General Hospital Thursday August 28th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/28/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan and Nickolas have lunch with Katherine. Nickolas is glad to be home. He leaves and Kath and Stefan make goo-goo eyes at each other. They plan to meet later but both have meetings first. She runs into Scott and they catch up. They chat about Serena, Dom, Lucy and Kevin...she tells Scotty that she wasn't just after his money "in the end". He believes her. .

Alexis asks George, the family lawyer who's in town with his assistant Leo, to make sure that Nickolas and Stefan find out something important. Stefan comes for the meeting and wants to know why the renovations of his father's villa are taking so long. George says there are "secrets" so Stefan demands to know what they are. George reminds him about Kristen, Stefan's father's lover, and her child, who were built special rooms there. Stefan was told that Helena had them killed, but George informs him that there were secret passageways to allow them to escape. "Kristen's daughter is still alive", he says.

Lucky meets Bobbie at Kelly's for lunch. She wants to know what's bothering him. He claims nothing and orders lunch. Ruby says she's firing Elizabeth when she gets there. Lucky admits he's sorry he's beeing working at GH with Nickolas. He complains about his brother and accuses him of being cold and unfeeling and using everyone, especially Sarah. Bobbie objects. Lucky says that Nickolas is involved in everything that Stefan is involved in.

Elizabeth and Sarah bicker in front of Audrey. Sarah leaves and goes to the place in the woods; she picks flowers. Nickolas meets her there and they flirt. She tells him the flowers are for Steve and they discuss her grandfather. She says Nickolas reminds her of Steve a bit, the way he treats people. Like he treated Emily the other day. They finish their dance from then and share a sweet moment. He leaves. Meanwhile, Elizabeth shows up at Kelly's in a skimpy outfit designed to attract Lucky's attention. She overhears him say that Stefan killed Steve.

Brenda, who has a cold, gets ready to meet Lucy. She wants to tell Lucy to find another model (for when she and Sonny leave town forever) but Sonny says it might make her suspicious. Jason and Joseph arrive and Sonny asks Joseph to drive Brenda. Brenda asks him to stay in the car, though, so she can meet Ned and Edward without him. They take off. Jason is concerned that if Brenda is not watched properly, something will happen to her and Joseph will blame himself. Sonny says Brenda can't live like that, which is why they're leaving. He tells Jason he's "gettin' out" and explains the details. Jason only asks "When?", which surprises Sonny. He tells Jason why they have to leave. He loves Brenda too much. He recounts all the things he should have done to foil Rivera and the Tin Man. Instead, he let himself be manipulated by them because Brenda was in danger. He says the only reason they survived is becaus Rivera was "too crazy to kill us". He says he'll be happy as long as he has Brenda but he doesn't want his enemies to get to her like they did Lily. So they'll go off on their honeymoon and never come back. He talks to Jason about the arrangements. Sonny is getting the marketing report from Lucy so he can find out in what countries Brenda's face was advertised (they'll live in one where she's not well-known). He gives Jason instructions on how to keep things going so the mob won't know right away that he's left for good. He says Jason will be in danger then because they'll figure he's only loyal to Sonny but knows too much. He says Jason can either run or stay and fight and take over the organization. Sonny's man Carlos will take over things in Puerto Rico. Jason talks about how people respect Sonny but they tend to think Jason's dumb because of the brain damage. He won't run so he has to stay and fight. Sonny advises him not to get his "hands dirty" and says he should get bodyguards and dress better so people will respect him more. He makes Jason promise to stay alive.

Brenda meets Ned and Edward at the Outback. Edward wishes she's reconsider about marrying Sonny, but she tells him no way. She asks Edward to give her away and he agrees happily. They hug and Edward rushes off. Ned can tell she's very happy. She jokingly asks Ned to be her Maid of Honor. Then she seriously asks him to buy her share of L&B Records. He wonders why so she makes excuses. He agrees, knowing he can keep it for Brook. They hug. She leaves and the Tin Man follows in disguise.