General Hospital Friday September 8th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 9/8/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan invites Katherine inside; she wonders why he's being so "formal" and notices he's acting different. She asks him what's happening. He assures her he still feels the same way. He goes into great romantic detail about how strongly he feels. She is moved and they suddenly kiss passionately while Alexis listens nearby with a pained expression on her face. Katherine tells him she'll be more patient. They kiss again. He opens a cabinet and takes out a family heirloom, a necklace, to give her, to prove how much he loves her. He puts it on her neck. Alexis fumes while he tells Katherine the family background of the necklace. She is awed and thinks it's too much but he convinces her. They kiss again, he says some more sweet things, then she leaves. He calls for Alexis, who comes in pretending that she wasn't eavesdropping. He takes her face in his hands and asks her to swear that she will help him "find a way out of this" and be his "ally". She promises to help him but asks him what happens if they can't prove what he wants. She reminds him of the danger from Helena. He tells her they'll look for proof tomorrow. He kisses her goodnight before leaving. After he goes upstairs, she phones Leo to get the "proof".

Carly comes home to find AJ sitting in her living room. He acts coy, dropping hints about why he's there. He mentions Tony and his medical bag. Carly asks him "what's wrong". He talks about forgetting. She wonders if he's been drinking and he says no, but he hasn't "for a long time" and she darn well knows it. She gets tired of his attitude so she acts annoyed. He reminds her of the way she acted when he wanted to take a drink and that she said she was "responsible" for his drinking. He asks what she mes t uo tret.onShblsaqu s; dr sns wint ng d Hl asth wimt f e 'sanctbyg haat aye heyshehe doenk'tg.anHetoay I &asotrio,inhiheis ahainI'thli w w wn n m 'socrid int zed heLDno w t d wnkleg,s it wutt avm g kedrhe!&I'otkn Ske rouliows hy khewsidhet.hoSh s wryhobo h tint a ghop qu d; anhe teaknge wth sug dTo i's ede toes at utswha snihet.oeHeovem ads ro ma as utroheh etnyls me icdo bn'. ane erkso ue gios sercandicumlygeboth tug dToai's hedknals,aguc Hasason qmistinnstharr stnnal, ae utugheshetusls, e ttowg sm h t T ly ndss cg t.eiShdiprerenth tsht do'sn'akwag a ain uhitoinenhethau hrydrark. She teets bm the lies st tntlsnyllinp el d ty doatite hian ie amlledtsy o e oweshyheheelid. thheg else ho t wleh e m.t He ss llazanod torkner wab san dhe i S te lsllimtho tavs buguheg tin' wgo!& fot h S b ty lsd im rt.orSh, yeuos Neathehiisar pinchismot er uquNi; the belte her het stsry&qs t;diitlor . ahesysho brthgs Kp shck hee ariendto, is stows ierrihecuheus N Wk n vee acintoedeetha.prShf.trHes el gheb ho b h h tya cs ck aicy,gain b hk nelss ere haoohe fr tndlsraeritheutane &nkotitidwaqu s;.soHeieel f h t t lt t r o ientsh h w s w ct 'tt qum ;hroe&h ots br ttyheortoheelashitwwhmoshhsip Hasfehas gorthindthetugyehi so bies shr ha ts l m m iy the . d e . elhehuon a s b. rae d.ksHeeregf se stekehiheorhef . e diaritrm Sne wdi'tsoayth Hg as h h, iutshhehahas s m r iadth HQuketes ai hs bd sme win'ttouder. bud snl shekeeahezehe &. ote ouepanond er gute&heoton b rgeas Sy t rlsliims,het.qu;Y;d wn'tehame aonhoque&;.otHe sehheheueaciout hig a. ut thank otSuident hvela cheiconquo ;,e o rs sblshkowo nt htrgHee him s ddd slyete ngtcers bl tthth nfihtt o oee bun'hefoeliv hhi, orheelidhiom hie tksriime o atavig s dous qut ;. tCalsy erni&q tt;l llm.e Shckas.w hn tfileree.t Hel oet&buothe elrl hpa, csuondI'ho bs bany..uphet.I fogu>< i> al> ou> i> go> B tnd Os badd, g.c He sayprSoedy has Daen ioogofog Ro Sn nyd ndenre ua'd we bingo f seny wckh rer,a lur hew ror sebiRoann Br'ddao.seShtoise oiod tripaasba h B tndgofoithohiL&mip;d Rebirdhehe ged ere ut getng o c y ksckerreo a wr h w m.amThB jcoe s oulp a h s o a, eec.toMaheasat h tligoa itmehiup ndeyriok tarchnd wndh hec,grnts ru tin l ghe g.inBo tiey'ro t aki t aesuto luatbuitneMa s ither sptrtg.auShinth ksbbt dnypsaly ng sbo a c Fb icsi sss do n ey ctat. TThn teyk haouabTot a b Csolyhe wnddiel aia tit cowintobaha. quhe;sthre cy&t otouhathndkiar. 'selediangelnd Bhebiomthg Mby & Totn eceytlhaquab; t tee Tods Fbbic s ts lse obvee thatghacToquwa;sgore ey&ugotfohahed tm.t'Boalie aye shipne sr e ouret bom Cs lyth Bhabi wtah s r,f.haShs lel.esShusgrasesatomrimo w aks sn.llKaau cintsa itt.Feofci we navic j tt t Kc hed neraalre iti lthghhag wloh litha,lshonootceesthhar MaosanesDa ara sndllacaualinoua tot.thKa, am o ati, s kiei. clateniss.laDato aee Mhe/ftot>thb> bp>auer sar wintsrmacjoapng. Kelh ia g nd smssuem.<->onfo< <-m <'s> ot--o three-/fntb>!-p>snb>igonioSI->="td>T/t E!-fosn>atabn- b<"0r>ce--panainga"0oncealspArinl,"0elwitih=">00n->< >

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