General Hospital Update Mondayday 10/19/98


General Hospital Update Monday 10/19/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

I'm back!

During the storm, Robin tries to phone Jason but can't get through. She grabs a coat and rushes out. She comes back inside and phones Felicia. She asks her to come pick her up because her car is stalled and she has to pick up Michael at the garage. Felicia gets there but tells Robin they can't go anywhere because of a flash flood. When Robin gets anxious, Felicia asks her what's going on. Robin explains that she and Jason have been arguing about whether the Quartermaine's should see Michael, but she ended up leaving Michael with AJ so she's worried what will happen now with the storm. She can't get through to Jason on his cell phone, either. Felicia is sympathetic but thinks Jason will understand. Robin says, "Jason will not forgive me for this". Felicia is surprised that Jason feels so strongly against the Q's. Robin blames Carly for this attitude. Felicia says again that she thinks Jason will understand but Robin disagrees. Felicia wonders why Robin seems "afraid of Jason".

At the garage, AJ tries to calm a crying Michael while the storm rages outside. AJ calms Michael by making silly faces and tries to get him to eat. But Michael is scared by the noisy storm and fussy. AJ picks him up and talks to him, then realizes he needs changing. Once the baby is calm and in his playpen, Michael talks to him sweetly. He says Michael reminds him of "the old Jason". AJ wonders where Robin is and then he has to quiet Michael again. Jason walks in and stares, shocked.

Laura breaks away from her kiss with Stefan, feeling guilty for cheating on Luke. Stefan calls Luke a coward for running away and not fighting for her. "You deserve better!" he yells. He points out that Laura kept the secret of Nikolas because she was afraid Luke would run away. She denies it and says she loves Luke. He says she loved the old adventurer Luke. She wants to leave but he won't let her go out on the lake during the storm. She cries and begs him to let her leave but he tells her she must stay. He promises not to touch her again but she knows he can't be trusted. They go inside wordlessly. Stefan suggests Laura get out of her wet clothes but she won't wear his stuff or Katherine's. He tells her that Katherine has all her stuff and that Laura's trunk "from the island" is upstairs. She goes up reluctantly. She returns to find that Mrs. Lansbury has left them snacks. Laura makes small talk about the storm but Stefan seems transfixed by her beauty while wearing the dress from the island. He asks Laura what she'll do if Luke doesn't return, but she won't consider that option. She says Luke is just hurt and angry but his family is too important to him. Stefan tries his best to fill her mind with doubts. He talks about the rape and says that the "images" of that will haunt Luke too much. Stefan says that he never takes love for granted and that he always knew Laura would return to him like she promised. She looks at him with a mixture of desire, pity, and guilt. She tells Stefan that she doesn't want to hurt him, but what they has is "in the past". Stefan doesn't believe her. Laura counters that whatever she might feel, Luke is her husband. He starts in on Luke again. She begs him to quit. He grabs her determinedly and they kiss again.

Bobbie berates Carly in the sanitarium for always acting on impulse. Carly rages back at her about how hard it is in there. She says she won't apologize "for shooting Tony" and Bobbie becomes sympathetic. Bobbie tells Carly, "I miss my daughter" and apologizes for yelling at her. Carly tells her that the reason she's always fighting so hard is that for so long she had to look out for herself. She talks about her foster parents. Bobbie says she used to be the same way. Carly says that Bobbie always had Luke so it was better for her. Carly asks if Bobbie really meant it when she said she feels about Carly the way Carly feels about Michael. Bobbie says that she just said that partly to try to reach Carly. Carly, spurred on by her therapy, asks Bobbie if she loves her. Bobbie says that yes, she meant what she said, and that she loves her. It is a touching moment and they hug. Bobbie fills Carly in about Jerry, Lucas, and Tony. Because of what Tony's put her through, Bobbie is almost glad that Carly shot Tony. But she knows how much Lucas loves him. Bobbie then broaches the subject of Robin. Bobbie tells Carly that Robin and Jason are together so she shouldn't hold "any false hopes" about getting back with Jason. Carly doesn't believe that Jason really loves Robin. Bobbie tells her to wake up. They bicker but then make up. Carly points out that Jason will always choose Michael over Robin. Bobbie is forced to agree. Carly's doctor returns and says she has to go to group therapy. They hug and Bobbie leaves. As she is going out the door, Carly says, "Mama, I love you, too". They smile at each other.