General Hospital Update Monday 11/09/98


General Hospital Update Monday 11/9/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax is annoyed at Ned for deciding to sell him the company instead of his buyer. Ned "has
faith" in Jax's ability to win in Monte Carlo. V. is appalled. Jax says they don't owe Ned anything but Ned disagrees. Ned warns V. that in Monte Carlo, her "word is deed", meaning that if she asks for something, she'll get it but they'll expect her to pay for it. Then Ned reveals that he's been joking just to prove a point, and Jax doesn't owe him anything. He leaves and V. is so upset that she says she won't go to Monte Carlo. He tells her that if she doesn't want to do it, she can get out of it, but she's the only one he trusts "completely". She is flattered. He thinks she's uncomfortable about what Alexis said about them looking like lovers, so he suggests they make some rules. They write down exactly what physical moves are acceptable (and act them out as they go along), such as hand holding, etc.

Carly reads the papers that will get her out. She jumps up and hugs Jason enthusiastically, apologizing. Jason looks unsure but he holds up a pen hesitantly. He lays down the rules for her, about how she should act with Michael and Robin. He says Michael will live half the week with her and half with him and Robin. She tries to object in a weaselly way so he puts the papers away. Then he yells at her for using Michael to get to him. Carly blames Robin and Bobbie for teaching him to use her papers to manipulate her. Finally, Carly agrees to everything he stipulated. Jason tells Carly what he tells Michael about her and that he promised him his mother would return this week. They hug, then the doctor comes in. Jason signs the papers and hands them to the doctor. The doctor is appalled and says insulting things to Jason. Then he tells them that Carly is not "going anywhere". Carly asks him why he's mad but Jason says it doesn't matter. The doctor says he's the only one who can say she is to leave, but Jason disagrees angrily. The papers say she is to leave Friday but the doctor is determined to change things. Carly looks worried. The doctor leaves and then comes back in. He starts yelling at Jason for being a bad influence on Carly, but we get the idea that he can't fight the papers Jason brought.

Stefan tells Nikolas' birthday group how proud he is of him and they toast Nikolas. Laura
praises Stefan's toast. She goes to wake up Lesley Lu so she can have cake, but Helena is there waiting. Laura warns Helena to stay away from her kid, but Helena is unimpressed.
Helena reminds her that she is responsible for her son's death and she won't forget it. Laura calls Helena a "bitch".

Nikolas' friends insist that he make a speech. He thanks everyone, especially Lucky. He tells them all that they've "changed his life for the better". They applaud. Alexis hugs him and tells him not to open up her present in front of Stefan. Alexis and Katherine trade barbs; Kath needles her about the conspiracy to push her off the parapet.

Lesley Lu comes downstairs with Mrs. Lansbury so Stefan looks surprised, wondering why Laura isn't there. He goes up and interrupts Helena and Laura. He tells his mother, "That's enough!" He threatens Helena, who sputters and claims she just wanted to give Nikolas a gift. He says no so she asks if they can give the gift to him. She takes out a package and walks forward. Just then, Nikolas comes in and yells at her to step away from his mother. Helena looks stricken that he would think she was going to harm Laura just then. Nikolas
says Lesley Lu told him who she saw when she woke up. He warns Helena that if she comes near any of them again, he'll have Alexis go to court and take away all her money
(she is supported by his late father's money, his estate). Stefan and Laura look proud. Nikolas won't take Helena's gift but when she keeps at it, he grabs it and is about to toss it in the fire. She tells him to stop, it was his father's medallion. Helena speaks sadly about
Stavros as she takes the medallion out of its box and hands it to him. The rest are silent
as this happens, and she leaves. Nikolas leaves, too. Laura is amazed that Helena is afrid of Nikolas. Stefan wonders what Helena was really up to.

Downstairs, Katherine wants to go up to the parapet but Mrs. Lansbury watches her like a hawk. Lucky and Liz prepare to leave but Emily says she's staying to keep Lulu company. They know she really wants to spend time with Nikolas. But she and Lulu walk them out. Robin asks Katherine why she looks unhappy so Katherine tells her she wants to go back to the parapet because there's something she can't remember about the last time she was there. She describes the scene; she remembers something about Nikolas...Robin tells her that she's remembering Nikolas finding her after the fall. Nikolas and Stefan run in, wondering where Lulu is (nervous that Helena might have snatched her), but then Emily brings her back in. Later, Nikolas tells Laura and Stefan that Port Charles feels like his home now, and he thanks Laura for giving him siblings. Katherine observes to Robin that
"they've become a little family of sorts, haven't they?" Robin makes some observations of her own and says that Stefan and Nikolas seem "closer than uncle and nephew". We can see the wheels start turning in Katherine's head.

Lucky and Liz chat at his place about how Audrey is reacting to the adventure with Tom. They both agree that it's great to be there alone with each other. Lucky notices that Liz's bracelet is gone so she gets upset. She remembers having it on the launch coming back. He is touched by how much she values it. Lucky runs out to search for the bracelet. Liz grabs a flashlight and opens the door; he is still there so he kisses her.

After Liz goes home, Taggert visits and tells her that they don't have the evidence to
convict Tom of rape, just of what he did to Emily. He is deeply apologetic.

Ned and Alexis run into each other on the docks; she fills him in on the party and they flirt, then kiss.

Luke continues to watch Spoon Island. Later, Lucky finds Liz's bracelet on the docks. Luke steps out of shadows and says, "Lose somethin'?"