General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/03/98


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/3/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jason tells AJ to leave but he comes in anyway. AJ wants to tell Jason what Carly said. He insists on talking about the whole situation. Jason asks Robin to take Michael to Bobbie's house. She objects to leaving "in the middle of the night" and doesn't want him to fight with AJ. Jason asks her again so she goes to change out of her fairy princess costume so she can take Michael. AJ apologizes to her but she thinks AJ is just trying to cause Jason to act like this so he can use it against him. She leaves with Michael. AJ makes fun of Jason in a sarcastic way for what he did. He tries to goad Jason into hitting him. Jason just looks at him in that stoic way of his, then he smirks, saying that AJ just wants him to hit him so he can call the cops. He starts tearing into AJ about his family. AJ tells Jason that the Quartermaines are the best way for Carly to get out, but Jason knows they just want Michael. He reminds AJ that he used to claim that Jason did all sorts of awful things when he was in the mob, but he never tried to use "a baby" or terrorize "a woman locked up in an institution". AJ refuses to back down. He accuses Jason of using Michael because he's the only one who will love him. AJ observes that Jason is just like the other Quartermaines, "domineering and manipulative". Jason states that he's promised Michael that the Q's will never take him. AJ stomps out like the spoiled brat that he is.

Lucky and Liz discuss what happened with Tom at his place. Liz shares her feelings of terror and Lucky comforts her. Finding Tom has brought it all back to her again. She thanks Lucky for saving her. They hug a lot and have some hot chocolate after she takes a shower. They discuss how they both still have the anger about the rape. She says she was scared when they were struggling with the gun that it would kill him. She apologizes to him for not being brave enough. He is shocked. He tells her how brave she's been, but she doesn't agree. She wishes she had done more to Tom. Lucky talks to the police over the phone and tells them that he and Liz will be in tomorrow so she can "positively identify" Tom as her rapist. Lucky continues to tell her how courageous she is. They tell each other that they're "the best thing that's ever happened to me". Lucky wants to sleep on the floor but Liz insists on doing that since it's his room. They argue about it. She realizes it's her birthday now that it's after midnight. He wishes he had known. She feels great now and thanks him for making her feel better. He wishes her happy birthday and gives her a big romantic kiss.

Nikolas brings Emily home through her bedroom window. He talks about how he's always so closely-watched at Windemere. Neither one is looking forward to telling their families about what happened. Emily is disgusted to realize that both she and Brenda thought Tom was the best photographer. She told him private stuff. She is seriously creeped out and tells Nikolas about the fake nude picture she found of him. He tells Emily "it was a pretty good match" but fortunately the police didn't need it for evidence. She tells him what "a great team" he and Lucky make. He is forced to admit it. She points out that both of them would do anything for their friends. They talk some more about what happened with Tom, then Nikolas has to leave. He accidentally knocks down her journal and asks her what it is.
She gets embarrassed, especially when he says her handwriting "looks awfully familiar". Nikolas tells her that he got mysterious letters of comfort after Katherine's death. She asked if they helped and he tells her they did. Emily has to admit it was her. Nikolas asks why she did it, so she explains that she had trouble expressing herself in person, but she wanted to sympathize with him in his loss. He holds her face and tells her that she's "very special" to him and that she's "more than a friend". He gives her a kiss on the forehead and says she's like his sister. (Probably not what she wants to hear...) After he leaves, Emily writes in her journal. She hopes to change herself into "someone Nikolas can love".

Stefan visits Bobbie. She's surprised. Stefan wants to deliver "a message" to Luke. She lets him, curious. He asks her to urge Luke to return quickly when she hears from him. She tries to find out what he's up to but then she guesses that he wants Luke back so he and Laura can split up. Lucas wakes up so she runs to comfort him, then she returns. He wishes that their marriage breakup hadn't caused Lucas and Nikolas pain. She muses on their relationship...wonders why he married her when he was after Laura. Stefan tells her she's too suspicious, like Luke, but she says it was being married to him that made her that way. He claims it was her betrayal that broke them up and that he is only interested in Laura for Nikolas' sake. She doesn't buy it and warns him to "leave Luke alone". Stefan gets a phone call telling him that Nikolas is still not home, so he worries. Bobbie again warns Stefan not to fool with Luke and Laura's marriage. Robin and Michael arrive. Stefan makes his exit, ignoring Robin. Robin apologizes for barging in on Bobbie and explains why. Bobbie can't believe Carly's talent for self-destruction. Robin starts to make a comment about Carly but stops herself for Bobbie's sake. Bobbie wonders why AJ is interested in Carly and Michael. Jason comes by to tell Robin and Michael they can come home. He and Robin hug. Jason tells them that he and AJ didn't hit each other. Bobbie hopes he's "not too angry with" Carly. He isn't because he understands her. He picks up Michael and talks to him. Jason tells them that he has a way to deal with AJ, by talking to Carly about it.

Nikolas lets Stefan know he's home. Stefan is all worked up because he's been worried. Nikolas tells him there was an "emergency" but everything's fine and he'll tell him tomorrow. Stefan asks if it's because of his "friendship with Lucky" but Nikolas says he's not his friend--he's accepted him as his brother.