General Hospital Update Friday 11/13/98


General Hospital Update Friday 11/13/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax and V. arrive in Monte Carlo; the bellman, Andre, seems not to believe that V. is Countess Isabella from Buenos Aires. Andre knows where the real Isabella is, but she quickly counters that it is a false story so her husband won't know where she really is. Jax gives him a big tip and he apologizes profusely. V. rants and raves after Andre leaves, but Jax tells her to calm down. She points out that it's Friday the 13th. Later, V. comes out of the other room looking beautiful in a black gown and her hair done up. Jax takes out Brenda's bracelet and shows it to V. He explains that it was hers and she was lucky at the tables. They go down to the tables. Jax warns V. about a man with a yellow rose in his lapel from Texas who will probably try to hit on her because she looks "incredible". Thaao greets Jax and Jax introduces him to V. Thaao speaks Spanish to her and introduces his "date", Julia Barrett. Jax and V. cover their surprise.

Bobbie visits Robin to see if Carly and Jason have arrived yet. Robin, with Michael in her arms, says no. Bobbie says she can't stay long because she has to go to the hospital for emergency surgery. She asks Robin what she thinks of Carly's homecoming, but we never hear an answer. Robin changes Michael's clothes into something nice and worries whether she picked out the right shoes. Carly and Jason are late, so Bobbie has to leave. Bobbie asks Robin if she might leave for awhile after Carly returns, so she will be more comfortable, but Robin doesn't think that's a good idea. Bobbie leaves and Robin looks thoughtful.

The doctor tells Carly and Jason that he won't release her without talking to the judge again. Jason tells him that the judge already agreed. After the doctor leaves, Carly frets. They bicker, she gets almost hysterical like usual. The doctor returns, saying that the judge convinced him that Jason can take care of her. They leave to process her release. Outside, Carly yells for joy as they get on his bike. She hugs him and thanks him a lot. they go home. Carly is very nervous. Robin is not there; their regular nanny is there with Michael. She tells Jason that Robin is "out". Jason picks up Michael and Carly hesitantly tries to see if he remembers her. She talks to Michael as he sits on her lap. She thanks Jason again and kisses him on the cheek. Robin, of course, is walking in just then.

Luke works on the door that he broke down and taunts Lucky about trying to escape. He tells Lucky that he fixed the truck so it couldn't be hotwired. Lucky won't help him with the door and picks up an animal trap. Luke almost injures himself with the door, rushing over to grab the trap out of Lucky's hand. He warns Lucky that it's very dangerous. Things continue to be cold between them. Lucky paces restlessly and finally makes a suggestion. He reminds Luke how Liz and Audrey patched things up after the rape by Liz going to see Gail. He wants Luke to go to a "shrink". Luke is appalled by the idea. Lucky says if Luke is really so "desperate", he'll do anything, including that. Luke rejects the idea vehemently. Luke tells Lucky again that he won't lose his son. Lucky points out that everything Luke is saying is about him, including Laura's rape and how HE felt afterwards. Luke argues that the last 6 months was about Lucky, even leaving town. Lucky says he really left because of Laura's lies. He says they're the same, he left when he found out about what Luke was really like. Lucky also points out how Luke always mixes some truth with his lies...he lists a whole bunch of lies Luke has told. He tells Luke he can't believe anything he says any more. They argue about it. Luke says that Lucky doesn't have the right to know everything about him, and vice versa. Luke gets frustrated and picks up the trap and throws it down in anger. Lucky calmly tells Luke that he can't see him the way Luke wants him to any more. Luke quietly tells him that he wins; he unlocks the door and opens it so Lucky can leave. He hands him the keys, too. Luke slams the door and Lucky prepares to drive off. Meanwhile, Luke kicks the trap again, then he stupidly gets his leg trapped in it when he turns around. He screams for help, but Lucky is driving off and has the music turned up loud.

Katherine visits Stefan again in his study. She asks Stefan what he thought of their last visit. Without waiting for him to answer, she says she couldn't sleep the previous night because of the visit. She is interrupted by a phone call from Helena, who is worried that Katherine might be falling back into Stefan's camp. Katherine hangs up on her, not too rudely. She asks Stefan if there's a chance they could get back together. He wonders why she's asking now. They argue about Helena and he points out how "cold" she was when she came back. She tries to explain how hurt she was. He wonders if she's there at Helena's behest, but she denies it sincerely. She wants to know if he felt the same way she did yesterday. He is suspicious of her motives and her alliance with Helena. She tells him that "the door is open" and invites him to either walk in or not. But, she warns, if he chooses to walk away, he will be her "enemy". She reminds him that Laura will always be Luke's. She tells him if he chooses to come back to her, he should meet her at her suite. As she's leaving, we see that Nikolas has been listening in at the door. He quickly hides as she leaves, takes a moment, then enters Stefan's study.

Nikolas and Stefan discuss Shakespeare briefly. Nikolas tells Stefan he overheard what Katherine said. Stefan tells him that he doesn't plan to reunite with Katherine. Nikolas points out that Kath will be hurt and move closer to Helena. Stefan thinks that's better than leading her on. Nikolas tells Stefan he has plans so he won't be home for dinner, then he leaves. Stefan tells one of his men to bring Helena there right away. Helena arrives in a while, spitting mad at his treatment. Stefan tells Helena that she was right, it was her and not Katherine who was supposed to fall from the parapet. What's more, he shares, he knows who did it.

At home, Katherine picks out a dress to wear. Reginald brings in champagne and makes smartass remarks. She throws him out. Later, we see her all dressed up and with candlelight, waiting for Stefan. There is a knock and she opens the door, but she's disappointed when it's Nikolas. He asks her to dinner. They hug. She says she partly knew that Stefan wouldn't show. Nikolas relates that he heard part of their talk but he didn't tell Stefan he was coming there. Katherine is embarrassed. She vents about how Stefan is wasting his life on "a mirage". She really is devastated so he tries to help her feel better. He tells her how beautiful she is and other sweet things, then he kisses her deeply. They make out.