General Hospital Friday September 10th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/10/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Lucky and Sarah arrive at Mr. Murty's English class and are surprised to see Liz, too. Mr. Murty introduces himself. Nickolas comes in late, with a note, and joins the class. None of them seem too happy to see him. Mr. Murty introduces his class to Wuthering Heights, their first book to read. He sells it to them as being about love, making Sarah and Nickolas uncomfortable. Mr. Murty catches Nickolas passing Sarah a note, further embarrassing them. He gives them homework, which Liz protests to no avail. Sarah gives Nickolas back his note without reading it. She apologizes for the way she's been acting but says they shouldn't date. She make excuses about not staying in town long, etc. He says he feels they're already "involved" and asks if she's seeing Lucky. She tells him she's only friends with him, too. He starts asking her about all the chats they've had and she gets upset when he mentions Steve and bolts. Lucky and Liz sit with their friends at lunchtime. They talk a bit about their English class. Liz compliments Lucky. Sarah walks in and Lucky ignores Liz again. Nickolas also enters the lunch room but doesn't sit with them, of course. Instead he follows Liz and helps her get junk food out of a machine when it gets stuck. He asks her why Sarah won't talk about Steve with him anymore. She claims it's just Sarah's personality and then rushes off.

Katherine chats romantically with Stefan on the phone; she's thrilled about the necklace he gave her. He is troubled and she can tell. He pretends it's because of business. He swears this is the last day they have to wait. Alexis, who was listening in, comes in and chats about Nickolas. Stefan is expecting a man from the government to give him some news about Katherine's background. Alexis tries to make him more patient but it doesn't work. The man is bringing immigration information about Kristen arriving and whether Katherine could be Natasha. Mr. Soames from the government arrives. He gets Stefan to promise that he'll never tell anyone that he bought the information from him. Soames hands him some documents. Kristen's photo looks a lot like Katherine. Stefan asks him some questions. Kristen had an American sponsor, Avery Stanton. There's no record that either Kristen or Natasha ever applied for citizenship, but he tells them that with enough money, they could have gotten new identities. Stefan is stunned and Alexis pretends to be sympathetic. She hugs him and says, "You have no idea how sorry I am". We can tell she does regret what she's doing to him, hurting him. He doesn't know how he can tell Katherine. He resolves not to give up. He gets on his computer to search for something that will help him find out the truth. She tries to talk him out of it but he is convinced there is more to the story. He finds a government record about Natasha, despite Sloane's claims that there were no more.

Carly still waits for Tony, who's in surgery. She harrasses Amy, who doesn't take it well. She tells Carly to "grow up". Carly has a long flashback of AJ grilling her about what she did and why. (You know, if Carly were smart she'd claim that AJ raped her when he was drunk....then she'd have an excuse, at least, for all this) Tony finally comes out of surgery and Carly rushes up to hug him. She says they must call off the wedding because she had a horrible dream about it. He sits her down and asks her what's really bothering her. She blames it on Bobbie, who is standing conveniently nearby. She can't be consoled; she whines on about the wedding. She tells him she'd rather elope quietly. He agrees and says he'll see if he can get some time off. She insists that they get married "tonight". Tony has to go deal with a patient so he leaves her briefly.

Alan, in a foul mood, demands to know why a certain patient didn't get his medicine on time. Amy doesn't know so he yells at her. Bobbie comes up and explains. He apologizes; he's upset about AJ drinking again. Katherine talks to Alan about an AMA convention. He notices her necklace but she won't tell him who gave it to her. Bobbie and Alan talk some more about AJ. He saw AJ's car outside of his apartment so he knows he didn't go to rehab. Bobbie thinks that Carly might be to blame for AJ's problems because she's a bad influence. Alan gets beeped so he has to leave.

Keesha visits AJ, who didn't get much sleep. He is on his way out to the library to pick up some books about "repressed memory". She thinks that won't help. She reminds him that she helped him find out the truth, so he should tell her what Carly said when he confronted her. He doesn't want to say and claims he's too tired. She insists so he tells her what he knows. He confesses that he couldn't push harder because he was afraid he's never get the truth from her. She urges him to go to his family to get help in dealing with the liar. She also suggests he go to Tony. He says he will tell Tony in time but asks her to promise not to "say anything to anyone". She agrees and then leaves. He has a flashback to the first blackout night, of kissing Carly in the bar. He thinks there's more.

Katherine tells Amy she might get an important call so please page her if it comes in. Keesha is trying to avoid Carly but Carly stops her to say hi so Keesha can't resist questioning her. She tells her she knows all about what she did to AJ. Carly feigns innocence, then Tony comes up and wonders what's going on. Keesha suggests she tell Tony what she's done.

Bobbie comes by AJ's apartment to speak with him about Alan and why he's not at rehab. She even offers a shoulder to cry on but he says "it's not necessary". He tells her he's "dealing with it" in his own way. Then he realizes maybe she can do him a favor. He asks her about repressed memory and then asks her to suggest a "hypnotherapist".