving was because each thought the other one wanted to. Jax doesn't want V. insulted but she doesn't care, being a tough ex-cop. She wants to tell Julia the truth, but he thinks it's a bad idea because then Julia will react the wrong way. They recall the few times V. has met Julia and figure she doesn't remember her. So Jax decides that Julia's atittude is good for their act. They decide to stay. They talk about sleeping arrangements...he's taking the couch. He looks at the bracelet again.

Later, Helena sneaks into Katherine's room while she's sleeping. Katherine awakens and asks her why she's there. Helena says she was worried and asks her if it's true that she tried to reconcile with Stefan. Katherine lets Helena think that the answer is no and tells her that Stefan is "going to be sorry he ever met" her.