General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/11/98


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/11/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia settles into her new digs in the seedy side of town (it looks like an ugly old motel room). Mac visits and chides her for not checking his identity before she opened the door. Mac says he understands why she's there, but he won't let her stay there now that he's seen it. Felicia is sick of arguing with him. Mac is forced to trust her. She shows him around her place. Mac jokes about it. Felicia literally jumps up on his back when she thinks she sees a mouse, but he sees that it's a huge cockroach. He offers to kill it, but she decides not to. Mac asks her not to take any "unnecessary chances", so she agres. They joke around on the bed and then he leaves. Taggert catches Mac outside and tells him about Lucky going missing. Mac gives him some instructions on how to keep tabs on Felicia without her knowledge. As they walk out, they just miss Alan going into his room in the same building. Tony comes up and gives Alan some info about working at the clinic. Alan is grateful for his trust, even though he knows exactly why Tony is doing it. Felicia walks out and sees them. She is very surprised and asks them why they're there. Alan tries to make excuses but Tony tells her flatly, "Alan lives here". She invites them into her place and lies to them that she's there as a PI. She asks them to keep it a secret and they both agree. Tony advises her to be careful in that neighborhood before he leaves. Felicia tries to get rid of Alan with heavy hints, but he insists on talking to her. He asks if she's there to spy on him for his family. She denies it but he's not sure if he can believe her. They talk about his problem. He still denies that he has a "serious" addiction and blames the Q's for his living conditions. He's glad to have the job with Tony, and she praises the idea. She asks him if he's in a program, so he lies that he is. He says she can help him, too...but he just asks her to "respect his privacy" and not tell people where he is. She agrees and he leaves. Taggert lurks outside in the hallway and takes some notes after Alan walks by.

Jerry Jax arrives in Stefan's study with the mask he found at Luke's. Stefan is pleased but asks Jerry to find him "a witness". He shows him the letter opener that the police found, that was used to tamper with the parapet. He wants Jerry to find someone that saw Luke enter or leave the room. Jerry says that if he asks all 200 guests, it might cause problems, and Luke will hear of it. Stefan doesn't care and gives Jerry the list of guests. Jerry comes up with a cover story to use to tell people, that he thinks Stefan might be behind his family's financial ruin. Jerry leaves.

Nikolas wakes Liz up to say there's a visitor. It's Taggert, who tells her that Tom is still in jail. She asks about Lucky. Taggert says there's no news or evidence of a struggle. He doesn't seem worried but Liz tells him why she's so worried. Unfortunately, they have to wait 36 hours until he's officially missing. Taggert tells her not to worry but Liz won't listen. He leaves. Nikolas volunteers to go see Laura and tells Liz not to leave if Lucky calls, without calling him first.

Laura talks to Lesley Lu about Nikolas' party and seeing her brothers. Nikolas comes by and Laura realizes that Lulu must have erased Nikolas' message. Nikolas tells her that Lucky is missing. Laura thinks about it and decides that Lucky must have been kidnapped. Her "gut feeling" tells her that it was by someone he knew. They wonder if it was by friends of Tom. Nikolas admires how calm Laura seems.

Lucky sees that Luke is asleep so he gets up, but before he can open the door, Luke tells him the door is "rigged". Lucky wonders if it's rigged with a rifle, but Luke shows him he was "bluffing". Luke points out that Lucky is worried about his unpredictability. Lucky is hungry so Luke shows him he has his favorite cereal. Lucky uses this to lock the door behind Luke when he goes to get it. Lucky phones Liz on the cell phone to tell her that he ran into his dad and they've been chatting. Liz is relieved but tells him that she called the police, Bobbie, and Nikolas. Luke starts yelling through the door so Liz wonders about the commotion. Lucky tells her that he found her bracelet. They get cut off before she can find out where he is. He hung up because Luke broke out of the room. Luke taunts him about why he didn't leave when he had the chance. Lucky is defensive and insulting. He is angry at Luke for leaving town suddenly, acting selfishly. He brings up the rape again. Luke pulls a chair in front of the door and tells Lucky that he's been doing "some personal business" that he'd put off. He didn't think much about PC but he did think about Lucky a lot, about all they'd gone through lately because of the rape. "Why can't you let it go?" Luke asks. Lucky says it's not okay and he can't forget about it like Luke did. They argue some more. Luke begs him to let go of his hatred because it can only hurt him. Lucky denies that he's hurting and says he's gone on with his own life, but Luke points out that this anger might make Lucky more like him. We can see the fear in his eyes. A little while later, Luke tells Lucky that he made him a hero, so he couldn't help but "fall off the pedastal", but he's never been a hero. "I've done despicable things...unforgiveable things", he says, "But I've also tried, too..." He concludes that he's "just a man" and that Lucky has to accept that.

Liz drops by Laura's and tells them that Lucky is with Luke. They are not heartened by the fact that Liz says, "There was a big crash and then the line went dead". Liz and Nikolas worry, but Laura says Luke wouldn't hurt Lucky. Liz wants to phone Taggert but Laura is adamant that Luke wouldn't harm Lucky. They seem doubtful but Laura says they should keep the police out of it, it's "a family matter". Laura thanks Nikolas for looking out for Lucky, then he leaves. Laura tries to reassure Liz. Laura sits her down and tells her some things about her relationship with Luke. Liz looks less worried.

Meanwhile, Nikolas goes home and tells Stefan that Luke's back and he's kidnapped Lucky. Stefan warns him to stay away from Luke because he's "violent and unpredictable". Nikolas doesn't think Laura's decision to keep the police away is a wise choice. They can't fathom Laura's "loyalty" to Luke. He asks Stefan to get some people working on this but Stefan says he can't "interfere in Laura's marriage". (Yeah, since when?)