General Hospital Friday September 19th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 9/19/97 by Suzanne Lanoue, with a lot of help from Becki Watkins, Marina Rios-Daley, Marina Engel, and Maurie Puhlman. I missed the second half so that part is from them. Thanks!!!

Carly phones looking for AJ but Keesha comes in and tells her that he's not at GH, he's visiting his family, filling them in on what really happened that fateful night. Carly pretends she doesn't know what Keesha is talking about but Keesha is wise to her and warns her not to make her an enemy. Keesha is annoyed that Carly has manipulated the situation to her advantage but she assures Carly that the truth will come out and she will lose Tony.

AJ comes home, both Edward and Alan aren't happy to see him but Lila welcomes him. They are all dressed up for Brenda and Sonny's wedding. He asks for a moment with Lila. Edward and Alan go on but not before AJ asks Alan if he's heard from Monica and Emily. Alan rudely replies yes, but "whenever your name comes up, I change the subject", and walks out. AJ tells Lila he wants to ask her something. He doesn't have the same relationship with Alan that Alan has with Edward. They don't know how to relate to each other. He says that as a kid he noticed that the family talked about his birth in hushed tones. He asks if he's Alan's legitimate son, and if there's proof. Lila says yes, but AJ is disgusted that they have proof because of Monica's infidelity. (This doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, considering Jason's parentage)

Jax listens to the TV or radio talk about Sonny and Brenda's wedding. He remembers their wedding while he drinks wine. V. talks to him to try to get his mind off his troubles. But he's too melancholy.

Lucy comes in to where Brenda is putting on her makeup and tells her to wait until she puts on her dress to put on her lipstick. Lucy babbles on as usual. Brenda gets sentimental about leaving Lucy (and the rest of her friends). They make sure she has all the requisite something old, something new, etc. Brenda nixes Lucy's idea about blue toenails. Lucy talks about how happy she is with Kevin and how Brenda looks that happy. Brenda suddenly realizes she has everything she wants. They hear music from the church so they know people are arriving.

Sonny is weirded out and can't take his eyes off his hands. Jason comes jogging downstairs in his tux, with the rings, and wonders what's wrong. Sonny mumbles, "Everything I touch..." Jason tells him they have to leave. Sonny tells him he keeps seeing the day he lost Lily and asks him if he believes in "signs". He tells Jason he sees Brenda blowing up instead of Lily. Jason tries to make him see it's just "that Reese guy" but Sonny tells him they'll kill him and worse, Brenda. He doesn't want any more blood on his hands. Jason assures him that "the church is secure" and that everything else will work, too, because he personally checked it out. But Sonny worries about later, after they leave. He knows that if it's important, anyone can be found. Sonny takes him through the possible scenario and Jason is forced to agree. The phone rings then but they don't answer it. Jason tries to talk Sonny out of this way of thinking but Sonny reminds him that he lost his unborn son. Jason is going to cancel the wedding, but Sonny stops him.

Sonny's men greet the guests at the church. Mike visits Brenda; she looks gorgeous in her wedding dress. He compliments her. He mentions that Sonny hasn't arrived yet and they both look worried. Lucy comes in and tells them that one of Sonny's men phone the penthouse and there was no answer, so they figure he must be on his way. Mike goes back to the wedding.

Ruby is being detained by the "guys" at the front of the church because she doesn't have her invitation. Lucky notices and informs them that she is his aunt Ruby and that she is a very good friend of Brenda's and to let her in. Five minutes later Lizzy shows up (Lucky is still hanging by the front door) and uses Ruby's wedding invitation. The "guys" are giving her a hard time about her not being Ruby and she's trying to hush them so no one will overhear. Lucky does, though, and makes an excuse like she was his date and she comes in. He tells her he doesn't know her and walks in to sit down.

Brenda is positive that Sonny will show even though Lucy is concerned that he is not there yet. So she tells Lucy to start the wedding.

Jax and Venus are tipping champagne together and having a chat about Brenda and Sonny and how Jax knows that Sonny wouldn't have the same quality of champagne at the wedding. He is still melancholy. Venus starts to get a little tipsy on the champagne and sort of trips and Jax catches her. They are face-to-face.

Meanwhile, Sonny has instructed Jason to tell Brenda that Sonny isn't going to marry her, and that its been fun. (can't remember exactly what he said). And he walks out of the penthouse. Sonny is in the car and the driver tells him they are at the interstate. Sonny looks pensive and tells the driver to turnaround. Later, at the end, we see Sonny ordering the driver to turn around and go back to the church.

AJ finally shows up at the GH fitness center and tells Carly that he won't tell Tony that they slept together as long as she lets the situation play out the way that AJ wants it. Initially, she seems very relieved.

Meanwhile, Lucy signals the organist to start the wedding march music and starts up the aisle, looking very worried. Everyone in the church stands up, but they have puzzled and worried looks on their faces. Brenda follows to the alter looking excited and happy. She is standing at the alter and turns around to look at the door for Sonny to magically appear.