General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/20/98


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/20/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

The rainstorm reminds Jax of the times he was in the rain with Brenda, and we get to see some flashbacks.

Ned arrives at a candle-lit gatehouse, expecting a romantic tryst with Alexis. He takes off his shirt but finds V. there instead of Alexis. Alexis comes in later and hears the water running. She plans to join Ned is in the shower so she starts disrobing. V. surprises her, too. Ned comes in with his robe on and tells Alexis that he forgot to tell Alexis that V. works there at L&B now. They are all stuck there in the storm because Ned forgot to tell V. not to come to work in the storm. V. wants to leave because she is so embarrassed but Ned convinces her to stay and work. He tells V. that Alexis is the new "house counsel" for L&B. V. fills Alexis in on their music sales, etc. V. encourages Ned to start singing again. Ned says no way but V. and Alexis team up to convince him. Ned is forced to admit that he's still composing music. V. gets out his guitar and tells him to play one. He is interrupted by Jax's visit. Ned tells Alexis that Jax is planning to play in a baccarat tournament and win back his fortune, with V. as his partner. Alexis thinks Jax could win. V. and Jax realize that Alexis knows the game and the crowd, so she suggests that Alexis should replace her as Jax's baccarat partner. Alexis and Jax look uncomfortable. Jax says he wants her there because she's his friend, so V. is forced to agree. But she wants Alexis to give her some lessons on how to be a "femme fatale". Alexis says okay. Ned goes to get some snacks for them. They show V. how to act when drinking champagne and eating chocolate truffles.

Robin tells Felicia she's not afraid of Jason, she's "afraid of losing him". She talks about "expectations". She and Jason always expect complete honest now and she's betrayed him, she feels. Felicia reminds Robin everything she has given up for Jason. Felicia also tells Robin that Jason betrayed her with Carly (not realizing that AJ is the father), and Robin can't explain it. Robin chats some more to Felicia about her relationship with Jason.

Jason moves menacingly toward AJ and insists he give Michael to him. AJ tells him to take his wet jacket off first. Jason asked what happened to Robin so AJ explains that Robin had to leave to save her house from the rising creek and didn't want to risk taking Michael into the storm. Jason is stunned that Robin would leave him with AJ. Jason tells him to leave. AJ doesn't want to leave without talking some more, especially since he doesn't want Robin to face an angry Jason. Mostly they argue. AJ tells Jason that if he tries to run Michael's life (by keeping him from the Quartermaines), he'll hate Jason the way Jason hates them. Jason gets angry. AJ asks why he can't visit Michael so Jason reminds him he helped try to kidnap him. AJ says he's apologized for that many times. He just wants to see his "nephew". Jason thinks that AJ is just plotting to steal Michael in some legal way. He tells AJ that when Michael gets old enough to make his own choice, he can do that, but for now he has to watch out for him. They discuss what AJ might want from Michael. AJ agrees and says that maybe he just wants someone to replace his long-lost brother. Jason finally picks up the baby and leaves.

Robin arrives at the garage after both men have left. She is very worried and thinks that AJ must have taken Michael home.

Taggert and Justus get stuck in an elevator. They end up talking about the Ward family. Taggert taunts him about killing Damian and letting Laura go to trial for it. Taggert keeps on his case until the elevator doors open.

Monica and Katherine are both in the Q. living room during the storm. Katherine tries to be friendly but Monica is typically cool. Katherine is unfazed by Monica's rudeness. Monica tells Katherine it's time she left her house. Edward comes in and tells Monica off for being rude. Katherine smiles wickedly at Monica, knowing she can manipulate Edward. However, she says it is time to move out, as soon as the rain stops. She leaves Edward and Monica to bicker about the state of their family. They start talking about Alan. Edward says he worries about Alan constantly, surprisingly Monica. He talks about his love for Alan. Monica tells Edward that it's not his fault that Alan is an addict. They both miss him.