General Hospital Monday September 3rd,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/3/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia is asking Maxie what she's hiding when the doorbell rings. Maxies gets her clay thing out of the closet and goes into the other room. Bobbie visits. Felicia makes Maxie comes out and she says hi to Bobbie. Maxie claims she wasn't hiding anything. She goes into the other room. Bobbie and Felicia commiserate about child-rearing. Bobbie tells Felicia about her run-in with Carly in the store. Felicia is surprised to find out that Tony's marrying her. Bobbie tells her Carly's pregnant, too. Felicia is outraged and feels for Bobbie. Bobbie is glad to be back at the Brownstone and away from Stefan. Felicia tells Bobbie that Tom kissed her off by mail. Bobbie says, "What a jerk!" Felicia says she should have seen it coming. They talk about meeting guys and have a laugh.

At GH, Carly asks AJ why he hasn't left yet for Minnesota. He assures her things are fine. He lies that the rehab place asked him to wait another day because they didn't have room. She doesn't believe him but he claims he's being honest. Tony walks by and wonders why AJ's still there. They fill him in. Carly tells AJ that she and Tony are getting married in November. She leaves for an appointment. AJ tells Tony he's trying to figure out why he fell off the wagon that night. AJ mentions that he had to have dinner with Carly alone because Tony had an emergency, but Tony said he was never invited and didn't have an emergency. Tony writes it off to some mistake but AJ looks like someone hit him in the gut. AJ asks him again to make sure. Tony notes that Carly is "scattered" lately. He does mention to AJ that he came home that night and found Carly going through his medical bag, claiming that her stomach hurt and she was looking for something to help it. He lectured her. Tony has to leave but Alan sees AJ and is disgusted that he hasn't left yet. AJ tries to explain but his excuse is pretty lame so Alan doesn't buy it. He chews AJ out royally for being irresponsible again. AJ tells him he's been trying to figure out how that night happened but Alan doesn't care. He's concerned about AJ's long blackout. AJ protests that he was sober the last three months but it hurts Alan too much to see him "self-destruct" again. Keesha comes by and consoles him. She thinks that he's upset because he found out that Carly is responsible for everything. He tells her he doesn't know yet, he didn't get a chance to talk with Carly privately. He feels bad about lying about rehab to everyone. She thinks he should tell Alan the truth but he knows it sounds too ludicrous since he doesn't have the facts yet. Keesha comes up with a plan to get the truth.

Brenda visits Jax and is surprised to see V. Things are awkward. V. explains that she is filling in for Jax's executive assistant. They chat about the job. Brenda looks around a little sadly. She picks up something and is looking at it when Jax comes in. They reminisce a bit and exchange sweet talk. She is very nervous. Finally she invites him to her wedding. She tells him she'll understand if he doesn't come but he is welcome. She also tells him he's her "best friend". He says he would like to, but he can't. It's too painful. They tell each other "I love you" and hold hands. Gag. They hug, too. V. comes in to tell Jax he has another important business call. Jax says he'll be right back. Brenda asks V. to watch out for Jax for her. Jax walks Brenda out. He says he'll see her when she gets back from her honeymoon. They share another long hug. She hovers outside his door, knowing she'll never see him again.

Sonny gives Jason a list of people he has to visit in the next few days. Jason protests that he's not good at doing social things. Sonny says he has to make nice with these people so they'll respect him and do business with him. He advises him to do whatever he needs to do. Jason asks what he should say. Sonny says nothing, just listen and learn, but he should smile and pay attention. The whole situation is weird to Jason. He asks Sonny if he has "any regrets" but Sonny says no. Jason thinks he should say goodbye to Mike but Sonny disagrees.

The Tin Man asks Mike for a good place to eat nearby and for the time. He recommends the Outback. They introduce each other. Tin Man says he heard him tell the sales person that his son was getting married and congratulates him. Mike thanks him, gets his gift, and leaves. Tin Man pulls out a tape recorder; he recorded Mike's voice. Later, he fools around with splicing the recording so that it says, "It's Mike. I have to meet you."

Mike drops by Luke's and chats with Jason about how thrilled he is that Sonny's getting married. Mike goes on and on about how nice it will be to see Sonny happy and maybe have some grandkids. Sonny comes in and tells Mike he hopes that the present isn't for them because he's already quite happy about his mother's engagement ring he gave him. Sonny tells him awkwardly that he appreciates how nice that was. Mike looks concerned and touched. He tells Sonny that that was an engagement present, this is a wedding present. Sonny insists on opening it now, even though Brenda's not there. It's something for the dining room and Mike babbles about how it would be nice for Thanksgiving and how he should invite him over for the holidays. Sonny tells him he should put his money into his business and shouldn't have spent so much. When Mike goes into his "I wasn't a good father" routine, Sonny shocks him by saying, "You're not that bad". He tells Mike he's a pain but he's "not the same man who walked out the door all those years ago. I know it. I can see it". They both get choked up. Sonny tells Mike how he feels about him in detail. Sonny says he respects Mike, which touches his father. Mike tells him he loves him and he's proud of him, etc. Sonny breaks down crying and says he loves him, too. They hug.

Carly goes to the Outback to check out the banquet rooms for her wedding. Dara tells Mac she wants to rehearse her act there after lunch. Felicia and Mac chat with her about singing there.