General Hospital Friday August 29th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/28/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

General Hospital Update Friday 8/29/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mac visits Felicia in Texas. Maria and Maxie are glad to see him, but Felicia looks troubled. Maria and the kids give them some privacy. Felicia tells him she's annoyed that he came there anyway. Maxie sneaks by to creep outdoors. Mac and Felicia argue. He accuses her of taking her anger at Tom out on him. They argue about Tom and Katherine. He asks her to come home but she'd already planned to return. Outside, Maxie digs around in the sand even though she was told not to go there. Later, Felicia, Mac and the rest chat about returning to Port Charles. Maxie looks at a little stone or clay figure she found outside.

Tony and Carly invited AJ for dinner his last night in Port Charles. He declines. They are sad about his departure as they bid him goodbye, especially Carly. Keesha drops by and questions him about why he's really leaving. She doesn't think he had a real reason to "slip" this time. She asks him about the bar he supposedly got drunk at but he doesn't remember anything. It doesn't concern him the way it does her. He gets nostalgic and asks why it didn't work out for them. She acts flirtatiously and says maybe she'll visit him in Minnesota. She gives him a going-away present. They are interrupted by neighbor boy Jimmy, who asks him some odd questions. He tells them that he saw Carly leave his apartment with a "big basket" one night. They question him for details. Jimmy says it was the day that his sittter came and his mom confirms that it was two Fridays ago. AJ and Keesha remember that it was the same day that he was supposed to meet Carly at Neptune's Net. As they try to figure out what it all means, he has a flashback to Carly and he drinking orange juice together.

George is not sure whether Kristen would still be alive, but he's fairly sure her daughter Natasha is. Stefan wonders why she didn't contact them but George reminds him that she doesn't share the Cassadine name. Nickolas walks in and George greets "the prince" warmly. Stefan introduces Leo, as well, but doesn't say anything about the news George has brought. Nickolas leaves after a few moments. Stefan asks George some more about Natasha. Katherine phones and they make plans to meet. Later, Nickolas and Stefan chat with George about his family. Alexis looks unhappy. Nickolas leaves the room again and George compliments Stefan about how he's raised his nephew. Stefan asks George what happened to his half-sister Natasha. George tells him that Stefan's father sent Kristen and Natasha to the U.S. to live, to a place called "Serenity".

Sarah comes home and chats with Audrey, who is knitting sweaters for her and Elizabeth. Audrey notices Sarah's good mood and knows it's due to Nickolas . Sarah goes on enthusiastically about Nickolas's charms. Nickolas phones Sarah to tell her that he'll be a bit late because he wants to pay some attention to some visitors his uncle has. Sarah chats some more with Audrey about Nickolas; she tells her about the old chapel they go to in the woods and how he reminds her of Steve. Audrey is glad she's found someone who makes her happy. Audrey compliments Sarah on how beautiful she looks.

At Kelly's, Elizabeth goes outside after hearing what Lucky said. Bobbie tells Lucky that Stefan didn't really kill Steve. Bobbie warns him not to spread that around, especially to the Webbers. She is concerned about Nickolas, not Stefan, being hurt by rumors. Lucas phones for Bobbie. Elizabeth re-enters, in a bad mood because of what she heard. Lucky notices and asks what's wrong. She claims she's "worried about Sarah" because of Nickolas. Lucky assures her that Nickolas isn't a problem and advises her to mind her own business. She thinks that Nickolas is using her sister and wonders if someone shouldn't "warn her". She manipulates Lucky into thinking that maybe he should get involved. Bobbie comes up and tells her Ruby is looking for her, but Elizabeth is rude to her. Carly and Tony walk in and Bobbie's face falls. Carly and Tony meet Elizabeth, who notes to Lucky that Carly looks slightly older than they are. "So what is she, a stripper or something?" asks Elizabeth. She continues to talk Lucky into speaking to Sarah. Ruby yells at her for not working but she says she's sick and has to go home. Tony tries to make peace with Bobbie. He lets her know that they're getting married in November. Ruby asks Tony to get something off a shelf for her, leaving Carly and Bobbie alone to bicker. Bobbie notes that Carly doesn't seem happy. Carly leaves abruptly and Tony chastizes Bobbie for picking on her. Katherine comes in to get takeout so Bobbie gives her a hard time, too. Katherine tells her that she and Stefan plan to be together. Tony asks Carly what Bobbie said but what Carly tells him is that she did "something really terrible to AJ".

Elizabeth goes home and shares her bad mood with the rest of her family. Elizabeth tells Sarah that Stefan killed Steve.