General Hospital Update Friday 10/23/98


General Hospital Update Friday 10/23/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax goes to the PC Hotel and wants to settle his tab but they tell him forget it. He's been  so good tipping them that they tell him he'll "never want for a meal" there. Jerry drops by to visit his table. Jerry invites him to help with a corporate takeover but Jax tells him no way, they're never do business again. Tony walks in, sees them, and quickly hides.  Jax reminds Jerry of all the violent things he's done, including endangering Lucas (while Tony listens nearby). Jerry apologizes but Jax won't hear it. Jax also reminds him of the mob funding he used. They continue to talk about Jerry's blowing up the warehouse while Tony listens. Jax asks, "How do you choke down Bobbie's gratitude knowing that you started the fire?" Jerry leaves, knowing Jax won't listen to him. Tony comes in and sits down after Jerry leaves. Tony says they are both "pariahs" now. Jax doesn't want his company but Tony doesn't take the hint. Tony asks him if he doesn't hate being a "good guy" and being treated so badly while "the scum of the earth" don't. Jax ignores him and leaves.

Bobbie visits Jason and Michael; Jason tells her that Michael is asleep. She asks about Robin but he avoids the subject. He does tell her that she's right that he needs to make  a plan for Carly's release. He's on his way to see her now. After Jason leaves, Mike brings Michael in to see Bobbie. They discuss Jason. They are both worried about him, Michael, and Robin. Bobbie offers to watch Michael and give Mike a break, so he takes her up on it. Robin drops by to see Jason. They discuss Carly briefly. Bobbie makes it clear that she's happy Robin and Jason are together, although she hopes that Carly will still be a part of Jason's life. Robin assures her she has no problem with it, but Carly is the one who is the problem. Bobbie asks her to have some "compassion" about how Carly feels. Bobbie gets beeped but Bobbie is reluctant to leave Michael with her because of Jason's orders. So Robin has to visit with Michael under Mike's supervision. They talk about Jason, as usual.

Jason goes to visit Carly; his doctor talks to him first, briefly. Jason tells Carly he's going to pay off a judge as soon as she's "declared sane", so she can be let out. Carly zaps him a little for having Bobbie visit without warning her. She rants a bit about Bobbie and her visit. She was impressed with Bobbie telling her she loves her again. Jason points out that Michael loves Bobbie. He suggests maybe she can live with Bobbie when she gets out. Carly gets angry. He tells her to calm down and that everyone is pressuring him to make a decision now. He doesn't know what he wants but says they must make a decision because he thinks AJ is going to make another move to take Michael. This reminds Carly that she is not happy about Robin being alone with Michael. Jason defends Robin. Carly plays on Jason's paranoia by going on about Robin. Jason tries to calm her down so she doesn't get in trouble with the doctor. The doctor comes in, looking annoyed. He cuts their meeting short and tells them that AJ came by for a visit but he turned him away. He asks if he can give AJ permission to visit. They both look panicked.

Laura chats with Stefan on the phone. She is relieved that Nikolas doesn't believe she slept with Stefan (like Lucky does). She wonders if Stefan really knows what Nikolas is thinking and asks if he knows if Nikolas has seen Lucky. Stefan doesn't know but reminds her that they didn't do anything wrong. This time, she counters. "The fact is, we have an awful lot to hide". Their phone call is interrupted by Nikolas so Stefan lies that it's a business call as he hangs up. Nikolas tells him that he saw Helena on the docks threatening Alexis the other night. He heard Helena tell her to find out about his business holdings. Stefan tries to reassure him but Nikolas worries about what Helena might do to Alexis, Stefan, etc. He lets it slip that Lucky was with him and that worries Stefan more than anything Helena has to say. Nikolas informs him that Helena thinks that Luke and Alexis loosened the parapet railing and that Helena was the intended target. He doesn't believe it, but Stefan looks suspicious. Nikolas also knows that Helena has a plot to destroy Laura, even though she denied it to both him and Lucky. Stefan is thoughtful but tells Nikolas adamantly that nothing will happen to Laura. Nikolas asks him if he cares about Laura because she's his mother or"because she's important to you?" Stefan claims that she's seeing Laura in a new light. Nikolas can tell he's avoiding the question so he asks him right out, "Do you love her?"  Again Stefan avoids answering and Nikolas lets it slide. After he leaves, Stefan phones someone and says he needs to see them right away. Alexis visits (as per his request) so he asks her about Helena. She tells him about their conversation on the docks. She fears Helena but she hopes Stefan will protect her. He assures her he will. They discuss Luke; she says she still can't find him. But he knows Luke will come back at some point. 

Laura listens to the message Stefan had left on her answering machine the other day about the lunch with Nikolas being canceled. She has a peculiar look on her face like she's trying to figure something out. Lucky bursts in and demands to know if she's sleeping with Stefan. Naturally, she gets angry and defensive. They argue. She repeats the truth to him. He's suspicious about why Luke left so suddenly, but she won't answer that. She begs him not to take it out on Nikolas, but he tells her to mind her own business, since she won't share with him. Things calm down and she says she has never stopped loving Stefan and never been unfaithful to him. He reminds her of Nikolas' birth so she reiterates that she thought Luke was dead. She hopes Luke will return, she says tearfully. Lucky says, "None of it is about you, Stefan's just trying to stick it to Dad". He leaves and she cries.

Nikolas visits Katherine. They discuss her new digs at the Q mansion. She likes being around people. He tells her that he thinks Helena is going to do something, "make a move" on the other Cassadines. Katherine is unsure. Nikolas says he thinks she was right about Stefan and Laura--he does love her. He tells her about Laura's visit during the storm. Mostly he was impressed by "the look in their eyes". He's worried about how Lucky must feel, too. Katherine swallows her own feelings so she can make Nikolas feel better. She says she has to let go of her Stefan fantasies now, for her own sake. Katherine suddenly grows sad at having another failed romance, but then she and Nikolas kiss passionately. Eeeugggh.

Bobbie comes into the Port Charles Hotel just as Jax is stomping out. Tony stops her to give her the good news that Jerry started the warehouse fire. Jerry visits Stefan at Windemere. Stefan asks Jerry for his "services". He wants Jerry to "embezzle" from Nikolas' financial holdings. Jerry asks why but Stefan won't tell him. Stefan tells him he also wants him to investigate to find out who was responsible for Katherine's fall. He gives him Luke and Alexis' names to start with. "Your own sister" Jerry smirks, "Is there anyone you trust?" "No," replies Stefan.