General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/04/98


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/4/98

Liz awakens in Lucky's bed on her birthday. Lucky is not around, but then he comes in with a brownie with a candle in it. Liz looks forward to her day even though they have to go to the police station to give their stories. They're about to kiss again when the phone rings. Bobbie asks Lucky if he knows where Liz is. She tells Liz that they got the results of her HIV test. Liz says she'll be right there but Bobbie offers to come by there instead. Lucky asks why she's down all of a sudden. She tells him all about it and worries about the results. Lucky comforts her and pledges to be by her side no matter what. He suggests she talk to Robin if she finds she's HIV positive. Bobbie arrives and hands her the results. Liz is relieved to find out it's negative (after Bobbie explains it). She and Lucky hug. Bobbie wishes her a happy birthday. They tell her all about finding her rapist. Bobbie is proud of her for not shooting Tom and offers her further support. Liz and Lucky prepare to go to the police station. He gives her a gift of a charm bracelet; she loves it. There are flashbacks of Lucky singing to her and other times they spent together, while they kiss.

Alan puts on a suit and tries to make himself presentable. Tammy visits with groceries and wonders why he left the door unlocked. She straightens his tie. He tells her he wants to "find a job". She gives "Roy" an apple for energy. He thanks her warmly. Alan goes to the medical clinic where Tony is working and asks him for a job. Alan is still licensed to practice, he says, and wants to "rebuild" his life. Tony rejects him coldly. He is happy to throw it back in Alan's face that he fired him. "Go self-destruct somewhere else", Tony says. Alan starts to beg but Tony cuts him off and leaves. Alan is dumbstruck.

Edward and Katherine walk in to have breakfast. Monica and Ned are already there. Emily scans the paper to see if there's anything about what happened to her. She's concerned that if they find out, they won't let her model any more. Edward grouses about his paper missing. Monica asks her why she was out past her "curfew". Emily doesn't give much of an explanation. Monica and Ned exchange worried glances. AJ comes in and they give him a hard time as usual. Lila tells them all to hush and wishes she could spend more time with Emily. Emily is busy and reluctant to chat with Lila. Ned, AJ, and Edward discuss business, or rather they get into another pointless argument.

Nikolas prepares to tell Stefan what happened the previous night. Stefan was not happy to hear that Nikolas considers Lucky his brother now. Nikolas tells him about his and Lucky's mutual decision. Stefan notices a cut on Nikolas' lip. Nikolas tells him the whole story. Stefan is annoyed that he didn't come to him for help. Nikolas explains that Emily didn't want her family to know and he was afraid Stefan would tell them. Stefan acts unpleased that Nikolas went to NYC (even though he already knows)and when Nikolas is done telling the story, gets really angry with him. Stefan chews him out royally but Nikolas won't admit he did anything wrong. Stefan also blames Lucky. Nikolas thinks that he's most upset that he did it with Lucky and he throws it in his face that he hates Lucky more than he loves him. He sneers and asks him how Laura would feel about that...Stefan's voice breaks when he says he doesn't hate Lucky and he doesn't hate anyone more than he loves Nikolas. Nikolas reminds Stefan that he's been taught to help people and to be honorable. He also plans to include Lucky in his family. Stefan pledges to include Lucky, too. Stefan informs him he's invited Laura to his birthday party, so Nikolas also wants to invite his friends--including Lucky. They hug. Nikolas leaves to go to the station.

Stefan gets a visit from Tony. He asks Stefan if he has considered his request to be reinstated at GH, in return for info about Helena, who wants to meet with Tony. Stefan says to bring him the info and then he'll do what he can. But Stefan warns he must also get support from Monica or it won't work.

Mac tells Felicia about the teens' adventure. He asked the press not to report on it yet since it involved minors and they haven't given their statements yet. Felicia rushes off to meet her editor. Mac gets a phone call and then goes off to work. Later, Felicia tells her the meeting was depressing because the editor only liked the sexy and romantic parts. Mac soothes her hurt feelings with kind words. She determines to go back to the old drawing board.

Mac visits the Quartermaines. Immediately Monica thinks it's something about Alan. Mac is amazed that they don't know about what happened yet. Emily fills them all in (including Katherine and Reginald), not leaving anything out except the rape part. Predictably, Edward blames her modeling. Emily tells Edward she owes Nikolas $5,000 but he won't pay. Monica knows that Emily didn't come to them because of Alan's problems. AJ backs up Edward's opinion. Emily asks Monica if she can give her statement privately, and that's when Mac spills the beans about the fact that Tom was also a rapist. Later, the Q's decide that Emily should stop modeling. She objects strenuously and looks at them all with hatred. They won't change their minds so she is inconsolable.

Alan goes back to his apartment and Tammy consoles him. Tammy advises him not take more drugs because of his rejection. She leaves for "a date" just as Monica visits to fill him in about Emily. Alan is worried about her until Monica tells him that she's fine. But the worst thing is that Emily didn't fill anyone in because of his addiction. He wants to see her, but Monica refuses to let him. He begs her to stay. Monica tells him she won't "have anything to do with" him until he is "clean and sober", then she leaves. It looks like it took a lot of effort on her part to do that. Alan goes into his drawer and takes out his pills. He stares at them, then puts them back. Tony visits Alan unexpectedly. The weasely Dr. Jones invites him to work at the clinic (he won't be handling patients). They share a drink of juice together. (They are so pathetic, both of them...)

Katherine visits Nikolas to make sure he's okay after the ordeal. She sees his cut and touches it tenderly. Their is considerable heat between them. They mention his birthday, but he can't invite Katherine to the party. She suggests lunch next week so they can have their own celebration. She leaves.