General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/27/98


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/27/98

AJ tells the family what Carly's hospital is like while Reginald passes out the mail. Reggie is amazed by how much junk mail Katherine gets. Ned, as usual, doesn't agree with AJ and Edward that going after Michael is a good idea. Katherine just thinks Ned is "threatened" by his baby cousin. Ned calls her and AJ "Mr. and Mrs. Suckup". Monica runs in and yells at Katherine, calling her "a squatter" and "a thief". Monica accuses Katherine of stealing a "diamond bracelet". Katherine says she was in Monica's room, exchanging some flowers from her room with some from Monica's that she didn't want. Monica is outraged by that, too. Katherine suggests maybe Reginald's been stealing things so Lila tells her to apologize. They all bicker. Emily slips out, ignored as usual.

Alan buys some more drugs and tells his drug dealer that he won't be coming around any more. The dealer snears at Alan for not having any money. He suggests that Alan pawn more of his stuff. Alan tells him that the pawn brokers only pay him a tenth of what he pawns so he doesn't have anything left. The drug dealer leaves, uncaring. Monica goes to make a phone call, but then mumbles to himself that he'll be home "next month". He has pawned Monica's diamond bracelet. Later, Katherine and Monica bicker about the bracelet, and Katherine being there, some more. Katherine suggests they be "friends" but she's not very sincere and Monica rejects her. Still later, Monica and AJ discuss the bracelet and how they miss Alan. AJ admits that it's "kind of nice" having someone else "be the black sheep of the family". He's basking in Edward's attention, too, even though he's suspicious of Edward's motives. Monica remarks that it's hard to tell what AJ's thinking sometimes. Carly's doctor phones AJ to tell him he can come visit her. Edward praises AJ for getting access to Carly.

Bobbie phones Liz to remind her to do something since school is out. Liz tells Lucky she has to go to the doctor. He is curious but she doesn't want to tell him about it. They hug tightly and she leaves. Liz goes to GH to meet Bobbie. Bobbie is surprised that Lucky isn't with her so Liz says that she didn't tell Lucky about it. Liz says that Lucky worries too much about stuff so she didn't want to tell him that she was having a "follow-up HIV test". Bobbie draws Liz's blood for the test. Bobbie tries to calm her fears. Liz says that when she was younger she never thought much about the future, but now she does, so she values it more.

Lucky is using his laptop to search for stuff when Nikolas arrives. Nikolas tells him that they have to settle something about Laura. Lucky brings up Laura coming down the stairs the other day. Nikolas tells Lucky that the dress Laura was wearing was hers "from a long time ago". He tells Lucky that he doesn't really know what's happening between Laura and Stefan, but he reminds Lucky that they agreed long ago not to let their families' problems affect their relationship. Lucky seems agreeable. They both look at a webpage on his computer.

Felicia meets Mac at Kelly's. She talks about her writing. Mac is stressed out because he's worried about Robin with Jason. Felicia reminds him that he has socked people on occasion when provoked (like Ryan and Kevin). They bicker about that until Mac realizes that Felicia has changed the subject on him. Felicia calls him "paranoid" and says that he tries to fix things all the time, but that sometimes things are out of his control. He thanks her for trying to help him forget his troubles.

Emily is accosted when she goes looking for Alan. Alan comes along and beats away two guys who were bothering her. Alan yells at her for being there. She accuses him of taking Monica's bracelet but offers to take it back so no one will know. He admits he sold it. Tears fill her eyes at his disgusting condition. Emily tells him how much she misses him. "You have to help yourself" she pleads. She hopes that something drastic would happen, like when Matt died and how that helped her. He assures her that "this is as low as I can get".
He also says that he's "detoxing" by using a smaller amount of pills every day and that his main problem is that he has no more money. He even asks Emily for money "for food". She looks very sad, knowing he's lying. He plays on her sympathy by talking about a nearby homeless guy with a gangrenous leg. She cries at how pathetic he's become, but she takes her allowance out of her purse and gives it to him. She rushes off, even though he asks her to stay. Alan of course goes right to the drug dealer and buys some more pills. The drug dealer even gives Alan a can of tuna, but Alan is ungrateful. He downs the pills.

When Jax takes V. to lunch at the Port Charles Grill, he corrects her behavior in preparation for their Monte Carlo adventure. He teaches her how to ignore prices and servants. They discuss starvation in the world. V. gets a phone call on her L&B cell phone. She argues with someone about a booking for Ned. Brenda's name comes up in her conversation, causing Jax to have some more flashbacks. They greet Ned and Alexis, joking around
some as if they were in Monte Carlo so V. can get more practice.

Ned and Alexis sit for lunch. Alexis thinks Jax "worries too much" about V., she's confident V. will do fine. Ned says that Alexis should be the lady that goes to Monte Carlo with Jax, but he'd kill him if Jax touched her. They flirt. Katherine comes by and they exchange snide comments.

Katherine greets Jax and V. as well. She wants to make sure Jax didn't think she "profited" from his misfortune, getting the ELQ stock. He tells her he doesn't think that so she walks away, satisfied. He tells V., "She's just keeping that stock warm for me".

Lucky tells Nikolas, Emily, and Liz that he and Liz got the internship at the modeling agency so they stop tomorrow. He notices that Liz and Emily seem "quiet". Emily tells them she brought what the blackmailer sent her. Nikolas and Lucky tell her that her face and a message are on the website. "Want to see more? Check back next week and all will be revealed" is what the message says.