General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/10/98


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/10/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Bobbie visit Jason and Michael; he tells her that he's bringing Carly home Friday. He tells her that Carly's not happy about moving in to Robin's house, and he hasn't discussed it with Robin yet at all. He intends to get Carly her own place eventually. They talk about how hard it will be on him to divide Michael's time between him and Carly. He tells her how he feels about Carly. Robin comes home so Jason gives her the news. Robin tells Bobbie about Nikolas' party. Bobbie is surprised that Lucky and Laura were there. She leaves, so Robin asks Jason about Carly's return. She gets annoyed when she realizes that Jason knew about this yesterday and didn't tell her. Jason admits he didn't want to mention it because she always gets so upset when Carly is mentioned. Then he tells her that he wants Carly to live there "so Michael can get used to her". Robin says no way. They discuss their options.  Robin gives in and says Carly can stay for awhile. They don't look forward to the changes in their lives. Robin asks him to share his feelings with her more, so he agrees. They kiss and snuggle. Later, Jason chats to Michael as they look out the window. He warns Michael about the changes that are coming up but says he'll always love him no matter what happens.

Mac comes home late and Felicia greets him with kisses. She is packing her stuff to move into her new office. He blows up, assuming it's on Cortlandt Street. She won't tell him where it is, exactly, but insists on going. He tries to "forbid" it but of course Felicia blows up at that. Mac keeps listing the terrible people that hang out there but Felicia doesn't care. She wants to get to know those types of people to give her book reality. They argue about it but neither will budge. Mac tells her how much he loves her and that he worries about her, but even that doesn't help. They hug. As Felicia packs, Mac keeps at her. He gets more upset when he learns that she plans to "interview" the slimy types that live there. Mac phones Taggert and asks him to watch Felicia.

Liz phones Lucky and leaves a message, wondering where he is. She wants to tell him the bad news about Tom. As time passes, she worries more. She phones Nikolas and asks him if he's seen his brother. Nikolas says he'll go look for him to set her mind at ease and asks her to call him if she hears anything, on his cell phone. Nikolas looks around the docks with a flashlight, calling Lucky's name. He runs into Liz, who is also running around looking for him (kinda stupid considering her rape, and Nikolas does point out that it's dangerous). They get Nikolas' car so they can cover more places. They go to Audrey's. Bobbie
meets them there and hasn't seen him, either. Liz checks the answering machine but there's only a message from Audrey, who's at a conference. Bobbie wonders if they should phone Laura, but they think that's a premature idea. Bobbie wishes Nikolas a happy birthday and asks Liz to recount exactly what happened last time she saw Lucky. Bobbie gets more concerned, so she phones the police. Nikolas looks some more. Bobbie has to get back but doesn't want to leave Liz alone, so Nikolas offers to stay. Liz worries that Tom got out but Nikolas has already checked to make sure he's still in jail. She tells Nikolas that Tom won't be charged for the rape. He is outraged, too. She worries about Lucky ("bad things happen at night") but he assures her that Lucky is "tough" and knows how to take care of himself.

Lucky glares at Luke, who asks him sarcastically about his visit to Windemere. Lucky doesn't want to hear about the feud anymore and tells Luke he doesn't want any part of it. Luke wants to talk it over him with him, "solve" things, but Lucky is not interested. He still doesn't want to have anything to do with Luke. Luke insists that Lucky come with him to work things out; he threatens that if Lucky doesn't come, he'll knock him unconscious and take him anyway. "That's your answer for everything, isn't it?" Lucky taunts him. Luke gives Lucky the keys and tells him to get in his truck. Lucky agrees to "one ride" for all the times Luke has saved his life. They get in the truck and drive off. Luke compliments Lucky's driving skills and they talk about Lucky's new digs. Lucky tells Luke he's "moved on" and doesn't need him or Laura any more. They go to a cabin (Bobbie's?). Lucky calmly tries to tell Luke that this isn't necessary and he wants to leave. Luke tells him he's not happy with the way things are with his family. He says he's proud of the way Lucky reacted to finding out about the rape, because that's the way he taught him. Lucky says that's between him and Laura, who seems to have found a way to live with it. But Luke points out there's still these problems between them. He takes off his cap, and he's shaved his head! Yuk, bad idea. Anyway, Luke tells him he doesn't want to bear the brunt of Lucky's anger for Liz's rape. Lucky informs him they found the rapist, but he still feels the same way. He shares the story of their adventure with Luke. Lucky tells Luke that the reason they were on Spoon Island is it is "my brother's birthday". This grates on Luke. Lucky is grateful to Nikolas for his part in helping Liz. He tells Luke he finally saw the truth about Nikolas, that he's "not a spawn incapable of doing good", and that he saved Lulu's life and helped him out when he needed it. "He's just one more person not to hate", he relates. Luke wonders if Lucky has any "warm fuzzy feelings" for any other Cassadines, but Lucky says no. He just doesn't want to live like Luke. Luke says that no matter what Lucky says, they're going to stay there until Lucky changes his mind. Lucky gets up but Luke blocks his way. He tells him that he left a message on Laura's machine that he'd be with him for a few days. Unbeknownst to Luke, Lulu accidentally erases the message he left. Lucky calls him "pathetic". Luke says he's "desperate" to prove that Lucky is still his son.