General Hospital Thursday September 18th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/18/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Katherine and Stefan come back to Windemere after celebrating her birthday on the lake in a boat. Nickolas comes in and wonders where they've been. Stefan reminds him that it's her birthday and she relates how their day has been. Nickolas confesses he didn't go to school today because he has something to say to Stefan. Kath is concerned but Stefan thinks that it's no big deal because it's just the public school. Nickolas asks Kath to leave them alone, so she does.

Nickolas confronts Stefan about Steve's death. Stefan resents what he's asking him and starts asking Nickolas where he heard it. Nickolas says it was Sarah but "apparently it's a common rumor". Nickolas probes him about whether he was responsible for GH going into bankruptcy, which would have resulted in Steve's stress and subsequent death. Stefan says flatly, "Wouldn't it have been easier to poison the man?". Nickolas says he knew he didn't intend to kill Steve, but... Stefan claims he used the situation but no, Steve's poor investments led to the situation. Nickolas believes him. He goes upstairs and tells Stefan he'll give him and Kath privacy. She comes back in and tells him she has to leave. He kisses her goodbye. When he goes in, Alexis is standing there and asks him why he hasn't told Katherine yet. He says he couldn't tell her on her birthday. She asks him why he didn't fill her in on his raid against the Quartermaine's "far eastern operations". He says that she asked him not to let her in on anything illegal and since he had to do something outside the law to do this, he left her out of the loop. She wonders if it's wise to take on the Q's. We know she's worried about having to be on opposing sides with Ned. She acts if he did it to get Ned out of town and away from her. He seems surprised that they are close and idly questions her about their relationship. She tells him why they have so much in common.

Felicia ask Maxie why she's been acting strange but she denies anything is wrong. Mac phones her about getting ready for the wedding but she claims that Maxie isn't feeling that well. When he invites her to carpool with him and Dara, she reminds him she does have a date so he tries to grill her about it, but she avoids his questions. Maxie asks her if she and Mac are fighting. They have a little chat and then hug. Felicia gets ready for the wedding. Meanwhile, Maxie gets out her indian doll artifact to look at. Felicia comes out and catches her with it. Felicia is angry and makes Maxie give her the doll. They sit down and Felicia patiently explains why what she did was wrong. Maxie apologizes but she is more sorry for getting caught than anything. Felicia tells her why lies are bad. Felicia punishes her but nicely. She makes Maxie to promise not to touch the doll again. They chat some more before Felicia leaves for the wedding.

Dara shows up to the Outback in a sexy yellow dress. Mac tells her that he invited Felicia and her date to go with them but he thinks Felicia made him up. Dara points out that he might be real, as a handsome man in a tuxedo arrives. Mac chats with him about how he knows Felicia. Another guy in a tux arrives to be Felicia's date, too. The two men eye each other. They start to argue. Dara tries to get them to compromise and act like adults. Mac greets Katherine, who has come there to talk Bryan (via his agent) out of leaving Deception. She wonders why he's still not dressed for the wedding. He notices the two men arguing loudly and goes over to talk to them. Dara notices that a third man has shown up in a tux. Kath greets Nickolas, who wonders why she's not with Stefan, and she explains her business emergency. She chides him about not going to school. He leaves to go home and she meets Bryan's agent. Felicia runs in and sees Mac all decked out in his tux. He brings her over to her three dates, who are standing around Dara. They are all annoyed and tell her none of them are taking her, and they walk out, saying she can go with Mac since all she needs is a man with a tux. Mac says, "So are you riding with us or not?" and she is steamed. The three leave for the wedding.

Jason and Sonny do last-minute stuff, trying to protect Brenda and him from that guy who threatened them and his people. Jason phones one of Sonny's thugs and we see that they have Davis Reese tied up in a room. He gets on the phone and Sonny asks why he spoke to Brenda. He says he was just reminding Sonny about their threats. Sonny tells him that Rivera is dead so he better cancel the contract or he'll "make an enemy". Sonny threatens him some more and tells him his boys will be taking him to Hong Kong. Sonny gives his guy the instructions and hangs up. He throws the cell phone on the couch angrily. Sonny and Jason discuss the situation. Jason assures Sonny that everything will work out fine. When Jason wants to leave to get dressed, Sonny asks him to stay there with him and send somebody for the tux. Jason says he's just nervous and tells him not to go out, then he leaves.

Sonny looks at Brenda's passport and shakes his head. Brenda comes downstairs and they hug. He helps her get her wedding stuff together. They talk about packing for the "honeymoon". He says that they shouldn't take too much so it will help them not to be identified later. She wants to take the wedding dress for their future daughter. She brings out a diamond necklace that she is wearing for the wedding, that he gave her long ago and says maybe she can leave it for Ned to give to Brook Lynn. They talk about when they first met, which gets them sentimental and they kiss. They are interrupted by the phone. It's Lucy, wondering why Brenda's running late. Sonny gives Brenda a necklace to wear for the wedding. He gets one of his guys to help Brenda with her stuff and escort her to the wedding. They joke around and she leaves. They both touch the other side of the penthouse door after it closes, with the palms of their hands. Jason comes back, still not dressed. Sonny, however, is dressed nicely (isn't he always?). Jason tells him what he's thought of to say as a toast. Sonny likes it and they act chummy some more. Sonny tells him to go get dressed and he gives Jason the rings to hold on to. As Sonny is getting dressed, he sees a white flower. This triggers the flashback to Lily getting blown up (she was wearing the same flower in her hair at the time).

Brenda meets Lucy at the church. Lucy is nervous and babbles on as usual. Brenda is not nervous because she's getting everything she wants. They hug, then Lucy draws back quickly. Brenda wonders what's wrong and Lucy says she got a sort of weird feeling. Lucy changes the subject by telling her how much she likes the dress Brenda picked out for her. She starts asking Brenda how she wants to wear her hair, but Brenda has something else in mind. Lucy freaks and points out that something could happen to her dress, like what happened to Lucy when she married Alan. Brenda doesn't really know what she's talking about, since she wasn't on the show then. She insists on going into the church and taking a look around. She goes up to the altar and talks to Stone. She thanks him for getting her and Sonny together from the Great Beyond.