General Hospital Update Thursday 10/22/98


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/22/98

Ned helps V. by showing some evening gowns he picked out for her. He wants to teach her how to act around the rich people in Monte Carlo. She tries but doesn't feel comfortable in the gowns. He advises her to get into it, to act like they're Halloween costums, something much more "outrageous" than the real her. Someone knocks so she gives it a try, pretends to be someone else as she answers the door. Jax is at the door. He tells them, "This is all wrong". He tells Ned that she's acting all wrong and he is the one to help V., not Ned. He is suspicious of anything Ned offers, knowing he might want something in return. V.  counters that Ned has been helpful and suggests they both help her. V. dons a different gown and puts on a good act. Ned flirts with her and she handles it well. Jax gives her  some more tips about how to talk to people. Jax tells a little story about his island as an example of something unusual that people like to here. As he gets further into it, we know he's describing a romantic setting he had with Brenda. Ned and V. look uncomfortable. They begin to practice the game but V. spills champagne all over. They laugh at her ineptitude.

Katherine accosts Reginald because a bunch of her evening gowns are missing. He denies it. Monica tries to get her to calm down. Katherine is steamed because she has somewhere to go and nothing to wear. She accuses Monica next. Monica tells her she's paranoid. Katherine, undeterred, goes searching.

Robin sits by the phone, waiting for Jason to call (or trying to decide to call him?). Jax visits to see how she fared in the storm. She says the house is fine. He asks her if she's keeping the furniture and she says yes, "Brenda had great taste". They joke about how long it took Brenda to decorate. Jax goes on about her garden. Robin understands why he came, to "feel close to Brenda". They share their grief. He says the rain reminded him of Brenda. Robin gives him sage advice. She tells him that she had a fight with Jason and he stayed with Mike last night. He advises her to fix things and "make every second  count". He leaves; she puts on her coat and follows him out the door.

Jason works in his garage while Michael sleeps. Mike comes in and asks if he's talked to Robin. Jason says nope, so Mike says he can keep staying with him if he wants, but he suggests he go back to Robin. They argue about what happened. Mike points out that it's not good for Michael for them to break up. Bobbie visits so Mike excuses himself. Jason asks her about her visit to Carly so she tells him. Bobbie asks him when he can get Carly out of the mental home and what he plans to do when she returns. Jason says he can't talk to Robin about it until they iron out their other problems, and he can't talk to Carly about it until she's out. Bobbie says that unless Jason makes Carly feel secure, she will hatch her own plot, which is not a good idea. She reminds him "how vicious" Carly can be and suggests "joint custody". Jason doesn't want to live away from Michael but he knows she's right about what Carly will do.

AJ tells Edward he plans to visit Carly as another way to get to Michael. He thinks he can win Carly over because she's paranoid about Robin and Jason. Edward advises him to be careful. Katherine runs in and tells Edward her dress plight. AJ and Edward laugh at her anger over something so silly, but she doesn't appreciate their giggles. However, Edward pledges to find out what happened. He leaves while she's talking, which further  annoys her.

Meanwhile, AJ visits the mental hospital and asks permission to see Carly.   The doctor says no. AJ asks him to ask Carly if he can see her. The doctor is firm and says that only "her mother and the father of her baby" can help Carly, so if he cares about her he should leave. Later, Mike returns and invites Jason to dinner. Jason says that he will come up with a plan about how to handle things with Robin and Michael before Carly gets out. Mike is surprised that he's taking his advice. Jason tells Michael that no matter what he decides, Carly will hate it and so probably will he, too.

Emily tries to chat to Katherine about school but Katherine is more interested in finding out if Emily took her dresses. Emily thinks she's asking about some pens that Katherine left on the desk. Katherine is outraged and wonders who in the house took her gowns. Emily walks out on her, too. Katherine goes to Lila and tells her about the trouble. With an audience of Lila, Monica, Emily, Reginald, Edward, and AJ, Katherine goes to her closet to show them her where the dresses are missing. Much to her chagrin, the dresses are all returned. They all think she's crazy.

Mac spent the night out because of the storm, so he fills Felicia in on the little damage the flooding did. He is exhausted but "keyed up" because of being out on the job. She tells him what happened with Robin and Jason. Mac is worried about them and wonders if something more is going on. Felicia is amazed that Mac is not as upset about it all as he usually is. He says that he gave it some thought and he's decided not to get involved with their lives any more. They kiss and he heads off for some sleep. Robin visits. She tells Felicia that she's on her way to see Jason. She laments how she hurt Jason and wonders if he'll "ever forgive" her. Felicia tries to make things look better but as usual, Robin defends Jason. Robin plans to go crawling back to him and hope he forgives her. But first, she plans to go to the cabin and think about her future. Felicia invites her to dinner and Mac comes out from his nap. Robin agrees to stay.