General Hospital Monday September 22nd,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 9/22/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Carly thanks AJ for not telling Tony her big secret (well, the one he knows). He tells her he's taking the baby's side. He doesn't want the kid to be a "walking reminder" of her mother's infidelity (the way he is of Monica's). He demands that she prove it's not his baby. A great set of lines, she says, "We slept together once, that's not how people get pregnant". He replies, "That's the ONLY way people get's not cumulative like a savings account". Ha! She tells him that an amniocentesis is too risky but he wants a sonogram. He insists that it's done at GH because he knows it will be accurate that way. She protest because she's afraid of gossip. He warns her that he'll go to Tony with the truth if he finds out it's not Tony's baby. He also tells her she better not try to elope again. Later, Carly reads the GH Nursing Program 1996 directory and thinks.

Jax and V. are uncomfortable. She asks if he wanted to kiss her. He is cryptic. She wants to help him get through this day, Brenda's wedding day. They go outside to watch the sunset. He jokes sarcastically about what she thinks of him, denying that his wanting to kiss her had anything to do with Brenda. She doesn't believe him. He talks about the failure of his marriage and how he's had to face the hard truth. He says she's not a "consolation prize" and they joke around the way they do. He tells her he unplugged his TV's, radios, etc. and she shares her theory on why electricity is bad. But he tells her it's just that he doesn't want to hear any more news of the wedding. She shares some more weird theories, trying to figure out why Brenda would dump him for someone like Sonny.

Jason walks up the aisle to give Brenda the bad news. She's relieved that Sonny's not hurt. Jason tells her Sonny's not coming to marry her. Everyone in silent as she painfully digests the news. She looks around, then turns away from everyone; she seems in shock. People start leaving quietly. Lucy tries to comfort her but has to leave her. Mike says "It doesn't make sense" but Lucy's not buying any excuses. He tries to tell Brenda that there must be "a reason", then asks Jason for explanations. Jason gives him his cell phone but says he won't answer. Mike figures out that Sonny has left town. He yells questions at Jason, who is his usual stoic self. Mike asks Sonny's men but they aren't talking. Lila invites Keesha and Justus back to the house for dinner and says to invite the others, too. Edward objects but she insists. They hear a storm starting outside. Alan opens the door and is faced with a gang of reporters, taking pictures and asking questions. Brenda questions Jason, demanding to know why he's not there. She leaves to go look for him, but he tells her that he won't find him. He tells her that her relationship with Sonny is over and she slaps him. She demands to go back to the penthouse so she can wait but he tells her Sonny's not coming back. She tries to believe that this is a temporary situation, that he's waiting for her somewhere, but Jason says that Sonny left alone with no plans for them to be together. She demands to know exactly what Sonny said to tell her, so he says that he said to tell her, "It was a great ride". She doesn't think he would say that but Jason assures her he did. She takes some more convincing. He tells her Sonny didn't want her to mourn which is why he didn't have him tell her he was dead. Stunned, she sits down on a pew. She thinks they planned this all along and Jason doesn't correct her. She asks him what he thinks she should do, but he doesn't say. He reminds him of when Sonny fired him and then he made him rehire him. She asks him what he would have done if he couldn't find Sonny to make him rehire him, where would he look. She begs him, but all he says is, "I don't like that he did it". She still doesn't believe that Sonny did this. He offers to take her home and she says, "Sonny's my home". She doesn't want to have anything to do with him. She tells Sonny's men to move out of her way, too, as she walks out the door. She remembers the last time she stood in the rain and cried. Jason brings her back inside and comforts her as best he can, then he closes the doors.

Bobbie tells Lucky and Lizzy that it would be tough to find a cab in the storm but that the Quartermaine's are offering rides with their cars to their party. Lucky doesn't want to go to the fancy affair so Bobbie says she'll find some way to make the Q cars take them home. Lizzy says she'd like to go but Lucky tells her she should be grateful after all she did to get there. She gives him a peck on the cheek to thank him and he walks away, unimpressed. Mac comes in dripping wet to tell Felicia he brought the car around. He tells her he's starving so she tells him about the Q party. They nix that idea and decide to go to her place instead. Lucy tells Ruby and Bobbie that she wishes her premonition had been wrong. Ruby thinks Sonny should be killed. Lucy wonders where Kevin is, looks at a candle, gets a really bad premonition, and runs out.

Lila chats with Mike and Mary; they decide not to stay at the Q house and they leave. AJ comes in and Alan makes a snide remark but Lila asks him to leave them alone. She asks him why he cut their chat short. He says not to worry, he's okay, but that she helped him out earlier. Keesha asks AJ about Carly. He tells her there is still "unfinished business" and Bobbie, standing nearby, overhears him mention Carly's name. She asks Alan about Monica and they talk about Sonny and Brenda. He was secretly glad that Sonny didn't marry Brenda, for her sake. She tells him about Tony and Carly's elopement and that AJ and Carly have been close lately. It all comes as a surprise to Alan. Keesha wants more information but AJ still won't tell her the details. She wants him to tell the Q's the truth about Carly. Alan comes up and wants to know what dirt he has on Carly, since Tony's his best friend.

Sonny asks his driver if he's heard from Jason yet, but he hasn't. He tells him to go to the church "for a minute". He stands across the street from the church in the rain, watching, knowing Jason and Brenda are still inside. They can see the door open when Brenda opens it, but can't tell who's there.