General Hospital Thursday September 4th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/4/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Elizabeth comes in to Kelly's and Lucky asks if she's okay. She explains that she and Sarah have a "complicated relationship". He asks if she was the one who made Sarah cry. She tells him about what she heard. He blasts her for eavesdropping and then using the information against Sarah. Ruby comes up and fires her. Liz panics because Audrey is on her way there to check up on how she's doing at her job. Audrey arrives and Liz is about to tell her what happened when Lucky says he has something to tell his Aunt. Lucky talks to Ruby, who doesn't want to give her another chance. Finally she goes over to Liz and Audrey; it looks like she's going to chew out Liz but she tells her to "suit up and get to work". Audrey is pleased to see how obedient Liz is. Liz thanks Lucky profusely.

Nickolas finds Sarah at GH. She tries to avoid him but he won't let her. He wants to know why she didn't make their date. He didn't understand Audrey's excuses and asks if he did something to offend her. She denies it but he presses her further. She says she needs to work it out herself but he urges her to open up. He's getting kind of annoyed at her reluctance. She assures him it has nothing to do with him. She relates all the turmoil she's been through lately, including her parents being in Bosnia. He tells her that planes go there but she says that her family's not like his. He refuses to let her leave the room until she tells him the truth. He keeps asking her to tell him what's going on. Then he says maybe it's because he's a Cassadine and Lucky has turned her against him. She assures him it had nothing to do with Lucky. They bicker and she leaves, angry.

Stefan phones looking for Katherine. Alexis comes in and wonders what he's trying to ask Katherine. She points out that Katherine might still be in danger from Helena. Stefan finally tracks Katherine down and asks her to meet him later at GH. She is with Edward and can't talk but agrees to meet. Later, Alexis chats with Leo about what Stefan's up to. They're afraid he might go back to George, who will be forced to tell the truth, then the jig is up. Ned visits, surprising her. They both missed each other. They discuss being apart. He tells her he's "ready for something more". She agrees but says she's got a lot of family business. Ned and she go outside and chat. He helps her remember that there is more to life than her family. He asks her to take a trip with him and kisses her to persuade her. They kiss quite a lot. She pulls away and tells him that she wants to but the timing is really bad right now, she has "responsibilities", etc. He gets a phone call.

At the GH library, Edward asks Katherine who her suitor is. She tells him it's Stefan so Edward tells her to break up with him or she'll get hurt. He tells her about his niece Alexandria that was killed because of the Cassadines. She insists that Stefan is not like the rest of the family. Stefan visits so Edward leaves. Katherine rushes over to kiss him but he stops her after a minute. He has something to ask her, he says. He can't make himself ask what he needs to, though. He asks her about her past instead. She chatters about her childhood. She rehashes how her mother confessed on her deathbed that Avery Stanton was her father. He is doubtful but Katherine says she has "proof". He quizzes her but she says she has "scientific proof".

Jason comes in to give Sonny some message. They can't believe he'll be leaving soon. He shows Jason the present Mike gave him. Sonny tells Jason some family history about how his mother's parents didn't like Mike. He is sorry he can't say goodbye to Mike and asks Jason to look out for him. He also advises Jason that if Mike gives him advice, to listen even if he doesn't follow it. He also says that he's got to run his part of Luke's separate from the mob so that Luke doesn't get touched by the illegal stuff. They discuss more business stuff, including Sonny's ELQ stock. Joseph comes in and Sonny tells him that Jason's in charge while he's out of town and to act as if Jason were Sonny. Joseph understands so Sonny leaves. Sonny stands outside Luke's and thinks about all his friends and saying goodbye to them. He turns around in the alley and sees his bodyguard lying on the ground and The Tin Man pointing a gun at him. He says, "I'm not dead, Corinthos, but you are."

The Tin Man plays the tape that he has spliced together of Mike's voice. He phones Jason's machine and leaves Mike's voice on it to say, "It's Mike. I have to meet you at the Outback". Then he takes his bag and leaves. Jason checks his machine and gets the fake message. He listens to it twice because it's so strange-sounding. He phones to find out where Sonny is but has no luck. Then he phones The Outback to tell Mike he's on his way and to phone him on his cell phone.