General Hospital Update Monday 10/26/98


General Hospital Update Monday 10/26/98

Jason is shocked to find out that AJ tried to visit Carly. Carly tells the doctor she only wants to see Jason, for now, so he agrees. She sends her love to Michael and then Jason leaves.

Tony informs Bobbie that he heard Jax and Jerry discussing the warehouse fire. She says she doesn't believe him, but she refuses to give Tony any satisfaction.
She starts berating Tony for endangering Lucas and making a mess of their lives. Tony
urges her to ask Jax for details, but Bobbie says she doesn't want to bother Jax because he's had a lot of problems lately. Tony can't believe how "charmed" Jerry has her, but then he realizes that she already knows he started the fire. She won't discuss it. Tony says he plans to ask for another custody hearing, and this time he'll find some evidence to present about what Jerry did. Mac and Felicia walk in while they're arguing so Tony threatens to tell him. Bobbie laughs at him, saying Mac wouldn't believe anything he says. Tony throws another smart remark to her and walks away. Bobbie looks worried. Mac and Felicia ask Bobbie if she's okay; Mac even offers to "have him picked up". They ask her about her shrink appointment and Mac warns her not to trust Jerry. She walks away.

Stefan continues to fill Jerry in on what job he wants him to do. He wants Jerry to move a large amount of money into a secret place that only he knows. Jerry looks over the books and asks what's in it for him. Stefan promises him 2 1/2% and tells him he wants the money put into a Swiss account. Jerry wonders why he wants him, and Stefan says he needs his services and that no one would suspect him working for Stefan. Jerry stipulates that he won't use Bobbie for Stefan. Stefan has no problem with that and gives Jerry some more information. Jerry promises to start right away--with Alexis.

Katherine and Nikolas keep kissing until she breaks away, embarrassed. He tells her they did nothing wrong and he's glad to be there for her. She doesn't want to get their feelings confused or lose him as a friend. He promises her that won't happen, no matter what. They recall their first meeting. He warns her again that "Helena is not your friend". He is thankful that she has always treated him like a normal person. She has to leave so they go together.

Robin joins Mac and Felicia at the Port Charles Hotel for lunch. They notice that the Quartermaine family are gathering. Katherine comes in and tells them she's there for the ELQ luncheon meeting. She tells Felicia and Mac she wishes she could have been at their wedding. Robin hugs her and says she looks well.

Katherine joins the Quartermaines at lunch. Monica and Emily grumble about being there. Edward has Lila and Tracy's proxies and Ned has Jason's. Edward and AJ present that they need more money for the dock renovations. Ned is skeptical. AJ is reporting when Jason runs up and grabs AJ by the neck and throws him into another table, saying, "I told you to stay away from Carly and Michael!" Robin tries to get Jason to calm down. AJ tells Jason he'll see Carly if he wants to. Jason vows that AJ will never get Michael. Because of Robin, Jason lets him go, but then AJ keeps taunting him, saying he's "violent" and "unfit" to raise Michael. Edward chimes in that they will get Michael easily now that he's not a mobster. Monica protests. Jason walks away. Ned asks AJ if he planned this; AJ replies no but it doesn't matter. Edward is determined to use this to get Michael. Robin accuses AJ of planning this but AJ denies it and says that Jason "was out of control". She walks back to her table in disgust. Emily tells AJ that she can't believe "how horrible" Edward and AJ are. They all start bickering while Robin watches.

Mac and Felicia wonder about how in control Jason is and whether he might hurt Robin physically by accident. Meanwhile, Jason chats with Michael back at the gargage about how he plans to protect him. Robin visits them. Jason thanks her for stopping him throttle AJ. Robin says it was her fault. She tells him she loves him and she "doesn't want to fight any more". She tells him she saw how the Quartermaines act with each other and that it's not a good environment for a baby. He thanks her for everything and says he missed her. He tells her about his visit to Carly. He worries that AJ could hurt Carly by distressing her while she's in Furncliff. She admits that she did leave Michael with AJ the other night "to prove a point" and she swears never to betray him again. They hug and kiss.

Bobbie visits Jerry. They chat about his business in a general sort of way. He can tell she's bugged and asks her "what's wrong". Bobbie tells him what Tony said. Jerry is annoyed. Bobbie worries what Tony might find out but Jerry tells her not to worry about it. He suggests moving out so Tony can't use him against her and Lucas. She can't argue but tells him that she and Lucas will miss him. She tells him how happy he's made her and, "I think you are a lot better man than you give yourself for being...and I don't want to lose you". Then they kiss. Jerry says it might be good for them both to cool it for awhile, but she doesn't agree. She tells him that he shouldn't move out, so he agrees gratefully. Tony watches them kiss through the window.

Nikolas tells Stefan that he visited Katherine. He worries that he might have upset Kath rather than help her. Nikolas says they should protect Katherine from Helena, that they owe her. Stefan asks him what he told Katherine that "concerns him". Nikolas reluctantly reveals that he told Kath that Laura spent the day there with Stefan. Stefan can't figure why he told her that. Nikolas says he had to tell her the truth because he didn't want her to get hurt further. Stefan denies that he and Laura are lovers. Nikolas says he knows that, but he figures they'll end up together. Just then, Katherine visits. Stefan asks her how she is. The air is heavy with double meanings. She gives Stefan his engagement ring back, with no "regrets". She leaves by herself. Stefan asks Nikolas if he wants Laura and Lesley Lu to live there. Nikolas says sure but he wonders if it's the right thing for him to have a family when Katherine and Lucky lose theirs. Stefan comforts him.

Carly tells her doctor that maybe she should see AJ.