General Hospital Monday September 15th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 9/15/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

V. protests that she can't tell Jax her first name. He lists all the things they've been through. But she won't budge (hey, how can he employ her without knowing her real name???). She says she hates her first name so that's why she won't tell anyone. Jax loves a challenge. She babbles on while he guesses different names that start with V. She keeps refusing. He grabs her purse but she grabs it back. He says that she doesn't have to tell him but asks her why. She says her first name is "even more ridiculous" than his, that people always laugh and make nasty comments when she tells her name. By her comments, he (and we) can tell it must be Venus. She gets angry that he guessed and warns him not to call her that. He gives it a test run, anyway, but she doesn't like it. She tells him that Venus has always been a stupid name for her because she was a tomboy growing up. She says, "I'm no goddess, Jax". He tells her how great she is and she glows. He says, "Venus has absolutely nothing on you". They look at the planet Venus through the telescope. He swears not to tell anyone her name but they agree he can call her that in private. She says she's tired so she heads off to bed. They agree they're "friends for life".

Brenda has a flashback about Sonny, even though he's just downstairs. She takes the flower out of her hair so she can put it in her scrapbook.

The mysterious man, Mr. Reese, tells Sonny that Rivera put out a contract on him. He's from a group of mobsters that still want him dead, even though he killed Rivera and the Tin Man. He repeats that they know his plans, and that he and Brenda "will soon be dead". He tells Sonny that his "contempt" for them will be his downfall, and that no matter what he does, they will keep trying over and over. He emphasizes that they will kill Brenda in front of him, and then him. Jason threatens to kill him, but Sonny tells him to back off. Sonny warns Reese that he better not ever see him again or he'll kill him. Jason ushers him out. Sonny figures that they warned him so that he'll get scared and do something stupid, like he did with Rivera. Sonny worries that even if they skip town, they will go after Jason. Jason doesn't think that they really know what their plan is, but Sonny says they have to be very careful "between now and the wedding". Brenda comes down and wonders what he means. They cover but she knows there are more secrets. She is dying to know where they're going. They hug. Jason leaves them alone. They go upstairs and make love.

Stefan wants to tell Katherine something but she insists on going first. She tried to look into her feelings for him but emotion overwhelmed her so much that she couldn't reason. She tells him she loves him. He is touched. She is confused by his reaction, since he's being kind of remote. He apologizes for his mood. She wants to know what's going on. He tells her how he feels about her. "We are one", he says, "From the very hour of your birth". She seems to know what he's getting at, so he looks surprised. She says that tomorrow is her birthday so she thinks he's been waiting to make her birthday "special". They kiss. Alexis comes up and sees them, then slips away. He claims he has to leave to get things ready for her birthday. He asks her to meet her on the Windemere docks at dawn. She agrees and leaves. Alexis comes out of the shadows and asks him if he told her the truth. He says he'll celebrate her birthday first but assures Alexis he'll do what needs to be done. Alexis says she's "sorry".

AJ asks Carly why she's at the airport. She says she's "meeting a friend" and he calls her on the carpet for lying once again. He tells her he knows she's eloping with Tony so she is relieved, until he tells her he finally remembers that night. He explains about Kevin hypnotizing him. Then he tells her what he remembered. She cuts him off and yells at him about his "crazy story". She walks away but he follows her and makes her listen to the details about that night. She claims it didn't happen. He knows now why she drugged him and tried to get him out of town. She asks, tearfully, "How could you do this to me when I was so close?" They argue about her lying to him. She claims that she did it all for Tony. He starts to leave but she stops him and begs him not to tell Tony. She uses her baby's future to make him feel guilty. He suddenly realizes that the baby could be his. She denies but he doesn't trust her. She lies about when the baby was conceived. AJ runs into a friend from AA who is depressed and about to drink at the airport bar, so he has to help him. While he's gone, Carly remembers Tony saying that he knows what night in April it was conceived. AJ comes back and says he believes her about the baby but he is going to tell Tony anyway. She pleads with him so more, making excuses for her lies and manipulation. He chews her out. She insists she tried to be his friend and he says that it scares him that she actually believes that. AJ says he owes Tony the truth. They keep arguing about it. AJ seems to be reconsidering when Tony rushes up to say hi. He wonders why AJ's there.

Tony drops by the Brownstone to chat with Bobbie before he elopes (Uh, isn't he missing his flight?) They reminisce about past Autumns there. He puts off what he has to say, again. He didn't want to tell her but he says his plane was delayed for an hour so he took it as a sign (wait a minute, they were BOARDING on Friday, now the plane has been delayed???). He tells her that he and Carly are flying to Vegas to get married. He chats with her about why they're eloping. He tells her he'd like to leave a note for Lucas about it. She's not happy and tries to talk him out of it. He doesn't want to run off and elope but he's trying to help Carly be more secure. They talk about how happy he is about the baby. She can't wish him well because of who he's marrying. He knows Carly's done a lot of awful things but he loves her and wants that baby. He reminds her about her marriage to Stefan. He needs a family, he says, and maybe he wouldn't be getting married if not for the baby. He suddenly makes a decision but doesn't tell her what it is. He says never mind about the note to Lucas and he rushes off.