General Hospital Thursday September 11th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/11/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

In Malibu, Jax comes in from swimming and checks his messages. He gets a call from V. about business. He phones her and leaves her a message about not giving out his number and some business stuff. At GH, V. brings Katherine Jax's checks from the Nurse's Ball. They chat about V's new job. Kath asks her to wait so she can give her a "package for Jax". V. phones Jax back at home briefly. Kath comes back and gives her the package and chats some more. Kath observes that she and Jax would make a good couple. She suggests that she deliver the package to Jax in Malibu personally in order to "get his attention". V. thinks about it. Next we see her flying on a plane on her way to Malibu. She phones Jax but doesn't tell him where she is. She phones again to update him about some business stuff but he's busy on a conference call. He suggests she go home for the day. She says maybe she can go out there and help him but he says that would be a bad idea. He hangs up and she looks disappointed. She has a fantasy about showing up on his doorstep. He laughs at her for thinking that there might be something romantic between them, then he insults her, tells her to fly back home, and fires her. But in real life, her plane is landing. She shows up at Jax's door; he stares at her.

Brenda comes home with weird hair, ranting about wedding stuff to Sonny. He tells her to change upstairs for lunch. She is surprised he bought her an outfit but she runs upstairs. She puts on a gorgeous red dress (makes her hair look better) and wonders what he has in mind. One of his people brings in some flowers for her and another one puts on romantic music. She sees a lavish candlelight dinner that he's had prepared. She's touched. They have a nice dinner. Brenda notices that their waiter is the one they had for their first date; Sonny planned that since it's their last unmarried date. She tells him she is starting a scrapbook for their future. They talk about the past and what would have happened if they had grown up together. Sonny jokes around about what occupations they might have had, etc. She tells him she wouldn't want him to be any different than who he is. Their staff are dismissed. Brenda speculates about where they might be living. He is sorry he can't tell her where but it doesn't bother her. She says she knows that if he can keep some secrets from her, he will be safer. He thanks her for her understanding. Then he puts on music so they can dance, which they do.

Stefan tells Alexis that he found on the Internet that Natasha died when she was five. (Must be that "Dave's List of Child Deaths" Web page) She says that maybe it's false information that Kristen put there so no one would look for her. Stefan suggests they go to Natasha's grave, so they do. Stefan tells the gravekeeper that he will pay him $5000 to see what's inside the grave. The guy thinks he's weird but he agrees because of the money. Meanwhile, he gets a phone call on his cell phone from Katherine. She tells him that no matter how long it takes, she'll wait. Stefan helps the gravekeeper lift out the coffin. Alexis looks worried. Stefan pays and dismisses the gravekeeper. Alexis asks for his record book before he leaves. She shows it to Stefan but it's all in the gravekeeper's code so they can't read it. She tells him she doesn't want to open the coffin because it's too "morbid". He tells her she can leave but she says she'll stay. He says he's "grateful" for her "loyalty". After opening the coffin, Stefan looks upset.

Bobbie wonders why AJ wants to be hypnotized. He explains that he wants his memories back. He tells her that there's a night he blacked out that he wants to remember. She suggests maybe he should leave it alone, but he is desperate to find out. So she suggests Kevin Collins. He thanks her and they hug. She leaves. He phones Kevin, who's at GH, and tells him what he needs. Kevin says he's too busy but AJ begs him so he gives in. Kevin visits him at home so AJ fills him in on everything, including Carly. Kevin agrees to hypnotize him. AJ gets comfy on his couch and Kevin starts to work. AJ remembers that night at Jake's but panics right when he and Carly are going upstairs to Jason's room. Kevin brings him out and AJ says he remembers most of it. Kevin asks him if he wants to continue.

Carly lies to Tony that Keesha is upset about a physical therapy thing that she messed up on one of her social work patients. But Keesha calls her a liar so Tony knows that Carly is not being honest. Carly does some more fancy footwork. Keesha says she promised not to discuss this with anyone, but "sometimes promises have to be broken". Tony and Carly both say that Keesha shouldn't betray a confidence so she walks away in a huff. When Carly asks again about eloping tonight, Tony says it's too fast for him. Carly acts paranoid about Bobbie and Amy in order to make him feel bad for her and give in. He starts to come around so she tells him she'll make all the arrangements. He agrees and says he'll check his schedule to see if he can take the time off. Keesha comes back and chews out Carly some more. She warns Keesha that Tony won't want to marry her after he finds out what happened. She walks away and Tony comes back. Carly lies that Keesha apologized. He tells her that he can take off with her after all. They plan to go to Vegas and get married. She says she's got to go make arrangements and she'll phone him with the flight info. Bobbie comes up for a work thing and Tony checks to make sure she's got Lucas this weekend. They walk away chatting about their patient. Carly goes to the airport to buy two one-way tickets to Vegas.