General Hospital Tuesday August 5th, 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/5/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Elizabeth is sour in the morning about having to get up so early. And when Sarah suggests she also volunteer at the hospital, both Elizabeth and Audrey nix the idea. Audrey says their parents want Elizabeth to get a paying job this summer. Elizabeth resents her parents' intrusion. Audrey tells her she needs to "write a letter of apology" to the Johnsons and earn the money back that she wasted on her plane trip. Elizabeth is bitter and resentful. Sarah leaves to get ready for work. Audrey comforts Elizabeth but tells her to be nicer to her sister. She advises Elizabeth to stay home and relax today, then she also heads off for work. After she leaves, Elizabeth lights up a cigarette. Later, she sits outside and phones to order a pizza. She can't make up her mind so she orders two, and a case of soda. She charges it to Audrey's credit card. Then she turns on the radio and plays really loud rap music. She reads a magazine but gets bored. She turns up the music even louder and smokes another cigarette.

Carly has a bad dream that AJ and Tony find out that she slept with AJ and that the baby is his. Tony leaves her and AJ takes her baby away. She wakes up screaming and Tony runs in to comfort her. She cries and begs Tony not to leave her. Tony serves her breakfast in bed to reassure her. He worries but she tells him everything is fine. She lies to him about the details of the dream. He wonders if he's done something to make her insecure. Later, he offers to stay home from work but she urges him to go. He assures her he'll never leave her and they hug. He leaves and she starts to straighten up when she sees a magazine's liquor ad. This reminds her of her night of drinking with AJ. "Never, never again" she vows. She gets out a bottle of alcohol and remembers AJ saying that if he were to start drinking again, he'd have to leave town. She tells herself, "I can't do this" but then she phones AJ and leaves a message on his answering machine to stop by.

AJ brings donuts for Jason, who is still upset about Robin. AJ asks him what's wrong. Jason is not forthcoming but AJ offers his help. Jason says there's nothing he can do to help him and that "Robin left". AJ says he used to drink because he couldn't take the pain but he's learned that "eventually the pain goes away". He offers other words of hope and wisdom but it doesn't seem to help poor Jason. Jason appreciates AJ's kindness and tells him how much he hates the hospital. AJ assures him before he leaves that he won't tell anyone in the family about his problems.

Robin comes to GH and asks Amy how Jason is doing. Amy says Jason's in a bad mood. Robin runs into Karen and says hi. They catch up on how they are both doing. Karen notices that something is wrong. Robin explains her troubles with Jason and Karen offers comfort. She says she and Jagger are also having problems. Mac comes by and tells Robin that Jax survived his trip to Tiger Key but he's still tracking Sonny and Brenda as well as the Tin Man. Mac notices that Robin looks upset. She tells him that she got a phone call from Brenda and Sonny but she doesn't know where they are. She tells him what she asked Sonny to do and how it worked out. Mac offers his advice and consoles her. Robin goes to see Jason with some news.

Stefan tells Alexis that he ran into Nickolas on the docks. He says they had a pleasant chat. She asks if they talked about his living with Katherine and he says no. Just then Nickolas and Katherine walk up. Kath flirts with Stefan and Alexis makes a bitchy comment to her. Alexis tells Nickolas that she brought him a dessert from their cook and then she leaves. Stefan tells him that the vet checked out the horse and she's fine since the fire. Nickolas leaves to go back to work. Kath remarks to Stefan about Nickolas before he is called away. Alexis makes more catty remarks to Katherine before Stefan comes back to tell Kath she has to go talk to reporters about Dr. Cooper's malpractice suit. Ned comes up and greets Alexis. They chat amiably and flirt. He leaves. She picks up Katherine's jacket but Nickolas catches her. She claims it fell and she was picking it up. They talk about Stefan and him coming home. Nickolas doesn't want to leave. Stefan and Katherine walk up; her meeting with the reporters was a success. Alexis makes another questionable remark and leaves. She opens her hand, which is holding Katherine's keys. Later, Stefan wonders why he hasn't heard from Katherine. Alexis goes to Katherine's apartment and lets herself in with the keys. She snoops around and does something that we don't see. She knocks a candlestick out of its holder but puts it back. Then she leaves. She shuts the door and is gathering her things when Katherine comes up and asks what she's doing there.

Sarah runs into Nickolas at GH and says hi. They are still awkward with each other after the other night. She tells him about her sister arriving. She tells him about how she and her sister don't get along. Later, Audrey gets an angry phone call from one of her neighbors about the loud music so she rushes out. She goes home and makes Elizabeth turn the music down. She notices the mess and the cigarette and reads her the riot act. Elizabeth acts defensive and says she hates everyone. She rushes out, upset. Stefan sees Nickolas with Sarah and asks Amy her name.