General Hospital Wedmesday September 24th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/24/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Katherine awakens in Stefan's bed alone. She goes downstairs and still doesn't find him, so she makes a phone call to check her messages. Alexis walks in and sees her in Stefan's bathrobe. She quizzes Kath on why she's there, but Katherine tells her she'll have to get answers from Stefan. Alexis comes to the remarkable conclusion that Kath spent the night. She explains that Stefan is very private about his romantic life so she was surprised by her presence. Kath asks her where Stefan is but she is clueless. Alexis leaves hurriedly.

In his office, Stefan speaks on the phone to a police officer, thanking him for taking care of a situation. Alexis comes in and blasts him for sleeping with his "sister". He is angry but tells her they didn't "make love". He goes home and greets Katherine. She is a little peeved that he wasn't there when she awoke. He apologizes for being thoughtless. She wants to know what's causing the problems between them.

Jax comes out to the living room in his bathrobe to find V. still working. He asks he why she didn't sleep. She had insomnia. He admires sketches she made when she was trying to fall asleep. He tries to analyze them and quotes a William Blake poem that her drawing reminds him of. Interested, he takes them to look at further while he has coffee, so she follows. When he makes comments about the sketches, we can tell the dog and bird she drew represent Jax and V. She thanks him for taking such an interest in her sketches. He tells her they're heading back to Port Charles.

Brenda opens her door to find Jason still standing there. She wants him to get rid of all the wedding junk. He starts picking it up. He picks up her jewelry and she says nasty things about it and Sonny. She also tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore. He picks up the stuff and leaves. She shuts the door in his face. She remembers meeting Sonny for the first time and then flashes back to other times with him. She has coffee and thinks about him some more with a pained expression on her face. The flashback ends with her almost getting shot in the shower. She is shaky and spills her coffee. She lies on her couch and thinks some more about Sonny, remembering when he dumped her. She cries and says, "Why didn't I let go?". More flashbacks and she remembers other fights they had, and when she was on drugs. "You were the drug, Sonny" she says. Then she flashes back to his proposal and the happy days they had before he stood her up at the altar, and then all the disappointment afterwards. She cries some more.

Jason meets Sonny in his limo and fills him in on where Brenda is. Sonny asks him to stay with her. Jason tells him about what happened at the wedding. He is upset that she walked down the altar even though he wasn't there. He nods while Jason tells him the painful story about how Brenda reacted. Jason gives him the bracelet. Sonny says, unconvincingly, "It's better this way" and makes sure again that Jason will protect her. Jason promises to watch over her. He asks Sonny where he's going; Sonny is going to Puerto Rico. He's going to do some business, then fly back to PC but "never get here". Jason insists he take more money. They talk some more about their friendship and then part company.