General Hospital Update Thursday 11/05/98


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/5/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia works at the computer. Mac comes in and she tells him that she is blocked because of what her agent said. He suggests maybe she should write a romantic novel, so she goes ballistic. She wants to write a gritty crime novel. She wants to use her experiences as a detective to write the book. She asks him what "the meanest street in town" is, so he worries and tries to talk her out of her latest scheme. He lets the name of the street slip--Cortlandt Street. Felicia phones to rent a room there.

Ned visits Jax. He is tired of V. trying to convince him to become Eddie Maine again, so he asks Jax to distract her. V. comes in, undeterred from her mission. She hounds him about recording and asks Jax what appointment Ned has with him. Jax admits that Ned has no business with him, he's just trying to escape her. Ned is caught so he reluctantly agrees to do it, if only Jax invites him and Alexis to V.'s practice dinner run tomorrow night. He is anxious to get her to Monte Carlo. Jax agrees so V. and Ned leave. Robin visits Jax just as they're leaving. He asks Jax to lunch because it's the anniversary of his second wedding to Brenda. They have a nice lunch at the Grill, reminiscing about his wedding to Brenda. They talk about how they're "going on" with their lives. Robin is a bit concerned about how unsettled her life with Jason is, and Carly's role in it. Later, Jax reads the vows he wrote for the wedding and gets all teary-eyed.

Bobbie visits Jason. She is concerned because of Jason sending Robin and Michael out in the middle of the night. She thinks Jason is mad at Carly for trying to use AJ to get out of Furncliff, but he says he not. He understands what she's doing and why. She is amazed at how well Jason understands Carly. He says that Carly always works on what's important to her, like when she thought she was in love with Tony, but he points out that Tony never treated her well. They talk for a minute about when he found out Bobbie was her mom. Bobbie is surprised that she's learned more about her daughter from Jason. "I wish I could accept her the way you do", Bobbie. Jason impresses upon Bobbie that Carly loves her and he tells her what she said in Furncliff. Bobbie is very reassured. Jason vows to get Carly out and reunited with her son. Jason says he's visiting Carly tomorrow so he'll fill her in on how that goes.

Tony goes to GH and finds Monica. He tells her he's sorry to hear about Emily--he heard from Alan when he visited him. Monica isn't fooled. He tells her that he gave Alan a job so she knows what he's up to. She chews him out for having Alan near patients and drugs, but he tells her that Alan will have limited responsibilities. He defends Alan but Monica is still suspicious. Tony admits he wants his job at GH so he's wondering why she's faulting him. He intends to prove to her that he's still a great doctor by curing Alan. Monica tells him he's "dreaming", but says that if Tony can pull it off, she'll "re-evaluate" him. He grins smugly. Some nurses say hi to him so Tony says he hopes to be "moving back in soon". Bobbie overhears him and tells him not to count on it. They bicker. Tony taunts her about Lucas. Later, Bobbie asks Monica about seeing Tony there. She asks Monica not to give Tony any chance to come back. Monica hedges so Bobbie gets annoyed. Bobbie thinks Alan is the key but Monica won't tell her what's going on. They snap at each other until Monica walks away.

The teens meet at the police station. They all thank each other. Nikolas invites them all to his birthday party tomorrow, including Lucky. Nikolas and Emily leave. Liz tells Lucky she's glad that he's going to the party.

Emily visits Jason to pour out her troubles. She knows he is the one person she can talk to without him judging her. She tells him about the blackmailer/rapist but asks him not to "kill Tom". He wishes she had told him before but she didn't want him to get in trouble, then or now, because of her. Jason is not so sure he agrees but he tells her he'll do what she wants. She hugs him gratefully and asks him not to tell anyone about Liz. He agrees but asks her to promise in the future to come to him if anything else like that should happen. She agrees but tells him unhappily how her family reacted. She thinks maybe she should model "behind their backs". Jason gets a phone call so he takes off, giving Emily a ride home. He tells her maybe there's something he can do to help her get back into modeling if Ned can't help her.

Edward asks Katherine if it's possible for him to buy back every photo ever taken of Emily. Katherine tells him it's a bad idea. She blames Ned for what happened to Emily, because he didn't watch her well enough. Edward agrees, naturally. Reginald brings in Jerry Jacks so Edward yells at Reginald. Reginald has a great comeback and Jerry reveals he's there to visit Katherine. Jerry tells Edward to bug off so he leaves. They chat briefly. He tells her he read up on Stefan's trial while he was in jail and he was curious about her will. She wonders why he cares or why she should answer. He tells her he would owe her when he gets "on top" again and that he wants to know how her will was forged because the papers the police used against him were also forged. She tells him it won't help him because her will wasn't forged--she did leave everything to Stefan. He doesn't understand why anyone would forge a will that said the same thing as the real will, but then he realizes because it got Stefan off and "pointed the finger at Helena". They discuss who might have done it. He doesn't think Stefan did it, and she agrees. Katherine says only her lawyer and Luke knew about the will.

Jerry visits Bobbie at GH and asks her to lunch. She is down because of Tony so she tells him why. Jerry tells her to "stop worrying".

Robin stops by the garage to see Jason and Michael so he fills her in on most of what Emily said. Robin says she knows from Nikolas about what happened (he called to invite her to his party). She jokingly asks him if he'll get "jealous" if she goes to the party, but he tells her he has to go see Carly tomorrow evening anyway (and the last thing he wants to do is go to Windemere). They kiss and enjoy their time together.