General Hospital Wednesday September 17th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/17/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan wanders around Windemere. Katherine shows up and they hug. He offers to take her somewhere fun for her birthday, but all she wants is him. She goes on about her birthday. He asks her to sit down in the garden with him so he can tell her about her birthright. He tells her a parable from the bible that he learned as a child, about the merchant who wants a pearl but has to sell everything he owns to get it. She tells him to get to the point but he can't so he says he'll show her. He gives her a small jewelry box. She opens it; it's a diamond ring. He tells her he'd planned a more romantic setting. She asks him what it means. He realizes she might think he's proposing so he apologizes. She kisses him and says, "Make love to me, Stefan".

Sarah and Nickolas meet in the woods. She apologizes for the way she's been acting. He forgives her but she beats herself up for not trusting him. They talk about their feelings. He says he knows what rumor she heard but assures her that it's not true. He warns her that there will be other rumors but asks her to trust him next time. She swears she won't believe them. They hold hands. They are about to kiss when they are interrupted by someone calling. It's Officer Rick, who tells them they shouldn't be there, the place is not safe. Nickolas assures him they'll be on their way. Sarah asks him how he found out about the rumor and he says he found out from Lizzy. She tells him what Audrey said, too, then she leaves for school.

Bobbie and Lucky go to Kelly's. Lucky greets Lizzy, who wonders why everyone's going to a mobster's wedding. Lucy rushes in and says she has to warn Brenda that there might be problems at her wedding. Lucky wonders why she thought Brenda would be there, and she said Brenda said she would be there. Bobbie tells her to sit down and relax, then she gives Lucy her condolences over the miscarriage. She encourages her to "try again" and Lucy appreciates her thoughtfulness. They are both happy Luke will be back soon. Lucy tells Bobbie that she's proud to be Brenda's maid of honor, even though she was third choice.

Sonny and Brenda chat about his nightmare; he pretends it was nothing. She's excited about the wedding. Jason comes in and wishes them "happy wedding day" and hugs her. She takes off to say goodbye to Port Charles. Sonny asks Jason about security for the wedding and other last-minute details. Jason briefs Sonny on the plans for where they're flying after the wedding. Sonny explains to Jason about some wedding gift traditions. Most of the presents are going to charity, but Sonny plans to keep Mike's platter. Jason says he never understood why "things" are important to people but he kind of does now. He keeps the Eiffel Tower that Robin gave him. Sonny tells Jason that he talked to Robin, who said "good luck" and he asks Jason to be his best man (kind of LATE isn't it???). Jason is uncomfortable with the idea. Sonny tells him what his responsibilities are; Jason is nervous about having to give the toast but agrees. Sonny tells Jason what he means to him and Jason returns the compliment, saying "You're the best friend I'll ever have".

Brenda comes in to Kelly's; Lucky introduces her to Lizzy, who is embarrassed that he didn't call her "Elizabeth" since Brenda's such a big shot and all. Brenda says her goodbyes to Ruby and hugs her. Lizzy spies on everyone in Kelly's, especially Brenda. She reads about Brenda in the tabloids, too. Lucy babbles on to Brenda about how her dress has a minor problem. Brenda assures her that things are fine and she should stop stressing out. Bobbie promises Brenda that they'll make up for not having showers and engagement parties when she gets back for her honeymoon. Brenda tells everyone to make sure to bring their invitations because they'll be checked by security at the door. Lizzy watches outside and is thrilled that Brenda has a bodyguard following her. Bobbie asks Lucky if he's bringing a date to the wedding so Lizzy volunteers. Bobbie excuses herself. Lucky asks Lizzy why she wants to go. She claims she loves weddings but he knows that she just wants to gawk at Sonny and Brenda, so he says no. She picks up Ruby's invitation and looks at it. Bobbie and Lucky leave. While Ruby is outside walking them out, Lizzy steals her invitation.

Brenda goes back home and chats with Sonny and Jason about Kelly's. Sonny warns Jason that because of tradition he'll have to dance with Lucy at the wedding. Sonny tells Brenda that Jason agreed to be his best man. He points out all the wedding presents and then goes to finish packing. She looks them over. She opens a small gold box, smiles, and makes a phone call. She shows Sonny Jax's wedding gift and they hug. Davis Reese phones Brenda to give her his "best wishes". She starts to ask questions when he hangs up. Sonny asks who it was and she tells him. They both look concerned.

Jax looks sad and has a flashback about his honeymoon with Brenda, where he gives her an "aboriginal charm" he used to carry and chats about his childhood friend Thomas and their "walkabout" (manhood ritual). A strange noise interrupts his reverie. It's V., who accidentally broke his coffeemaker. She babbles on while he laughs, telling her he has another one. She opens the door and thinks it might rain. Jax doubts it but then it starts raining. Then they notice the roof is leaking inside. She gets a ladder to fix it but he doesn't think it's a good idea. He worries that she will fall. The phone rings so he runs to get it. It's Brenda, phoning about his wedding gift, the amulet from Thomas (I thought he already gave it to her but okay, whatever). He wishes her well and hangs up, looking sad again.