General Hospital Tuesday September 23rd,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/23/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jason takes Brenda to her hotel room (?), what would have been her honeymoon suite. Brenda opens her wedding cards from her friends and sarcastically reads them to Jason. She opens the champagne that Mike sent and asks Jason to share it with her. He doesn't want to, but she insists. But she gets too upset and drops the glass. She sits and cries. She keeps making fun of Jason and how he followed all of Sonny's orders. He is stoic through the whole thing. She tells him to tell Sonny she hates him with all of her heart. He doesn't want to leave her in that state. The phone rings but she tells him not to answer it. She tells him she doesn't want his "contempt" around her anymore and he says, "That's not how I feel" but he doesn't tell her how he does feel when she asks. She berates him some more and says, "You better not keep your boss waiting". Then she opens the door. He leaves, telling her he'll be outside. She sits and cries some more. Later, she gets angry and trashes the place, including all the wedding gifts and her dress (oh, no, not the dress!). She looks at the bracelet Sonny gave her and slips it off, then drops it on the ground. She sits down and takes off her ring and puts it on the table.

At home, Stefan finishes up a phone call to a policeman about something, asking for "discretion". He is surprised by Katherine's presence. She hurried through with her business crisis to be with him. She starts climbing all over him and he can't resist. "God help us both" he mumbles as he kisses her. He hears something and goes to the door. He calls out names but no one is there, a planter just blew over in the storm. He tells her that this isn't the right place, someone could walk in on them. They both blabber on and on about their feelings. He doesn't want to "endanger" her but of course she doesn't know what he really means, she just thinks he's afraid of commitment. He talks in riddles, like usual. She says, "There is nothing that you could tell me that would change my feelings for you". "Yes, there is!" he replies and thinks maybe he should tell her the truth. She just thinks he's talking about his shady past, so she assures him that she's done bad things, too. She begs him to take her upstairs. There is a lot of heavy breathing and then he picks her up, Gone-With-the-Wind-like, and carries her up the stairs. They kiss on the bed but she suddenly stops. She claims she was just "overwhelmed" but he thinks she's afraid of him. She just wonders why he was so afraid himself, not too long ago. He says they're going "too fast" so he just holds her on the bed. He suggests they just hold each other all night. Blah. She falls asleep in his arms.

It is a little later in the evening at the Quartermaine house. Keesha is standing in the doorway bugging AJ about Carly. AJ says that he'll tell his family that he didn't fall off the wagon in his own good time. She wonders why he keeps his family, especially Alan, at arm's length. He says he's had enough of the party, then Bobbie and Alan walk in. Alan tells AJ to go ahead and leave. AJ apologizes for being rude when he asked about Carly, he just says it wasn't his "place" to talk about Tony and Carly's decision not to elope. (Hmm, guess they edited something out, we didn't see this at all) Bobbie wonders why they changed their minds. AJ won't give more details and tries to explain but Alan just wants to insult him. Keesha tries to stick up for him but AJ won't let her. Alan leaves, with Bobbie following. Keesha also asks him why they didn't elope, but he can't tell her. She's annoyed with him because she thinks he's protecting Carly, who doesn't deserve it. She leaves, disgusted.

Carly phones Lorraine, someone she went to nursing school with. Carly apologizes for losing touch. The woman is very tired after her shift and doesn't care to talk to Carly. Carly asks her not to hang up and says she needs her help. Lorraine doesn't want to get out of bed and come over, plus she says she didn't like Carly. Carly pleads with her and says she'll pay for the cab. She also mentions she has plenty of money. Lorraine visits and Carly pays her the money for the cab. Carly tries to chit-chat; Lorraine is at Mercy, she left GH when they shut down briefly. Carly makes her a scotch and flatters her. Lorraine mentions that she's only a nurse so she can meet doctors. Carly says that she didn't have what it takes to finish the program. Lorraine asks her to "get to the point" and says she barely remembers Carly, only some pretty unflattering things about her. She notices Carly's pregnancy and wonders what she wants. Carly asks her if she can get assigned to the OB/GYN dept. by tomorrow. Lorraine wants all the details before she agrees to anything. Carly tells her about her relationship with Tony. Lorraine doubts some of her story. Carly makes an appointment at Mercy and gives Lorraine the information so she can be working with her. Carly says she needs a sonogram result that says the baby is "due in December". Lorraine holds out for more money. Carly promises her more after the job is done and they shake on their deal.

Mac and Felicia briefly chat about the failed wedding. She thinks he's going to lecture her about having three dates, but he just wants an explanation. She explains why she felt she needed a date, because of how he and Dara were chatting. He claims that he and Dara weren't that kind of date, they didn't have any "romantic attachment". She says friends sometimes turn into more. She also tells him he's been too over-protective since Tom broke up with her. They agree to stay out of each other's love lives.

Bobbie goes to GH and runs into Tony at the library. She tells him she knew from AJ that they didn't elope. She is surprised and suspicious when Tony mentions that AJ was there and knew all about it first-hand. Tony fills her in on what happened. Amy interrupts their chat with a comment about a patient, so Tony leaves. Amy asks Bobbie what happened and Bobbie tells her about the aborted elopement. Amy is happy. Bobbie wonders why AJ is so close to Tony and Carly.