General Hospital Tuesday September 30th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/30/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Bobbie tells Audrey and Amy that she heard from Luke and Laura. Amy asks when they're all coming home, but Bobbie says they didn't say. Amy talks about her bad blind date from the previous evening, making them laugh. Stefan comes up and asks them if they've seen Alexis. She's nearby so he goes over and gives her Katherine's "termination papers". She looks them over and says they look fair. She assures him that it's the best thing to do.

Katherine walks into the Outback. Mac asks her why she's not so cheery. She says she can't give him details but asks him whether the police still have the evidence from her shooting. He is eager to get her to come forward if she remembers something, but she just asks him to find out if the gun is still with the police. He tries to quiz her but she won't budge. He is going to find out for her when he runs right into Felicia. She has a bunch of books about Native American artifacts that she got to educate Georgie and Maxie. They are trying to find out where that one Maxie got comes from. She is challenged by the "mystery". Mac comes back and tells Katherine that the gun is missing. He asks her if she knows who took it.

Stefan tells Katherine that she's fired from GH. He hands her the papers as she asks why. He claims budget reasons but she accuses him of wanting to get rid of her for personal reasons. She asks why he didn't fire Bobbie but she knows the reason: he doesn't love Bobbie. She pleads with him to let her in on what's going on but he is cold. Alexis puts her two cents in so Kath tells her to mind her own business. When Alexis insists on being involved, Kath tells her to "go to Hell". As she leaves, her angry words ring in Stefan's ears. He suddenly yells out for her to stop, making everyone's heads turn. He loudly tells her that if she doesn't resign, she will be fired.

Mac reads from one of Felicia's books. Felicia says Maxie's eager to find out more about he artifact but he knows that she is just as curious as her daughter. She tells him she's figured out it's not an Apache artifact.

Meanwhile, a man tries to dig up the artifact in Texas and seems upset when he discovers it's not there.

V. and Jax meet at The Outback and discuss business. He apologizes to her for "leaving so abruptly" to see Brenda. She understands. They talk about Brenda's problems and how to solve them. He plans to find a "distraction" for her. V. makes some suggestions but he doesn't like them. He suddenly is inspired when she says "keep in simple". He gets an idea and rushes out. He comes back and she questions him about what he has planned, but he keeps it to himself.

Edward pampers Brenda at the Q. mansion. Alan gives her a healthy drink concoction but she won't drink it. Lila tells them to leave her alone but Edward has all sorts of things planned to make Brenda feel better. She is overwhelmed so she leaves the room. Lila chews them out some more. Alan says he's going to pick up Emily from the airport but she walks in to surprise them. They all greet her. She tells them she had a great trip but missed them all. She asks about her brothers and Brenda. For once Alan doesn't say anything about AJ and assures her he's okay. She is surprised to find that Brenda is staying there. Brenda comes in and greets her, and Alan leaves for work. Edward keeps trying to get the girls to go to a yoga class he set up but neither one is interested. Emily chats with Brenda briefly. Emily is nervous about going back to school. Edward enters in his tennis whites, ready to play with them. But they're not interested in that, either. Lila comes in and reminds him he's supposed to leave Brenda alone. Lila suggests she move in to the gatehouse while Ned is away, so she'll have some privacy. Brenda likes the idea. She leaves to get ready. Emily worries about her. Lila whispers a secret to Emily about what she's planned to boost Brenda's spirits. As soon as Brenda settles in, there is a knock on the door. She answers it: it's Emily and Lila...and Lois with baby Brook!

Keesha greets AJ at the gym and asks him if he's talked to Monica. He's confused so she explains that she blabbed. He is angry and yells at her for breaking her promise. She is contrite. He tells her they're still friends, though, so they hug and she's relieved.

Monica confronts Carly at her apartment. Carly tries to deny it even when Monica spells the whole sordid episode out for her. Carly asks her who told her this and guesses it was Keesha. She claims Keesha hates her but Monica doesn't believe her. Monica literally gets in her face and warns her that she better stay away from AJ or she'll kill her. Carly defends herself but Monica threatens to go to Tony and says he'll leave her. Monica leaves and Carly slams the door behind her.

Monica is still very angry when she goes to GH. Bobbie asks her how she is. Monica phones the gym but is frustrated to find AJ gone. Amy and Bobbie wonder why she's acting so weird.

Carly goes to the gym to talk to AJ. He and Keesha glare at her. Keesha takes off. She tells him about her meeting with Monica. She asks him to stop Monica from telling Tony. He doesn't think Monica will listen to him, since he didn't tell her about it. She tries to blame Keesha but he reminds her that it's her fault. He says he'll try to find Monica and convince her. He leaves but Keesha returns. They argue about her blabbing. Carly accuses her of wanting AJ and his family's money back. Keesha tells her that everything is about to fall apart for her and she'll be glad to see it.

AJ and Monica finally find each other in the gym. She feels a bit betrayed that he didn't tell her the truth when she was so upset about his apparent slip. Bobbie catches Carly watching them from outside, then she goes in to find out how they are. Carly hovers nearby and pretends to be there for professional reasons. AJ tells Bobbie that he is having some problems with Carly but he'd rather keep them to himself. She understands. Lucky comes in looking for her, since she had called him. She berates him for not phoning Luke. He doesn't want to contact his parents because he knows they'll ask him to move to Switzerland. She orders him to phone them anyway. He says he will but later. They leaves the gym. AJ asks Monica to let him handle Carly.