General Hospital Update Friday 11/06/98


General Hospital Update Friday 11/6/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alexis meets Ned at the Port Charles Hotel but tells him she can't stay long because of Nikolas' birthday party. She invites him to come along. They chat about their V. project. Ned wants to help Jax because of his promise to Brenda. V. and Jax walk in, arm-in-arm. She looks stunning. They all chat and admire V.'s act. The waiter from the other evening says hi to them in Spanish (because V. is a Contessa) and Jax tells them that V. will be learning "a smattering" of different languages. Alexis observes that V. needs to work on
her "body language" and that she and Jax have to touch each other more because no one will believe that they are lovers otherwise. V. blushes and looks shocked; Jax smirks.
She tries to talk them out of this idea but they are all adamant that Jax and V. look like they're sleeping together. They give V. some tips on how to touch Jax but she balks.
Jax says he'll do all the work. V. looks very uncomfortable when he reaches to put his
arm around her. A business associate of Ned's, Joyce Hastings, comes by the table and
invites herself into their gathering. Ned introduces V. as the Contessa but Joyce only
notices Jax because of his name. She is kind of gauche. She tells them she's buying
dinner and offers Ned $30 million for the company she wants. He is evasive. Alexis excuses herself to go to Nikolas' party. Jax makes a bid on the company for $35 million
and says he's buying dinner. Joyce gets "annoyed" and points out that Jax doesn't have
any money. Jax tells her that the reports of his poverty have been exaggerated and
Ned won't deny it. Jax tells them that he can go to $40 million. They get into a bidding war
and Ned gets nervous about Jax's bidding. Joyce wonders if there's even more to this
company that she thought. Jax and V. flirt. Finally Joyce offers $42 million but Ned turns her down. They all look shocked. Ned tells Joyce that he is selling it to Jax because he "has roots in Port Charles". She reminds him that she can pay right now but Jax doesn't
have that kind of money lying around free. He tells her that he'll give Jax a few weeks and
then let her know if the deal doesn't go through. She leaves in a huff. Jax asks him if
he's crazy. Ned says he plans to sell it to Jax, so he'd better come back from Monte
Carlo "a winner".

Jason and Robin walk on the docks; she is dressed up and carrying a birthday present
for Nikolas. He plans to visit Carly and set her straight.

Lucky, Liz, and Emily chat with Nikolas at his place; they are all dressed up for his 18th birthday party. Laura comes in with Lesley Lu. She smiles at both of her sons. She hugs Nikolas while Lucky watches. Then she sends Lesley Lu over to hug Lucky. In this scene, Lucky looks
A LOT like Nikolas, like they're trying to make them up similarly. Lucky and Laura chat;
he tells her that they caught Liz's rapist. She is thrilled. Robin tells Nikolas that she
thinks he, Lesley Lu, and Lucky all look like Laura. Laura congratulates Liz.

Jerry visits Stefan via his "secret passageway". Stefan is annoyed at the unplanned
visit. Jerry says he has important news. He tells Stefan that Katherine's real will left everything to Stefan as well, but someone (possibly the same person who pushed Katherine) forged the other will in order to get Stefan off and frame Helena. So Stefan
figures that it was Helena who was supposed to be pushed off the parapet. Stefan is surprised to learn that Katherine told Jerry about her will and wonders if she told the
truth. Jerry assures him she wasn't lying. He also tells Stefan that Luke is the only
one Katherine told about the will, so he must have been in on it; he asks Stefan why he suspected Luke before. Stefan tells him that Luke "has murdered before". Jerry asks
if there photos or tapes of the masked ball. Stefan says he looked at them already but
gives them to Jerry to view. He leaves the room to go to Nikolas' party. Jerry looks
through the photos and picks one out that looks like Luke.

Emily thanks Stefan for inviting her; he tells her he's glad that she and the others
weren't harmed in their misadventure. Lucky tells Nikolas that he's "a standup, regular
guy". Laura watches them happily until Stefan comes up to tell her that he knows now
why they were spending so much time together. They go outside and Stefan tells Laura
about what happened at the modeling agency. She is proud of their bravery, which
irritates Stefan. He clearlyexpected her to be as outraged at their "recklessness" as he
is. Just then, Katherine walks up with a gift for Nikolas, so Laura goes inside. Laura wants
to take a tired Lesley Lu home but Nikolas suggests she have her sleep in one of their rooms so Laura can stay for the rest of the party. Meanwhile, Katherine and Stefan have
an awkward moment outside since she wasn't invited to the party. She tells him that she
wanted to be there since Nikolas was endangered. She also lets it slip about the struggle with the gun and that Nikolas' head was on a nude body. Stefan looks very unsettled,
which she seems to enjoy. Alexis and Nikolas chat about what a strange mix of people
are at her party. Katherine observes to Laura that she seems at home and expresses
surprise that Laura and Lesley Lu still don't live there. She catches Laura offguard. Stefan
tells Laura about the gun that Tom had and that Nikolas "is confiding in her". They both
look worried. Nikolas and Katherine share a sensuous birthday kiss outside but
they're interrupted by Laura. Mrs. Lansbury wheels out a big cake with lots of candles.
Nikolas makes a wish and blows them out. Then he opens his presents while they watch.
Emily gives him a journal. Katherine gives him a nice, expensive camera like the one
of hers that he ruined when they first met. Unfortunately, Laura and Lesley gave him
almost the same camera. Later, Stefan gives Lucky a warm welcome. Lucky is
noncommital. Stefan makes a short speech about Nikolas' coming to manhood.

Jerry breaks into Luke's office to search it. He breaks into Luke's safe and finds the mask
that Luke was wearing in the picture. Meanwhile, Luke shows up on the docks and
glares over at Spoon Island.

Carly's doctor prattles on in front of Jason about her visit from AJ. He praises her "progress" while Carly looks guilty; then he leaves them alone. She asks if he's mad at
her, so he asks, "How mad did you want me to be?" She tries to defend her actions. They
argue. She rants about how Jason can't get her out now and how hard it is to be in there. She berates Jason for being "a motorcycle mechanic" now. He throws a package down on the table. She opens it; it has a court order for her release, signed by a judge. She is
amazed. He tells her that "all you need is the mechanic's signature".