General Hospital Monday September 2nd,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/2/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Sonny and Brenda chat briefly on the phone about wedding plans and their future, leaving Port Charles. At Luke's, Jason shows Sonny the days' paper, which features Sonny and Brenda in the headlines (because of the wedding). They discuss Jason's taking over of the business. Sonny gives him pointers on how to survive. They tell each other how much they'll miss each other, in their own macho way. Mike, at GH for a checkup, phones and Sonny says he wants to see him. He says he'll be there in awhile. Sonny suddenly realizes it will be hard to say goodbye to some people. Jason wonders who he will get to replace himself. Sonny tells him that he will face a lot of heat from friends in town.

The Tin Man also looks at the newspaper and gets out his gun. After awhile, he goes out. Mike is shopping for Sonny's wedding present when the Tin Man asks him, "Excuse me, can you help me out with something?" with a big friendly smile on his face.

Jax reviews job skills with V. He is pleased. Mr. Kendall visits; Jax tells V. that he's an important client who's not happy and he has to convince him to stay with the company. V. opens the door and the obnoxious Mr. Kendall tells her to get him coffee. Kendall and Jax discuss business. V. tries to help but Kendall is rude and also makes very sexist and salacious remarks. Finally V. has had enough and tells Kendall to get his own coffee and pour it over his head. Jax looks mortified. V. lights into him further so he tells Jax if he doesn't fire V. he'll drop his business. Then he storms out. V. tells Jax she's not sorry but she'll quit to keep him from firing her. Jax tells her it's okay, she's not fired and she did fine. He also tells her that Kendall was just a test to see how she did under pressure. She is not amused. She tells Jax that her father used to play practical jokes on her to teach her "valuable life lessons" so she is familiar with this sort of thing. Jax tells her that he wouldn't let people normally treat her like that. The phone rings and she says it's one of his business associates. She says into the phone that Jax said to "liquidate that company" and Jax has a fit. Until she tells him that this was her practical joke on him, it was really someone selling insurance. Jax opens the paper and sees Brenda and Sonny's picture. He gets a call on his private phone and V. answers it. It's Brenda. She says she needs to see him urgently. V. looks unhappy.

Tony and Carly talk about wedding plans as they register their china. She's afraid no one will come to the wedding. He wonders why she's so insecure. She is sorry that AJ can't make it, she tells him, and she wonders why he didn't stop in on his way to the airport. Tony reassures her. They talk to the woman at the store about the wedding dress; Carly tells her she's pregnant so the dress will have to be maternity. Carly whines some more and Tony keeps soothing her. He leaves so he doesn't see the dress. Carly tries on her wedding dress as the saleswoman explains how the dress works. She asks Carly about bridesmaids' dresses and mother-of-the-bride dresses but Carly tells her she hasn't thought of bridesmaids and her mother won't be attending. Bobbie comes by and says, "Aren't you a pretty sight!" Carly accuses her of following her but it's a coincidence. Carly gets defensive and tells her, "This baby is going to be kept...and loved!" Of course Bobbie has no clue what she is on about. She tries to leave but Carly tears into her some more about her jealousy. Bobbie accuses Carly of trapping Tony with the baby. Tony walks in and Carly is upset that Tony saw her in it. She goes to change. Tony asks Bobbie why she's there; Bobbie says she's picking up a present for a coworker and to get some boots for Lucas. Tony shows her that he's already got them; he offers them to her but she says it's okay. She starts to leave but Tony assures her that his relationship with Lucas will be the same even after the baby's born. She knows that already.

AJ reads Carly's note again. Keesha visits to find out how he's going to find out the truth about that night. He is surprised that she wants to help. She explains why she wants to help--she relates his great progress against the booze lately. She questions him for details of that night. He fills her in. Keesha thinks seeing Mick the bartender in Carly's apartment is awfully strange. She points out that Carly's role looks suspicious and she thinks she caused his blackout somehow. AJ doesn't want to admit it and tells Keesha there's no reason for Carly to do it. Keesha tells him that she and Carly weren't friends until recently when Carly started trying to make nice. She also thinks Carly purposely got her drunk. AJ still doesn't know why Carly would do it. Keesha starts asking some more questions, figuring that AJ was in the laundry basket. He is still in denial. He tells her he has to go to an AA meeting. She leaves and promises not to blab to anyone that he's still in town. He phones GH to find out where Carly is; he doesn't get her so he asks for Tony. Later, Carly is leaving the store when she runs into AJ.

Felicia, Mac, and her girls return home. Mac helps fix her sink. Felicia tears up Tom's favorite shirt to make a rag for Mac. She doesn't look too happy to be home, perhaps too many bad memories. Mac urges her to go out and party to forget about Tom. She turns him down. He says that he's having more musical acts and tonight he has a new act. He makes jokes and she turns the water on him from the sink! Maxie comes in and wonders what's up. They joke around some more. He goes to turn on the water in the basement while Felicia changes clothes. Maxie takes out the little clay doll she found in Texas and mumbles to herself "It's our secret and no one will ever know" but Felicia comes in and wonders what she's talking about.