General Hospital Tuesday September 16th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/16/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Brenda and Sonny lie in bed and talk about their future, their past, etc. She will miss Port Charles. Sonny dreams about Lily's death, only this time it's Brenda. He wakes up abruptly, yelling her name. He claims he doesn't remember the nightmare. She worries so he distracts her by complimenting her. Later, she sleeps but he stands, unable to sleep, staring out the window.

Dara finishes another set at The Outback. Mac gives her a friendly kiss and compliments her. Felicia watches jealously nearby. Bobbie comes in the Outback in a pretty dress to chat with Felicia. She couldn't sleep after her talk with Tony; she fills Felicia in on his plans. Mac tells Felicia that a man named Derek is on the phone. She reveals that this is her date for the wedding, a firefighter. Felicia tells Bobbie that he pestered her to date back when she was dating Tom. But he might have to work so she looks through her address book and calls another guy, leaving a message on his machine. She tells Bobbie she has to have a date so Mac won't think she's a charity case, and Bobbie finds out about Dara. Mac tells her that Colin, her other date, is on the phone. She chats with him and then tells Bobbie that maybe she has a date. Bobbie reminds her about a hunky guy at GH that's interested in her. Felicia tells her that Maxie has been acting weird since they got back from Texas, that she keeps insisting Felicia tell her the story about the indian tribes repeatedly. Mac jokes with Felicia about all her suitors.

Tony wonders why AJ is at the airport talking to Carly. She covers that he is just being a good friend, being happy for her when all her dreams are coming true. Tony observes that he doesn't look very happy, so AJ tries to tell him why. Carly interrupts again so Tony tells her to let AJ talk. Tony gets beeped but ignores it because he's not on call but Carly urges him to take it. So he does, leaving them alone. Carly harrasses AJ again not to tell Tony the truth. They argue further. (How long are they going to drag this out!!???!!) After a long discussion, he warns her that if she and Tony elope, he'll spill the beans. She promises they won't. Tony comes back and guesses that AJ doesn't want them to get married so he asks why. AJ says Carly's crazy about Tony but he doesn't think Tony's the type to be so impestuous as to rush off and elope. He lays it on thick and Tony seems to buy it. Carly is relieved. Tony tells them he'd already decided not to elope tonight. He thanks AJ for his advice but says maybe he should worry about his own problems instead. Carly sticks up for AJ so he doesn't let on. Tony and Carly go home.

AJ meets Keesha at The Outback but still doesn't want to fill her in on the details. He tells her he knows now why Carly set him up. She asks him if he's told anyone but he says he didn't tell Tony or his family yet. He tells her he needs her because he doesn't want to be alone after what he's learned. He feels incredibly betrayed by Carly.

Carly and Tony relax at home. She keeps apologizing for acting weird and emotional. Tony says he's "concerned" that she acts purely out of emotion. She relates that she's happy getting "fat". He tells her what she and the baby mean to him. She tells him she's glad they didn't go to Vegas but she wishes they could get married sooner. He agrees that they can get married sooner than November if she wants.

Sarah sits outside and thinks. Audrey comes out to ask her if she's coming inside to use the computer for her English homework. Sarah can't think straight because of her problems with Nickolas, she confides. She doesn't know how to deal with him, since she's forced to see him all the time. She is afraid to tell him what she heard for fear of hurting him, too. Audrey fills Sarah in on some of her own past mistakes with Steve that caused them to be apart for 9 years. She urges Sarah to be honest with Nickolas. They hug.

At Kelly's, Nicholas stops Liz from smoking so he can talk to her without breathing in her smoke. He demands to know again why Sarah is giving him the cold shoulder. He wants to know why she told her something about her grandfather that she shouldn't have. Liz blabs, in the process of defending herself, about what she told Sarah. Liz wonders why he looks "surprised" but he covers. He tells her that there is too much untrue gossip in PC but he won't defend Stefan. They bicker. She points out that she doesn't know for sure whether it's true or not, since he wasn't there.

Later, Nickolas drops by the Hardy house and spies Sarah outside. She has to go inside to do her work, but she tells him she wants to talk to him. They plan to meet before school.