General Hospital Monday September 1st,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 9/1/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Sarah can't believe Liz's claims that Stefan killed Steve. She gets upset and yells at her sister. Audrey comes down and wonders what's going on. They tell her what they were arguing about. Audrey says, "It's complicated". She explains Steve died of a heart attack. She doesn't want to say any more because she doesn't know thetruth. Sarah is horrified that Nickolas' uncle might have something to do with it. Audrey assures her that whatever stress Stefan might have caused had nothing to do with Nickolas. Sarah realizes that Nickolas will be there any minute and tells them she "can't face him right now". She rushes out. Elizabeth looks guilty and starts to leave, too, but Audrey confronts her about saying what she said to Sarah. Elizabeth defensively claims she had "a right to know" and says that Audrey of all people shouldn't want Sarah to hang out with the Cassadines. Audrey blasts her about what she did and says, "I am deeply, deeply ashamed of you". Nickolas rings the doorbell and Audrey lies that Sarah has a migraine. He asks where she is so she tells him she went out for a drive. Nickolas wants to know what's going on but Audrey just tells him to call tomorrow. The phone rings so she goes to get it. He asks Liz what's happening but she just tells him that he should know. He goes to find Sarah. Audrey chews Liz out some more.

Sarah goes for a walk near Kelly's. Lucky finds her there, upset, and asks her what's wrong. He thinks Nickolas is to blame. She doesn't want to tell him the details. They sit down. She talks about when she used to come to Port Charles for visits, especially going fishing with her grandfather. She cries on his shoulder. Later, Lucky chats with her and makes her feel better. She thanks him. They talk about school starting. She informs him that Nickolas will be at Port Charles High this year rather than using his private tutors. She hugs him goodbye and leaves. Meanwhile, Nickolas looks in their favorite meeting place for Sarah. He sees the flowers she left earlier and picks them up sadly. Audrey waits at home for her granddaughter, concerned. Sarah returns home and apologizes for staying out so late. Audrey suggests she forget about the rumors she heard. They hug. Liz comes downstairs. Sarah stares angrily at her before she goes upstairs. Liz sits on the couch in the dark by herself.

George tells Stefan that his half-sister was sent to a place called Serenity but he doesn't know where it is other than somewhere in the U.S. Alexis asks Stefan why he looks bothered. He tells her that "Katherine grew up in a place called Serenity" and he thinks it's no mere coincidence. He takes a big swig of vodka, worrying Alexis more. She tries to reassure him but he goes on about what complexion she might have, light or dark. He says "she'd be Katherine's age". He keeps drinking vodka. Alexis tries to point out the possible differences between Katherine and Natasha's backgrounds but he doesn't believe it. "Teach me to go firing guns in the dark" he mumbles. Alexis volunteers to prove that the two women are not the same. The phone rings and he answers slowly. It's Katherine. Stefan makes an excuse as to why he can't meet her as planned. He tells Alexis weakly that he would have known if she were his sister. Later, he tells her he's going to see Katherine tomorrow to find out the truth.

Tony asks Carly if Bobbie accused her of being responsible for AJ's drinking and says that Bobbie is just upset about the new divorce. Carly tries to tell Tony that she really did something terrible to AJ. He tells her it's not her fault, it's AJ's. He thinks all she did was invite AJ to Neptune's Net. They will both miss AJ. When they get home, Carly wonders if they should see if AJ's okay. She gets paper to write him a note and Tony goes inside. She takes off her necklace and writes a note.

Keesha asks AJ what he's thinking but he doesn't want to talk about it. Jimmy's mother, Mrs. Perez, comes over and gives him a gift: a St. Jude medal. He is touched. He asks to talk to Jimmy about something. AJ and Keesha go to the Perez's apartment and he questions Jimmy about that night that Jimmy saw Carly in the hall. Jimmy relates he saw Carly come out of AJ's apartment with a big laundry cart. It was "kind of late". Carly acted strangely and asked him not to tell his babysitter or his mother about it, and she tried to bribe him with gum to keep his mouth shut. Jimmy also tells him that the laundry cart "was so heavy, she could hardly push it". AJ flashes back to hearing Carly say "You better keep your damn mouth shut" when she was opening her door one day. He remembers that the bartender from Neptune's Net stood there inside her apartment. He rushes out and goes to Neptune's Net; Keesha follows him to help. She tells him how worried he is and demands to know what he suspects. He doesn't want to hurt Carly so he won't tell her the details of what he suspects. He hears the bartender come out and makes Keesha hide. The bartender is obnoxious to him. AJ demands to know what really happened that night. AJ questions him some more when he is reluctant. Finally AJ asks him what he was doing at Carly's apartment, but the bartender still won't tell him why. AJ gets angry and kicks the nearby trashcan. Keesha has to calm him down. He tells her he doesn't think he really drank but he's not 100% sure. It's driving him crazy. He wants to leave town but she doesn't think he will now. They leave the bar. Later he returns home and finds the note and necklace from Carly. She says it was a gift from her mom and it's lucky. She says she'll miss him. He phones Keesha and says he's changed his mind, he won't be going to Minnesota.