General Hospital Update Thursday 11/12/98


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/12/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan studies the picture of Luke in the mask. Nikolas walks into the room; he's been looking for Lucky. Stefan wonders why Nikolas is so worried; Nikolas thinks Luke might hurt him and asks Stefan to help. Stefan refuses. Nikolas accuses him of being glad that Lucky is missing. He says that Stefan is trying to come between Luke and Laura so that he can get her. Stefan doesn't deny any of it. He hopes that everyone will see the true Luke Spencer. Nikolas seems disgusted by Stefan's motives and manipulations but tells Stefan that he's just worried about Luke, who can be violent. Stefan still refuses to get involved.

Monica reads the morning paper, glad her family is not in there. Emily asks AJ to help talk the family into letting her model again. He's reluctant. Monica overhears and tells her to forget about it. Edward comes in and admires Emily's modest dress. Emily storms out so Lila follows to smooth the waters. Bobbie visits to tell Monica that Carly's returning. They are not as happy as she seems to be. Bobbie hopes that Carly, Jason, and Robin can get their lives back together for Michael's sake. Monica is unenthusiastic. Katherine waltzes in and announces she's going to Windemere. Edward tries to talk her out of it but she leaves without saying why she's going there. Edward says something rude to Bobbie. She ignores him and tells them she has some ideas...she asks them all not to visit Michael or Jason for a while, since there will be so much tension. They object, naturally. She argues with AJ about his last visit there and with Monica about Carly. Monica asks Bobbie if she's going to stop visiting, too. The thought hadn't occurred to Bobbie; Monica reminds her that she's Michael's grandmother, too. They argue some more. Monica accuses Carly of only caring about money, not Michael. Then Bobbie asks why Michael's not living there..they continue to argue, especially about Carly. Ned comes in and agrees with Bobbie's proposal. Edward berates him. They all keep arguing more. Emily runs in, in tears, to tell Monica that the "fake nude picture" of her "is all over the Internet". She is very upset so they all console her. Bobbie leaves after making another pointed remark about their family.

Katherine walks on the parapet at Windemere, thinking about what happened that night she fell. She has a flashback to arguing about it with Helena. She looks down and tries to remember. She sees herself falling, then notices Stefan standing behind her. They talk about her being there. She tells him she's trying to remember something. Stefan remembers Katherine figuring out what he was up to that night with Laura...he tells her he's been trying to forget what happened and recounts her fall, how it affected him, and the events that followed. She asks if there wasn't someone there to comfort him, but he replies that it was her. He describes how he used the memory of her to give him hope. She looks wary but touched. She tells him that when he lets him care, he reminds her of "a man that I loved very much". She is standing very close to him when they remember how close to happiness they were. They are about to kiss when he pulls away. Both apologize. He wishes she could forget about the past. She leaves.

Alan talks to his drug dealer on the phone, anxious to get more pills. He hears a knock on Felicia's door and sees Tony. Felicia is not happy to see him, worried that he'll scare off the people she wants to watch. Taggert hangs around outside in the hallway. Tony chats amiably with Felicia. He asks her not to tell anyone that he was hanging around down there and tells her that he hopes to be back at GH soon. He hopes to see Lucas again. Felicia is happy for him and promises not to tell anyone. She hopes that he and Alan can" turn their lives around". Meanwhile, Alan peeks his head out and sees that Taggert is listening outside Felicia's door. He runs out and starts yelling at Taggert, who tries to get him to quiet down. But it's too late, Felicia heard and comes out, demanding an explanation. Taggert claims he's there to check up on Alan, but Felicia doesn't believe him. She yells at him for harrassing Alan and then Taggert leaves. Tony shows his face and reminds Alan that he's late for work, then he leaves. Alan thanks Felicia for her help. Felicia tells Alan that a man with a beard was walking down the hall until he saw Taggert, so she asks Alan if he knows him. Alan says no and walks away.

Jax is packing when he finds Brenda's necklace. He has a flashback to giving it back to her. He puts it in a drawer. Ned visits and makes jokes about Jax's poverty. He gives Jax an envelope which contains fake passport, ID's, credit cards, etc. for V. Jax thanks him. He is surprised to find out from Ned that there really is a Countess Isabella Castillo, but Ned says he shouldn't worry because she's having plastic surgery in Switzerland. They speak for a moment about Brenda. Ned feels that Brenda owed Jax for everything he did for her after Sonny left her, so he's trying to pay Jax back. Jax is grateful for his help. V. arrives, looking all bundled up. Ned criticizes her dress and Jax gives her the stuff from the envelope. Ned wishes them luck and leaves. V. is uncomfortable about the fake ID's since she used to be so law-abiding. She worries about her performance. Jax gives V. a nice set of expensive luggage to make her feel more like an heiress. She is overwhelmed and touched. She hands Jax another envelope with $5,000--her life savings. She wants Jax to use it in Monte Carlo. He doesn't think she should risk it but she wants to take the chance. He decides to take her up on it but only if she agrees to let him pay her back. He leaves so she can get dressed for the plane. V. dresses well. Jax picks up the bracelet before they leave for their trip.