General Hospital Friday September 9th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/9/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Morning in Port Charles...

Mac is really busy at the Outback; Felicia's late because of taking Maxie to her first day at school. A customer is irate about her messed up order, so Felicia takes care of her, showing up Mac. They joke around as usual. Mac gets a phone call from Dara so Felicia's ears perk up. He tells Felicia that she was just thanking him for letting her sing. She asks if they're "an item" but he says no, they're just friends. But he wonders why Felicia's so curious. Felicia gets the invitation to Sonny and Brenda's wedding and asks him if he's going. He reluctantly tells her that he and Dara are going together.

Sarah and Elizabeth go to PCU bickering about Nickolas. Lucky says hi. Liz tells him they have a lot of the same classes together. He is polite but only has eyes for Sarah. They greet other kids. A girl asks Sarah about her relationship with Nickolas. Just then, he walks in. Lucky gives him a hard time and he asks Sarah to talk. Nickolas asks her again why she's avoiding him. He tells her he knows that someone said something bad about his family and wonders why she didn't ask him about it. She denies it. Their friends wonder what's going on; Liz is ready to spill until Lucky glares at her, so she clams up. Lucky rescues Sarah from Nickolas' badgering. She has to tell Lucky to stop harrassing Nickolas because it's none of his business. The kids leave for Mr. Murty's English class (he is "the coolest teacher in school"). First, though, Nickolas confronts Lucky. He tells Lucky he better not be spreading lies to Sarah about him. They get into and Nickolas points out that he has no reason not to like him. He asks him to tell him one reason he doesn't like him, personally, but Lucky can't. Instead, Lucky gives him a hard time about being in the common people's school so Nickolas sarcastically jokes that it's all a plot to take over the school. The guidance counselor interrupts them to offer his help to Nickolas, so they leave. Sarah comes back and tells Lucky she doesn't need him to stick up for her. He apologizes but warns her that she's in danger from Nickolas. Then they go to class. Liz arrives in class early and meets her new teacher, Mr. Murty. She tells him she wants to be in the class and he asks her why. She tells him it's because of a guy. He appreciates her honesty so he signs her up.

Jax is on the phone with business when V. comes to work. They chat about business and Jerry. She says she has a solution for his business problem. After a lengthy story, she gives him a business idea that will solve his problem. He agrees that maybe it will work and makes a quick call, then they rush out. They go to the Outback for breakfast so he can reward her for her great idea. Mac finds out V. is working for Jax. Jax tells him she's doing a great job. Jax picks up the wedding invitation lying there and gets a hurt look on his face. Mac brings him some juice and notices he's glum. V. brings him a painting she did but he's not really enthusiastic because of his mood. She asks him what happened to his mood. He says he's going to California to handle the business thing and asks her to stay in PC to run the office. She agrees, even though she's caught off guard. She keeps asking him about his mood, thinking she did something wrong. He assures her it's not her and leaves after giving her some more instructions, saying he's going to pack. At home, Jax has flashbacks to his wedding to Brenda before he leaves.

Mac asks Felicia if she wants to go to the wedding with him and Dara, assuring her that it's not a date. She gets a phone call about one of her girls having problems at school. She chats with Mac about it, then tells him that she has a date already. She mentions Tom so he advises her to write Tom to tell him how she feels. She nixes the idea. She also refuses to tell him who her date is, saying it's a "surprise". Mac grills her but she won't fess up. V. asks Mac if he knows why Jax was upset. Then she finds the wedding invitation and figures it out.

Sonny sits at home in his robe, still reliving his nightmare with the Tin Man via flashback. Brenda comes downstairs; she sees his bruised face and asks what happened. The new bodyguard rings the doorbell to tell them something so she wonders where Joseph is. Sonny says Joseph and his family went on vacation. She doesn't believe him and asks if his fight had something to do with Joseph, but then she realizes she's prying so she drops it. She goes to make breakfast. He looks upset about having to lie to her. He looks at his hands, remembering the blood on them. They have breakfast, not a great one because she is not a great cook. He suddenly tells her that if she doesn't want to go through with the wedding, it's okay. She looks shocked and asks him why he said that. He loves her so much and wants to make sure she knows what she's getting into. They argue a bit. She is determined to marry him. They kiss. She tells him, "There's a part of me that can't be happy without you anymore" and assures him they will have a great life. She tells him not to worry. He agrees that they should get married. They make out.

Carly is at GH looking for Tony, who's in surgery. Jason comes up to say hi, dressed in a nice jacket over his normal black t-shirt. She tells him that she's pregnant and getting married to Tony. He can tell she's not happy so he lets her cry on his shoulder. They sit down and chat. He makes a comment about Tony so she asks why he doesn't like him. He asks why she cares. Typical Jason stuff. She goes on about Bobbie, and then talks about motherhood. He can tell she's concerned about something. She babbles about the baby. She wants to be assured that she's doing the right thing for her child but of course he doesn't really know what she's talking about. She asks him why he looked so worried the other night at the Outback and why he's dressed up now. He doesn't give her a straight answer but tells her she's there for his last prescription (from the accident). He talks about the changes in his life, saying, "Things don't last". She realizes Robin broke up with him so she tells him Robin is a fool and that you should always hold on to love. She thanks him for listening. She also makes it a point to tell him that she likes him a lot; he returns the compliment.