General Hospital Friday September 26th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 9/26/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax and Ardnowski return back to his penthouse, arguing as usual about one of her weird theories. He teases her about snoring on the airplane ride back. He has some "exciting news" for her. He tells her that he spoke to a publishing friend about her Dog and Bird stories and pictures, and she'll have to publish them this year. He jokes that his name will be on the book. She is excited but then says her drawings aren't good enough. He boosts her confidence by telling her how great they are. She thanks him. They talk about the book some more.

Mike visits Brenda, who tells Sonny's bodyguard off when she sees him outside the door. He is glad she phoned him but he doesn't know what to say. She tells him to save his pity and also that she doesn't want to talk about Sonny. She hands him back the engagement ring that he gave her. He doesn't want to take it, but she insists. It is her "last connection to Sonny". He tries to apologize but she won't let him, saying it's not his fault that Sonny lied yet again. He doesn't believe it, he thinks Sonny did intend to marry her but "something happened". She doesn't care. He wants them to work through their "loss" but she's not interested, she says it's for the best that Sonny left. She explains that she doesn't have to worry about him anymore. She puts up a brave face but we can tell she's hiding her pain. Mike brings up Jason's name but she says she won't forgive him for planning this with Sonny. Mike leaves sadly. She breaks down crying again.

Mike visits Jax so V. excuses herself. Jax explains he's busy. Mike asks for his help with Brenda. Jax doesn't know what he means so Mike has to give him the news about the aborted marriage. Jax is shocked. Mike tells him where she is as Jax rushes out, thanking him. V. comes downstairs but Mike tells her he left. She just read the paper about what happened with Brenda and Sonny.

Brenda sees the totem Jax gave her and remembers what he said. Jax visits her and breaks down the door when she doesn't open it right away, thinking she's in danger.

AJ gets off the phone and tells Keesha that Carly isn't blackmailing him, so she asks him again for details. But once again he rebuffs her. He is grateful for her support but wants to work alone. She advises him to "be careful". Monica comes in and wants to know "what's going on". They welcome her home. AJ worries about why she returned but she says everything is fine. However, she demands to know why he's not in rehab. He tells her he's not drinking again, even though she and Alan think he is. She thinks he's in denial and recounts what happened that one night. She reminds him that he promised to go to rehab but says she'll listen if he has a good reason. He says he can't tell her but that she'll have to trust him. He wants to leave to meet Carly but she stops him and asks him why he was asking Lila about his parentage. He explains that he'd heard rumors and wanted to check with Lila about them. He tells her he found out that Alan had doubted whether he was his son or not but accepted him once it was proven he was his biological son. Monica assures him that Alan was a proud papa after that. He is anxious to leave but she insists on continuing their chat. They argue over whether he's using his past is to justify his alcoholism. He tells her he has to solve his own problems and he doesn't blame Alan. She asks him again about rehab but he runs out to meet Carly.

Carly meets with her friend Lorraine to find out if everything is ready for her fake sonogram. Lorraine just has some details to check with her. Carly gets more worried as time goes on. Lorraine assures her that things are fine but asks for more money. Carly tells her to give the sonogram pics to the guy who'll be with her. They discuss how they'll switch the ultrasounds. A Sister/nurse (perhaps Bobbie's or Audrey's counterpart) comes in to tell Lorraine she's not where she was assigned to be so she better get there. Lorrained tries to change her mind but she doesn't budge. Carly looks frantic. Lorraine claims that she has a personality clash with one of the doctors so the Sister gives in. Lorraine questions Carly about why she's trying to "scam" AJ so Carly reluctantly tells her the short version.

Monica tracks down Keesha to question her about AJ but Keesha is busy with her job. Monica just asks her to "encourage AJ to go into rehab". Keesha says she can't help her and that AJ doesn't need to go to rehab. Monica doesn't believe her. Keesha asks her to trust AJ. Monica asks if she is afraid to be a "co-dependent) but Keesha says that's not it. She tries to leave but Monica demands to know why she won't help. Keesha tells her flat out that AJ hasn't had a drink in six months.

Carly greets AJ with a kiss, as if he were her partner. He is still annoyed that she's not getting the test done at GH. Lorraine comes in and tells her that she has to sign some forms. She recognizes AJ and tells Carly she better tell her more about what's going on.

Stefan tells Katherine she should be glad he didn't really take advantage of her, like stealing her money or sleeping with her. She punches him hard. He dismisses her, yelling for her to leave NOW. She still doesn't believe him. He repeats his brushoff loudly so she punches him again (watch that right hook, Stefan!). Then she tells him off at length, calling him "despicable" and "evil", etc. She grabs him by the lapels and throws him away from he before she leaves. He is devastated but he covers as Alexis comes downstairs, wondering what the ruckus is all about. He merely says, "It's done".

Alexis gives Stefan ice for his bruised face. He is despondent about what he had to do to Katherine. He regrets ever getting involved with her. Alexis tells him it's not his fault. They agree that he must "protect" her from Helena by keeping her identity a secret. He wonders if they should check to see if she's okay. She says he'll have to "stop worrying about her". He says he always will. She suggests he take a vacation but he's not interested. She says maybe they should leave PC for good and go back to Greece. He is taken aback by her idea.

Katherine stumbles around the Windemere grounds, upset, until she finds herself in the exact spot where she was shot. She flashes back to that night. She mumbles to herself, "Something's terribly, terribly wrong". She sits down to think about it. She has more flashbacks to their times together (sheesh, didn't we just see this with Brenda?). She knows he was lying. She goes back to Windemere and tells him she was thinking about all the time they spent together and she knows he's lying. She demands to know the truth.