General Hospital Thursday August 7th,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/7/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Dara phones Mac; they chat. She tells him that Jax disappeared off the coast of Florida and asks Mac if he knows if Jax is in touch with Brenda. He is uncooperative but again invites her to sing at the Outback. Mac invites Robin out to eat but she declines. She tells him FINALLY that she got into the program at the Sorbonne and she's going. He is thrilled. She says she is leaving tonight and will be gone for a year. He is shocked but understands. They hug. He wonders where Jason fits in. She explains that Jason knows she's going. He questions her for the details. Robin says, "After all we've been through, at the end we were just like strangers". She doesn't want to leave Jason so she cries on Mac's shoulder. She goes on and on about her and Jason and their problems. Mac tells her it's not her fault. She has a short flashback to Jason getting shot and says that's when they ended. Mac encourages her to go to Paris. She's still worried about Brenda and Sonny, so she asks him to keep an eye on them. She will miss Mac but he promises to visit at Christmas. Mac puts on a very bad French accent. Dara visits Mac so Robin leaves to see Jason. Dara asks Mac for his help again in finding Sonny, Brenda, and Jax. He still won't help but advises her to find out who shot at Jason and Robin instead. He snaps at her but then apologizes. She confides that Taggert and Garcia are pressuring her to track down Brenda. He invites her for a drink but she has to get back to work.

Mike visits Jason, who is depressed because Robin asked Sonny to fire him, and he did. He is upset that Robin's leaving for Paris. Mike questions him until he gets the full story. Jason confides that Robin broke up with him because he won't promise not to risk his life. Mike thinks it's a good thing that Jason is out of the mob but Jason doesn't think so. Jason explains that they can't be together because they both have different needs. Mike encourages him to try to stop Robin from going but he has to explain why to the brain-damaged Jason. He says, "At least make her tell you goodbye". Mike thinks that Robin might not really leave if she has to let Jason go face-to-face rather than just running away. Mike relates his own past of running away from loved ones to the situation. Mike leaves and Jason gets out of bed. He gets dressed and looks ready to leave.

Jax and V. walk into a bar, trying to act casual. The bartender is not very friendly. They pretend to be a vacationing couple there. V. flirts with the bartender but it doesn't work. She tries again and it seems to work. Jax gets annoyed but then notices the bartender falling for V.'s attentions. She talks about the bartender's "skull" and what it shows about his personality. Jax starts to drag her out when they see one of the Tin Man's origami. The bartender gets suspicious when they come back. They try to concoct an excuse; Trooper V. blurts out that they're trying to score drugs. Jax tries to stop her but the lies pile up. She lies that she works on a "rat farm". The bartender says he likes rats and asks if maybe he could get a job there. She says she can give him tips on raising them himself. She gabs on while Jax looks around. Jax looks through some papers near the bar but then knocks something over. Jax covers and fortunately the bartender is very stupid so V. distracts him some more so Jax can snoop. But then the bartender grabs V.'s arms and she starts to yell "Ow!". The bartender thinks V. is lying to kiss up to him so they can get some pot. Jax gives him some cash so he goes in the back. Jax snoops some more while V. keeps a lookout. The bartender comes back so Jax stops. He tells them that they're out of pot but he won't give Jax's money back. Jax and V. take off.

Sonny and Brenda are cornered by Rivera's mountain lion. Sonny sets some brush on fire and throws it to distract the cat, then they run. Meanwhile, Rivera and the Tin Man watch via hidden camera. Brenda yelps and disappears so Sonny starts calling for her. She has fallen into a bog or something so he pulls her out. He pulls a leech off her arm and checks for more while she freaks. While they are deciding where to go, the Tin Man corners them. He brings them back to Rivera, who asks, "Did you enjoy your adventure?" Tin Man turns toward Brenda menacingly.

Monica and Alan are still at odds about lying about Emily. She tries to apologize but he's not hearing any of it. He agrees to listen while she explains why she lied. He doesn't believe her. He accuses her of once again collaborating with Ned; she says she "didn't want to confide in Ned", but they ran into him on the way out of GH. He guesses that it was Ned's idea to keep him in the dark. They argue. He is too hurt and feels betrayed. Robin visits. She tells them she "came to say goodbye". They are confused so she explains about the Sorbonne and Jason. She doesn't explain much about their breakup but advises them to "accept him for what he is". She leaves. They worry about Jason and how he'll be without Robin. Monica suggests they go visit Jason together.

Monica and Alan catch Jason as he's about to leave. They are sympathetic about Robin's leaving so they say they'll do anything for him. He asks them to sign him out of the hospital but they refuse. He goes to leave anyway. Alan agrees to sign him out. Monica asks him to "promise not to do anything dangerous" but he can't. As Jason walks out, he thanks them. He stops outside because his side hurts. Meanwhile, Robin stands on the bridge.