General Hospital Friday September 5th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 9/5/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Ned tells Alexis that he has to leave town because of a business problem; it may be a month. She is disappointed, even though she was not sure she could go on the trip with him. She understands but he asks her to go with him to Indonesia on his business trip. She tells him it's just not possible right now but she asks him not to go. She suggests they go to Stefan's retreat in the woods instead. Of course he has to turn her down. She tells him that a "predator" is after Stefan and Nickolas so she has to protect them, but this kind of thing won't always keep them apart. He tells her that she has helped him heal (he doesn't use those exact words but that's the gist). They make more sweet talk before he leaves, saying he'll miss her.

Katherine tells Stefan she got a DNA test that said she "probably" is Avery Stanton's father. He asks what degree of probability and she gets suspicious of his questions. He claims he's just interested in her but she thinks he's checking her "pedigree" to see if she measures up to the Cassadines. She doesn't mind. But she can't remember what percentage the probability was. He kisses her gently on the forehead and tells her he has to go. She wonders why he's being so standoffish after he promised they'd be together. All he says is, "I know I did." Stefan comes home and chats with Alexis about the circumstances. He tells Alexis that he doesn't think Katherine is his sister because her mother wouldn't lie to her on her deathbed. Alexis says she's not sure, which annoys him. She wonders if maybe Kristen lied to protect her daughter from the Cassadines. Helena would kill her if she found out they were alive, so she lied to her so she wouldn't know her true parentage. He walks out, upset. Katherine meets him outside, comes up and starts kissing him.

Keesha meets with Nick, the bartender from Neptune's Net, while AJ listens in nearby. She claims that Carly sent her. They talk about his "deal" with Carly. He wants the rest of his money, he tells Keesha. He gives her Carly's check back because he doesn't want any proof connecting them. Keesha tells him he's smart so he replies that he wouldn't have done it if he'd known he was "setting up a Quartermaine". He gripes about AJ coming by to see him. Keesha works on him some more. He relates that AJ wasn't there but Carly paid him $100 to say he was. He suddenly realizes that Keesha doesn't know everything. Then AJ comes out from hiding. AJ demands to know the reason but Nick doesn't know. He storms out. AJ pieces what happened together for Keesha, how Carly drugged his orange juice with drugs from Tony's medical bag, then took him out with the laundry cart to leave him lying around. Then she phoned his parents anonymously. He sarcastically wishes he could have see her do it. Keesha reminds him that he should be happy because he didn't drink, it wasn't his fault. She asks him what he plans to do. He is upset that his best friend did this to him.

Tony and Carly discuss their wedding at the Outback. She doesn't want to waste his money on expensive stuff when there won't be that many people showing up. He says she's worth it. She's still insecure and asks him if he still loves her the way he used to. He reassures her, as usual. They dance and she remembers setting up AJ so she gets upset.

Sonny checks on Joseph but Tin Man has killed him (Awwww!). Sonny yells at him and tells him to go ahead and shoot him "because one of us isn't leaving this place alive". Tin Man wants him to suffer first, though, he tells him. He says he has Mike. Then he kicks Sonny around a bit. The phone rings and they both know it's Jason. Tin Man makes nasty comments but encourages him to pick it up so he can kill Jason when he gets there, too. Sonny refuses to answer but Tin Man answers it for him and gives it to Sonny. Sonny throws if into the water instead. Sonny tells him that Jason will come after him and kill him, so Tin Man kicks him again. Sonny is in great pain, lying on the ground. Tin Man yells at him to look at him, as he points the gun at Sonny.

Felicia and Mac squabble humorously at The Outback. Dara shows up to sing decked out in a sexy dress, making Mac's eyes pop out of his head and Felicia jealous. Jason shows up looking for Mike. Dara starts singing. Jason phones around looking for Mike. When he gets Sonny's odd answer, he phones his people again to go looking for Sonny. He describes the splash he heard. Meanwhile, Mac is entranced by Dara's singing. Dara finishes to thunderous applause. Mac suggests she quit her D.A. job to become a full-time job. They joke around. Felicia interrupts with a non-sequitur (out of jealousy). Jason is relieved when he finds Mike, safe and sound. Mike doesn't know anything about the message so Jason runs out, knowing Sonny's in trouble.

Brenda visits the Quartermaines. Reginald offers his congratulations, and so does Lila, who tells her she plans to go to her wedding. Brenda asks Lila to be a "reader" at the ceremony. She and Lila have a nice chat about the wedding. Lila has to leave. Brenda is tearful because of her planned departure. She looks up at the stairs she walked down with Jax when they were about to exchange their vows. Ned comes in and tells Brenda he can't be at her wedding because of business. He promises to throw them a party when they return. She's "disappointed", especially since Lois can't come, either, because she and their daughter are in the Caribbean. She says she understands, though. She advises him to "be happy" and tells him she loves him. They hug and she rushes off because it was so painful to say goodbye. Sonny kicks the gun out of his hand and they struggle. Naturally, the gun goes off.

Alan takes more pain pills but hides them when Edward comes in, looking for Ned. Alan misses Monica and Emily. They argue, as usual. Edward tells Alan that he might have to go with Ned so Alan will have to watch over Lila. Alan lets slip that AJ didn't go to rehab so Edward starts in on him. Alan warns him not to tell anyone. Later, Ned comes in and Edward blasts him for going missing when he needs him for the business crisis. Ned yells back at him, still upset about having to go and miss both the wedding and his plans with Alexis.

Next week: Katherine asks Stefan what's wrong. AJ confronts Carly. Mac asks Dara to go to Sonny and Brenda's wedding with him.