General Hospital Monday September 29th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 9/29/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Monica asks Keesha what she knows about AJ's problems. She denies it but Monica knows better so she demands that she share. Keesha says he didn't drink that night, Carly set him up. Monica is shocked. Keesha won't say more but Monica wants to know the rest. Keesha says she promised AJ and she's already said too much. Monica begs her, as a mother. Keesha tells her that Carly drugged him. She gives him all the details that she knows. Monica is outraged. Keesha tells her that AJ is not telling her the rest. She doesn't know why AJ is not telling anyone what Carly did, especially Tony. Monica wants to tell the world so she tells Keesha that she's going to "confront" Carly. Tony overhears Monica mention her name so wonders what they're discussing. Before Monica can answer, he asks about her trip. Keesha excuses herself. He asks again about Carly. She is surprised to hear about their engagement but congratulates him. He wonders why she's not criticizing him like Bobbie does. She asks where Carly is so she "congratulate" her. He doesn't know where she is, they chat for a moment, then he walks off. Keesha comes back and quizzes Monica.

Carly tells Lorraine to hurry up and she'll explain afterwards. She says fine but she needs more money since he's a Quartermaine. Carly agrees to double the money and goes to get more paperwork. Carly goes in to get her ultrasound. AJ wants to go with her and she tries to get out of it but he insists. He threatens to go to Tony so she gives in. Probably that was what she planned all along. The doctor chats with them beforehand and asks if they want to know what gender the child is. Carly says no, saying she wants to be "surprised". AJ asks if they can find out when the baby is due. Carly looks nervous. Lorraine leaves the room as the doctor explains how the ultrasound works. The doctor has an odd sense of humor. Carly and AJ, despite the situation, are touched and excited by the ultrasound. AJ gets hold of himself and asks the doctor for an exact delivery date. Lorrained interrupts to tell the doctor he has an emergency. The doctor tells her that he wants to talk to Carly and AJ so tell them to wait. Lorraine goes in and tells them they can leave. After Carly gets dressed, Lorraine gives AJ a picture of the sonogram. AJ tells Carly that he's amazed she didn't lie this time. She asks if he plans to tell Tony about her lies, but he says he won't, then he leaves. Carly thanks Lorraine profusely. Lorraine admits she risked her job by sending the doctor out on a wild goose chase. Carly promises to pay her more, then she thanks God, thinking the worst is over.

Sarah and Nickolas meet at Windemere so he can show her around and they can go for their horseback ride. He chose this private spot for them to "be alone". She looks kind of nervous. They look into each others eyes. They are about to leave when AGAIN they are interrupted, this time by Archer, one of their servants, who is very embarrassed at interrupting him. He tells Nickolas that Alexis sent him out to look for Katherine. Nickolas is surprised that she's by herself and not with Stefan. Archer tells him that she went to the "launch" but she didn't get there and "hasn't been seen since".

Stefan again tells Katherine that he's not interested in her. She tells him she won't let go of him so easily. He starts yelling at her again, saying that he "seduced" her so she wouldn't get him in trouble with the law for shooting her. She's even more sure that he's lying now. She says that she knows him well enough to know what he's like and how he operates. She knows he's dumping her "for effect". He insists he's tired of her and asks her to leave again. She speaks passionately about their past history and their shared emotions. She asks why he's trying to hurt her, saying that he is purposely being mean for some reason because otherwise he would have treated her in a more gentlemanly way. He asks why, then, but she doesn't have an answer. She tells him it's not over. He threatens to have her thrown out, but then Nickolas comes in and wants to know if she's "okay". Stefan covers. Nickolas introduces Sarah again. Stefan acts very nice to Sarah and there is an awkward moment. Nickolas senses tension between Stefan and Katherine. She insists that he tell Nickolas everything he told her. Stefan doesn't want to but then lies to Nickolas that it's a business disagreement. Nickolas doesn't care. He makes an appointment with Kath for tomorrow and then leaves with Sarah. Stefan resents that she tried to drag Nickolas into. She points out he'll find out soon enough. She regrets what this might do to the teen but he tells her to butt out. She leaves, telling him it's not finished. Alexis comes in and Stefan fills her in on what happened. She urges him to be "firm" with his stance. Nickolas asks Alexis if Stefan is okay. She says he's just upset about Kath and asks him he can spend some time with Stefan. But Nickolas would rather go riding with Sarah. She says they can go another time. Alexis goes to see if the boat is still there so Sarah can go back with Kath. Nickolas is annoyed but she tells him that Stefan went out of his way the other day to assure Lizzy that he had nothing to do with Steve's death, so he must really care about him. She says she can chat with Katherine. When he mentions how great Kath is, he thinks maybe Sarah is jealous so he assures her they're just friends. She gets embarrassed and denies it. He sweetly tells her that she's the only girl for him, then he walks her out.

Later, Nickolas checks up on Stefan but he denies that anything's wrong. He asks Stefan to not get involved in his love life anymore. Alexis comes in to tell Stefan that Katherine has left this time. He says she won't let up unless he comes up with a better defense. He thanks her for her support, making her feel more guilty.

Brenda hugs Jax tightly. He explains he just came back from Malibu and found out what happened from Mike. He puts down Sonny and she agrees. She fills him in on what happened, including their plan to leave after the wedding. He looks a little hurt that she went to say goodbye to him before she left but didn't tell him what was going on, but he doesn't say anything. She tells him all the details about the wedding. Jax goes to hug her but she says she doesn't want him to "comfort" her. She asks him to leave but he won't. She doesn't want him to "rescue" her anymore. She wistfully describes what a wonderful relationship they had. She regrets hurting him. He tells her it's okay, he wants to help her. He assures her that she's better off without Sonny, since he was so dangerous. She thanks him for cheering her up. Edward comes to visit her. She tells him she doesn't want visitors but he wants to see how she is. He gruffly tells her she's made the whole family very worried about her and asks her to move into the mansion tonight. She declines but he insists, and Jax says maybe she should consider the offer. So she accepts. Edward leaves to make arrangements. Brenda credits Jax for lifting her spirits. Jax tells her they should get dinner so they leave. Brenda takes one last look around at her honeymoon suite before they go.