General Hospital Update Friday 10/30/98


General Hospital Update Friday 10/30/98

Jason admires the Jack O'Lantern outside the cabin. When he goes inside, he sees the place decorated and Michael dressed like a pumpkin. He yells to Robin and asks her what's going on. She says even though they're "staying home", she thought they'd dress up. He's cool with it, even though he doesn't seem to understand it. Jason wonders if it's good for kids to learn about make-believe so Robin tries to explain it to him. Jason maintains that he will never wear a costume but Robin knows he might change his mind in the future for Michael. Mac, felicia, and the kids arrive for dinner. Mac is dressed as Zorro so Jason stares in confusion. It's Maxie's birthday so she blows out the birthday candles. Jason holds Michael on his lap and smiles while he watches them do the birthday thing. After they leave, Robin and Jason talk about Halloween some more. Jason sees Halloween as a way that "people dress up to scare little kids". Robin was glad to see Felicia and Mac laugh. They are about to kiss when someone knocks on the door.

Laura arrives (wearing BRIGHT red lipstick!) to have dinner with Stefan at the Port Charles Hotel. Laura tells him they shouldn't have wine and reminds him that there will be no hanky-panky. He invited her there because he said it was important, so he tells her that Nikolas and Lucky are involved in something mysterious. Stefan has been having them followed so he knows they are wandering around with Emily and Liz. Laura is happy but says he could have told her over the phone. Stefan says "Next Friday is Nikolas' birthday". He hopes this will be the best birthday for Nikolas since she will be there. She says she always remembered Nikolas on his birthday in her own special way. Stefan shares his own memories of Nikolas' birthday, drawing Laura closer emotionally as they have a flashback. In an intense whisper, he asks Laura if this year, they can give Nikolas what he's always wanted: a family. He means he hopes she and Lesley Lu can come by the house or maybe even take a trip all together. "Nice try," she replies. He claims he just doesn't want Nikolas to have to choose between two family birthday celebrations. She agrees but she is suspicious of his "agenda" and she's afraid of letting Nikolas see them together too much. Later, they talk about the past again. Laura praises Stefan for being there for her when she was pregnant and for the way he's raised Nikolas. Stefan asks if they can't trust each other again like they did back then, for Nikolas' sake. Laura doesn't think so because Stefan has kept too many secrets from her. He has a flashback to hearing that Luke was alive and being told that he's not supposed to tell Laura. He goes in to visit a pregnant Laura in her room and brings her a present. She is very glad to see him and asks about "the outside world". He doesn't tell her about Luke, of course. Laura knows that he's thinking about some secret he kept from her so she dares him to tell her.

Lucky and Nikolas go to the police station to talk to Fred, the guy who was arrested. Nikolas isn't sure if he is trustworthy. Lucky tries his best to convince him that this is their best shot. Lucky warns him not to be nervous. They discuss what they will ask him. Taggert comes in and teases them. He wants to know why they want to see Fred so Lucky just tells him that they are worried about a friend of theirs in a modeling agency and they wanted to check the place out. They say that they heard he was fired from there. Taggert tells them that this guy is a "serial liar" but they still want to see him. He warns that they can't pay him because it would be illegal. They leave their backpacks on the desk so they don't hear the phone ring when Liz calls. Lucky and Nikolas talk to Fred about his job at Small Faces. Lucky shows Fred the naked picture of Maggie Christian. Fred doesn't know anything about her posing nude so they ask him if she mentioned anyone else. Fred tells them that Maggie also worked with Tom Baker.

Liz chats with Mr. Juergen at Small Faces. He observes she works hard and she's very pretty, yet she never asks about modeling. She tries to act disinterested but he insists that she look at photos in a book. He asks her if she doesn't think she could do it. He mentions that Emily is at Tom's studio while she looks through Tom's photo book. She recognizes the photo from the Internet that he had changed and then sees a photo of Maggie Christian. She tries to phone Emily at Tom's studio, and then Nikolas, but neither answers.

Meanwhile, Emily goes to a photo shoot with Tom and finds a dark studio. There is a note for her and a slinky white dress. She picks it up but looks worried. Tom comes in and says a studio wants some photos from him and he thought of her. He tells her he wants to do something "different" and "dangerous". She is intrigued. He tells her that "Paige" (the girl he is in cahoots with) will do her hair and makeup and then after this they'll do the hip-hop shoot. Tom compliments her in a kind of increasingly sleazy way while she does the shoot. The phone rings but Tom doesn't want to be interrupted. Tom plays on Emily's fears and says that it takes more to stay on top of the modeling biz. He says that too many girls get into drugs or whatever and ruin their careers. Tom tells Paige to take off since he's almost done. She asks him about Nikolas' photos. He says he hasn't looked at them yet so he's not sure. He tells her to relax while he develops the film, then he leaves the room. Emily, who's now dressed in normal clothes, looks at Nikolas' photos, making nice comments. Then she sees one of Nikolas with no clothes on. Tom comes out right then and catches her.

Liz goes to Tom's studio looking for Emily. Tom surprises her and says, "Not a word". Liz has a flashback to her rape and looks terrified.

AJ visits Carly at the hospital. The doctor warns him not to upset her. They engage in innocent chit-chat in front of the doctor but then he has to leave so they are left alone. AJ thanks her for letting him visit and asks what changed her mind. She lies, naturally, saying the doctor is encouraging her to meet with more people. He tells her he came because of Michael, he wanted to see if she would be able to be with her son soon. He expresses how
devoted she is to Michael. He asks her if she knows "everything's changed" and wonders how that will affect her (Jason not being a mobster and living with Robin). She knows all about it, thanks to Jason's chronic honesty. He tells her he's impressed with her recovery but he keeps trying to turn her against Jason. She acts like she's philosophical about it all. AJ informs Carly that Jason is powerless now, since he's "just a mechanic", so he can't help Carly get out of the hospital. He tells Carly he wants to help her so he offers his power and money to help. She asks what he wants in return. He swears he has no ulterior motive. He asks if there's anything she can share that "might help speed up the process".