General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/21/98


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/21/98

Robin worries where AJ took Michael. Felicia tries to calm her down. Jason comes in, looking furious. Robin tries to explain, thinking that AJ has Michael. Jason stops her and tells her that Mike has Michael now. They are relieved but as usual, Jason doesn't say much. Felicia tries to make things better but it doesn't help so she leaves them alone. Robin tries to explain again. Finally he asks, "Did you leave Michael with AJ on  purpose?" and tells her to "stop lying". He thinks she risked Michael's kidnapping and reminds her that she promised not to leave him with AJ. She reminds him that AJ is  Michael's dad. She makes a speech about how AJ should spend time with his son, even if he doesn't know that he's his son. She points out that AJ kept his word and watched Michael during the storm. Jason gets annoyed at her calling Michael AJ's son. She talks about how AJ has changed and should be able to spend time with Michael and be "a loving presence". Jason asks why Robin was so panicked if she trusted AJ. She says it was because she was so scared all day about what Jason might do. He finally says  since they can't agree, he won't leave her alone with Michael again. Robin's phone finally works so she calls a cab. Jason tells her that he loves her but he's very angry. He is leaving Michael with Mike, he tells her, because he doesn't want Michael to pick up  on his anger. Robin thinks it's because he doesn't want her and Michael under the same roof. She leaves.

Emily, Lucky, Nikolas, and Liz chat about Emily's problem at Audrey's place. They know that someone has to go undercover with the modeling place Downtown Faces so Liz suggests a program at school where a teacher can help them sign up for an internship   there. Nikolas and Lucky go to Windemere so Lucky can use the computer. Emily doesn't want Mr. Murty to know about her problem. Liz promises to make up a story for   Mr. Murty. Liz left a message for him so he stops by. He says the school doesn't have anything set up already with Downtown Faces. Liz lies that she really wants to get into this job so he promises to call the place to find out if they have an internship. Emily leaves so Murty asks Liz what's really going on. Liz lies some more and tells him that Emily isn't sure the modeling place is right for her, so she wants to work there to keep an eye out. Mr. Murty makes her promise that if she finds anything "illegal or even remotely questionable" that she come to him or the police. He leaves. 

Stefan is told by Mrs. Lansbury that Laura's clothes are dry. He tells her that Laura is probably asleep so to leave her be. Upstairs, Laura does lie in bed asleep but Stefan sneaks in and peeks at her for a moment. He is restless downstairs. She awakens and it takes her a moment to remember where she is. She has a flashback to talking to Stefan about Luke and then kissing him. She puts her head in her hands, upset. She sees the hairbrush and remembers using it on the island...she has a flashback: Stefan comes along without a shirt on and brushes her hair with it (I assume it's their bedroom after having sex).  Nikolas and Lucky arrive and tell Stefan why they're there. Stefan says the network may be down. Just then, Laura walks downstairs in her old dress and no shoes. Lucky and Nikolas think the worst. She explains that the rain kept her there after lunch. Stefan goes to get her clothes. Nikolas asked if she didn't get his message canceling lunch, but she didn't. Lucky decides to leave so she asks him to go back with her, but he just leaves, upset. Mrs. Lansbury brings Laura's clothes so she leaves to get dressed. Stefan tells Mrs. L. that Nikolas and he will be having dinner, but not Laura. Laura asks Nikolas to go check to see if the launch is back so she can leave. She is upset about Lucky but Stefan only cares that Nikolas accepts the truth. Laura accuses Stefan of planning it so Lucky would see them together. Nikolas returns and tells her the launch is here so she leaves.Nikolas comes back later; Stefan was worried. Nikolas asks him if Laura's being there was "just a mixup". Nikolas warns him not to "trick or manipulate" Laura because he doesn't "want to lose her". Stefan says it's Luke that forces Laura to do things, not him. At home, Laura sits and thinks about what has transpired.

Lucky goes back to Liz's place. She tells him the good news about Mr. Murty. She asks  him about why he didn't get on the computer at Windemere, but he doesn't want to talk  about it. Later, Lucky does tell her what happened. He thinks Stefan and Laura are fooling around.

Edward and Monica continue to argue about Katherine, Ned, etc. Edward thinks that they should keep Katherine nearby so they can "control" her but Monica just wants to get rid of her. AJ comes in and tells them that he spent the afternoon with Michael and how Jason reacted. He is proud of how well he took care of Michael. But Monica only cares about  what damage he might have done to her relationship with Jason. Edward is annoyed that  he didn't bring Michael home. AJ, gleeful, tells Edward that the way to Michael is through Robin. He envisions that eventually they'll be able to have regular visits with the baby. Edward is glad. Monica says the phones are still out so she couldn't call Jason. She asks a good question, why didn't AJ go to check on the house instead of Robin? He replies that he didn't want to give in to Jason's paranoia. She's still worried that all her hard work has gone for naught. Katherine comes in and asks when she should move out. Monica leaves rather than asking her to stay, but Edward says Monica changed her mind and she can stay. Katherine is grateful. Emily comes home and looks at the pictures of her. She is interrupted by Katherine, who asks her a favor. Emily asks Katherine about living with Nikolas while they drink tea. Katherine thinks that Nikolas should live somewhere else than Windemere because he is too isolated. Emily tells her how sad Stefan and Nikolas were at the Nurse's Ball when they thought she was dead.