General Hospital Thurssday September 25th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/25/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mike visits Jason at the penthouse, demanding to know where Sonny is. Jason tells him he can't tell him but he's fine. Mike is very angry and demands he tell him but Jason won't budge. Jason has other business so he starts to go but Mike grabs his arm, thinking he's going to see Sonny. Jason swears he's not and says he'll come back and tell him some things. Mike has some coffee and looks at Sonny's picture. Jason returns. Mike says that Sonny trusts Jason's judgement so he asks him to believe that he won't try to follow Sonny. But Jason says it doesn't matter. He also can't tell him why Sonny left. Mike realizes that both he and Sonny knew for awhile now that he was leaving town. Mike chews him out and Jason has finally had enough of people taking it all out on him. He tells him he wasn't happy with it but it was Sonny's decision. Mike is very upset that Sonny is "never coming back" and tells Jason so. Jason tells him that only he and Brenda know that, everyone else just thinks he's away on business. He says that it will give him more time before he has to "fight". Mike is stunned to figure out what he means, that Sonny left the business to him. Jason tells him he can give him anything he needs, like money, but Mike tells him that's not what it's about. Jason tells him that Sonny loves him and he asked him to watch over him and his business. He also tells Mike, "He has no choice!" Mike tells him that Sonny is the only reason he's there, that he needs Sonny's forgiveness. He talks about he and Sonny went back and forth in their relationship. He hoped Sonny could love him the way he did Stone, Robin, and Jason. In an Emmy-winning performance, Mike talks about how when he gave Sonny the wedding present he felt like he had his son back. He begs Jason to trust him. Jason reminds him that he told him to set Robin free when she needed it, now Sonny needs the same thing. Mike tells him that when he talks to Sonny again, he should tell him that "his father needs to know where he is". But Jason won't promise. As he leaves, Mike tells Jason he's "almost exactly like" Sonny. Jason stands in the penthouse alone looking thoughtful and kind of emotionally wrung-out.

Edward phones looking for Brenda but she's refusing all calls. Lila and Alan are there and they all feel sympathy for poor Brenda. Alan says love doesn't cure everything. Edward says AJ is the proof of that. Alan goes on about how worthless AJ is. Edward thinks AJ is a bad influence on Emily. Lila says AJ might have his reasons for not going to rehab. Edward and Alan argue about whose fault it is that AJ's messed up. They start yelling at each other. Monica walks in and hears the sweet sounds of home. Monica hugs Alan. She tells them she came home early but Emily went to visit an old friend in Arizona (that she ran into in Rome). Monica hugs Lila and Edward, too. Monica tells her that an Italian art student fell for Emily and followed her around a bit. She asks how Brenda is, which leads to a tirade from Edward. She asks about AJ but Alan informs her that AJ didn't go to rehab. He is sarcastic about his son, as usual. Lila and Edward leave them alone. He tells Monica he's given up on AJ. Alan fills her in on what's happened with AJ and of course she sticks up for him as usual. She asks why he didn't tell her over the phone what was going on. He replies that it wouldn't have mattered, there's nothing she could have done. They sit down and she thanks him for protecting her and Emily; she understands. However, she doesn't want to abandon AJ. Alan asks when AJ can take responsibility for his drinking. She wonders what set AJ off drinking again but Alan doesn't care. Lila comes in and tells them about the conversation she had with AJ. They are curious about AJ's question but Alan still thinks it's just more excuses. He leaves for work.

Carly visits AJ at work. He wants to know if she's made the arrangements for the sonogram. She wishes he'd reconsider but tells him that she's having it done at Mercy. He reminds her he insisted that it had to be done on GH. She says that it's too dangerous because Tony works there and might find out, or Bobbie. AJ is unsympathetic. She tells him it's at Mercy at 4 so he reluctantly agrees. Keesha comes in and overhears them making plans to meet. She can't believe AJ is being so chummy with Carly after what she did. AJ assures her it's okay. Keesha taunts and insults her. She even accuses Carly of faking her pregnancy in order to get Tony to marry her. Carly leaves in a huff. AJ won't tell Keesha what's going on. She tries to get through to him some more about staying away from Carly. She gets annoyed at his attitude and tells him he deserves whatever happens. She is walking out when he stops her. He asks her to trust him. She doesn't understand why he's risking his relationship with his family. The phone rings and he has to answer it.

Stefan prepares to tell Katherine the bad news. He tells her he has "no feelings for" her and never has. First she thinks he's kidding but he insists "It is not in my nature to joke". She doesn't believe him. He says she was fooling herself. He looks at her coldly and tells her to look into his eyes and see if she sees love there. She gets upset and protests but he yells that it was all in her mind. She goes over their relationship but he keeps insisting that it was all her imagination as he coldly gives reasons for his behavior. She angrily accuses him of lying. He continues to insult her. She calls him "sick" and "deceitful". She threatens to go to the DA with the truth about her shooting. He urges her to do so but suspects that she won't embarrass herself that way. She mentions Luke but he says Luke is no threat to him. She is angry but still doesn't believe that he feels that way. She tries to slap him but he grabs her arm. He tells her to get out. She demands that he look her in the eye and tell her he doesn't feel anything.

Sarah and the rest have their English class. The teacher, Mr. Murty, asks a question about Wuthering Heights and Nickolas answers it. His classmates titter and the teacher gently tells him that he must raise his hand and get called on. The teacher also gives him a hard time about missing too many classes. Lizzy smirks at Elizabeth, who looks embarrassed, as does Nickolas. After class, Mr. Murty asks Nickolas to chat. Meanwhile, some of Sarah and Lucky's friends talk about how weird Nickolas is. She explains that Nickolas has been taught by private tutors but Lucky puts him down. She gets angry. Lucky tries to make nice with her but says he won't lie. He even promises to try to "restrain" himself. But she walks out in a huff anyway. His friends observe that Lucky kind of blew it. Lizzy suggests to him that he let Sarah find out for herself how Nickolas is and keep his mouth shut if he wants to keep Sarah as a friend. Sarah goes back to the class and asks Nickolas about his talk with Mr. Murty. He doesn't understand the stupid classroom rules. Sarah tells him he's overreacting. He makes fun of the teacher so she laughs, but she says that she doesn't think it's a big deal to follow some rules. He protests but she says the rules might make him "fit in" better, too. He asks if she thinks he's "arrogant" and she says she does. He is humbled but doesn't mind her criticism. They talk about Steve some more and share a close moment. He asks her out again so she accepts. They are about to kiss when ONCE AGAIN they are interrupted, this time by the school bell. Meanwhile, Lizzy overhears Lucky and his friends talk about how Sarah chose Nickolas over Lucky. Mr. Murty walks by and they joke with him about the test next week.