General Hospital Friday September 12th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 9/12/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Sonny and Brenda talk about their future, their past, their wedding, etc. They are kissing when Jason knocks on the door. Brenda makes herself scarce so they can "talk business". Jason tells him last-minute details about his money being transferred to a Swiss bank account and other business. Sonny warns him again to be on his guard against the other mobsters. He also talks about how to do mob wars. Sonny tells Jason he should move into his place but Jason has his own ideas. Sonny says it will be hard for him to let it all go. Jason talks about letting Robin go. It is hard for him to let Sonny go, too, but he also has to be happy. Sonny is conflicted because he wishes he could keep both Brenda and his business. Jason weeps as he chews him out for "jerking" him around. He says he'll miss him a lot, he loves him, etc. Sonny tells him "eventually the pain goes away" and he apologizes to Jason. Jason says some guy wants to meet with him; they discuss the idea. Sonny says go ahead and "bring him up". He calls Brenda and tells her he's meeting someone. He promises to end their date properly in a half an hour. They hug before she goes back upstairs. Jason brings in a man named Davis Reese. He tells Sonny, "We know about your plans...they're useless. There is no escape for you".

V. brings Jax the receipts from the Nurse's Ball. She babbles on nervously. He invites her in to explain more fully. He shows her around, pointing out the beach and the pool. They chat about kayaking. He asks her whether she will continue to be so law-abiding now that she's in his employ. She says she won't rat on him if he commits misdemeanors but if he or Jerry commits a felony then she will have to turn them in. He gives her the instructions for his new telescope so she can help him put it together. They joke around and he tells her to call him "Jax" and drop the mister part. He asks her to tell him what V. stands for.

Stefan shows Alexis that the coffin is empty. He thinks it was Kristen's idea to deceive Helena. He's stunned to realize that Katherine is his sister after all. He finds something in the coffin with a code and he matches that with the gravekeeper's book. He says it was bought in 1968 by Kimberly Bell of Serenity, NY. Stefan wonders if his father was helping Kristen plan everything and why he didn't give them part of his fortune. He says, "Katherine doesn't seem like one of us, does she?" Alexis agrees but he can't deny the facts he's seen. He lists the facts, one by one. He sees the irony in the situation and talks about Stavros. He talks passionately about Katherine and how horrible it all is. They debate momentarily about whether they should tell Katherine about her heritage. He talks about his role in the family. He is disgusted that he still wants Katherine, even knowing what she is. He says, "It's just another thing I love that I can never possess". Later, Leo comes out of the shadows to tell Alexis that he heard what happened. She regrets what she had to do; she is very upset about betraying Stefan. She blames it all on Katherine and lists all her previous crimes. Meanwhile, Katherine is walking around the grounds at home when Katherine shows up. He is surprised to see her.

Carly buys her tickets the airport, then she phones Tony to give him the details about their flight. He insists on stopping at the apartment first. She worriedly tries to talk him out of it but he tells her to calm down and take care of her baby. Carly sits at the airport, nervously waiting. She fantasizes about their future; they've moved to San Francisco and are sitting with their new baby girl.

AJ tells Kevin he's scared of what else he might remember. Kevin suggests he wait, but AJ wants to go on now. So Kevin hypnotizes him again. He remembers the rest of the night. He gets upset when he remembers having sex with Carly. Kevin brings him out of the hypnosis. AJ tells Kevin he remembers it but he doesn't want to tell him what it is. Kevin understands, although he warns him that these kind of memories can be difficult to handle. AJ asks to be alone. Kevin congratulates him on his "sobriety" and AJ returns the compliment on his mental recovery. After Kevin leaves, AJ re-reads Carly's note and then crumples it in anger. He remembers different conversations they've had, in context to his new knowledge. He goes over to Carly's apartment and bangs on the door. He is walking away when Tony walks up from the elevator, wondering what all the yelling's about. AJ claims that he heard a noise and he was concerned, so he was going to get his key to check on Carly. Tony tells him it must have been the upstairs neighbors making their usual noise, and that Carly's at the airport waiting for him because they're going to elope to Vegas. AJ congratulates him heartily. Tony goes inside and AJ takes off.

Carly hears that they are supposed to board their plane so she is about to call Tony when AJ confronts her.