General Hospital Update Thursday 10/29/98


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/29/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Robin, Michael, and Jason have lunch outdoors at Kelly's. Ruby comes up and praises Michael. AJ walks up and tries to be cordial but Jason just stares at him and asks what he wants. AJ says he's just there "looking for Emily" but he does mention that he's visiting Carly tomorrow instead of Jason. He told the doctor he'd let Jason know so he wouldn't drive there for nothing. Jason warns AJ that he'd better not upset Carly; he makes veiled threats. Robin observes that "Carly's using AJ against you". He knows what Carly's up to but there's nothing he can do. She worries that Carly might tell AJ he's Michael's father to win him over to her side. But Jason doesn't think she would because she's so afraid of the Quartermaines. Robin still worries about how "unpredictable" Carly is.

V. arrives at Jax's apartment. He is dressed up in a tuxedo (she's dressed normally and carrying a garment bag). The place is decorated in a romantic way. He tells her he wants her to experience "the ambiance of Monte Carlo" and he's disappointed that she's not wearing her dress yet. He orders her upstairs to change. She takes a long time to dress but finally she enters in the gown, trying to act like a contessa. They share a drink and then there's a knock on the door. Dinner is wheeled in on a cart. Jax introduces V. as The Contessa Isabella Castillo to the waiter, Reese. Jax asks Reese what he thinks of his new decor. They put on a little show for Reese, pretending that V. is a contessa. Jax watches her with an amused smile on his face. Jax seems to get annoyed when she chooses to have dessert. To make things worse, she puts a flower in Reese's lapel and escorts him out. Reese says she's "a very unusual woman". Jax says "somehow" she made it work anyway. He warns her that the stuffy Monte Carlo types will be harder to please. Jax puts music on and wants her to dance with him. She is afraid because she knows she can't dance well. He tells her that the steps aren't what's important, listening to the music is. They get close as he holds her in his arms. She seems to pick it up pretty well, much to her amazement. When the next song comes on, Jax backs away because it is his and Brenda's song. She suggests they "take a break". He agrees and tells her about the time he and Brenda had dinner in New York and danced to this song. V. thanks him for his help and excuses herself after making sure he'll be okay.

Jerry runs into Stefan at a restaurant (Port Charles Grill?). Stefan is annoyed and doesn't want them seen together. Jerry tells him to relax, he made sure no one else is watching. He fills Stefan in on what he's done so far, then he takes off. He passes by Alexis on his way out and flirts with her. She is not interested and tells him to leave because she's waiting for Ned. Jerry thanks her for getting him and his father out of jail but she says she advised Jax to take the deal that would have left Jerry and John in jail. He tries to chat about Stefan's trial and asks her to prove that the records that put him in jail were fake, the way she did with Stefan's. She says it won't work because his are real, Stefan's weren't. Helena walks in and exchanges glances with Alexis. Alexis wants Jerry to buzz off but he won't.

Helena and Stefan meet at the restaurant. He tells her he heard she was curious about Nikolas' "net worth". He hands her a document that tells how much. She claims she was merely curious and wanting to protect Nikolas. She berates him for not paying closer attention to Alexis' plotting with Luke, and informs him that Alexis is lunching with Jerry.
Afterwards, Stefan walks up to Alexis' table and tells Jerry to go away. Alexis thanks Stefan for his help. Stefan surprises Alexis by saying he wants to protect his "loved ones" (including her).

Liz and Lucky work at Small faces; Emily and Nikolas walk in to see Mr. Jeurgen. Liz and Emily pretend not to like each other. While Mr. Jeurgen and the others are outside, Lucky slips into his office and gets onto his computer. Liz introduces Nikolas as her "boyfriend" and asks if Mr. J. can get him a modeling job. Nikolas asks a lot of questions. When Mr. J. finds out Nikolas is a Cassadine, he wants to give him a job. Nikolas and Emily keep him from his office some more...he wants to sign Nikolas right away. Mr. J. insists on going into his office, where he catches Lucky at his computer. Lucky lies that he wanted to look at his computer because he heard him say his computer crashed and he wantd to help. Mr. J. is concerned so Lucky goes back to the computer. Liz, Nikolas, and Emily worry what happened but Lucky comes out with Mr. J. Mr. J thanks Lucky profusely for fixing his pc. Lucky goes back to the mail. Mr. J. wants Nikolas to take some "test shots". Nikolas hems and haws but has to agree or else Emily will look bad. Nikolas poses while the photographer takes some shots on the dock. The photographer asks him about himself and Nikolas answers awkwardly. He has a hard time getting Nikolas to smile. The girl who's involved in something shady comes in to do something...Emily asks who she is and is told she's the photographer, Tom's, assistant. The photographer makes Emily get into the shot with her and directs them to act like they're in love. It's very difficult for both of them. Liz and Lucky come in and ask to observe the photographer. He is almost done so invites them to come back any time. After they walk out, the girl and the photographer look suspicious. Lucky tells them that Mr. J.'s assistant was arrested for fraud as well as fired. They are hopeful they found their perp. The photog's assistant tells them that she knows those four really do know each other even though they pretend not to. He doesn't think it's any big deal until she tells him that Lucky was also "snooping in Jeurgen's office". He tells her to shut up and he'll take care of everything. He talks in a creepy way to Emily's picture, saying he'll have her all to himself tomorrow, and he says, "poor thing, just when her career was starting to take off".

Jerry meets Bobbie in the park and they share licorice. Bobbie tells him about a rare happy childhood memory when she and Luke would have stolen licorice in the park. Jerry tells her about when he was a boy and he used to steal candy for Jax. They kiss.