General Hospital Monday August 4th, 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 8/4/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan tries to chat with Nickolas, who is sullen. Stefan asks if he was looking for someone else there on the docks, but Nickolas won't give him any details. Stefan tells him that they're rebuilding the stables and they talk about his horse, Alexis, and the servants. Nickolas admits he misses his home. Stefan suggests he stop by anytime; Nickolas says he'll think about it. Stefan takes off. Nickolas looks confused.

Sarah is surprised to see her sister but annoyed that she's smoking. Elizabeth tells her she's not just there for a visit, she's staying. Elizabeth speaks disdainfully about the Johnson family she's been staying with. She got in trouble there for sneaking out at night, so she ran off. She spent her entire year's allowance on a first-class plane ticket. Audrey comes up and wonders what she's doing there. They all sit down to chat. Elizabeth tells Audrey that things weren't working out with her friend's family so she hopes she can stay with her. Audrey is glad to have her and says she'll phone her parents and the Johnsons to let them know. Sarah and Elizabeth definitely rub each other the wrong way. The phone rings so Sarah gets it. Audrey tells Elizabeth she knows how it is to have an older sister she doesn't get along with. Sarah and Elizabeth are forced to share a room for now. Audrey and Sarah chat. Sarah remembers her dance with Nickolas.

Monica is surprised that Alan thinks she killed Dorman. Ned walks in and both are surprised that he heard it from Emily. Alan asks who did kill him if it wasn't Monica. Monica tells him that Emily killed Dorman. Alan doesn't think Emily could have done it. They fill Alan in on the details of what they know. Monica says that when she found Dorman he was already dead, but she found Emily's locket there and the scalpel, both covered with blood. Emily walks in when Monica says she killed Dorman. Her mouth drops open. She is outraged at their accusation. She insists on thinking about that night. She remembers what happened and describes it. She recounts the whole night. We see it in black and white flashbacks. She says she picked up a scalpel and went back to the morgue, but when she got there, Dorman was already dead. She dropped the scalpel in Dorman's blood and picked it up, then wiped it on her gown. Monica hugs her enthusiastically. Ned takes Alan aside so they can talk about controlling the situation. Ned wonders who really killed Dorman, since he knows Brenda didn't do it, either. Emily thanks all of them for trying to protect her. Ned and Emily go upstairs. Monica is relieved and hugs Alan, but he's annoyed that Monica has been lying to him. She tries to make amends but he's not in the mood to hear it. She goes to bed and he takes more pain pills.

Jax tells the Bermuda cops that they routed there because of the thunderstorm on their way to Miami. The cops believe him, especially when V. corroborates his story. But she tells Jax, "This isn't over". They argue about whether V. should go with him to see Brenda. She wants to bring Brenda in if she's guilty, or if she's being framed she can help. Jax is worried that it might be too dangerous but she reminds him she's a cop. He promises to let her go so they leave with the police. They head for Tiger Key. He advises her to dress more casually so she'll blend in to the tourist spot. He helps her by rolling up her sleeves, etc. but it doesn't help so he gives her one of his more colorful shirts. She changes and buys some touristy sunglasses.

Sony and Brenda are surprised to see Hernando Rivera, Lily's father, alive. He sits in a wheelchair. Sonny realizes that Rigoletto's plot is apropos to their situation. Tin Man tells Sonny he should have made sure Rivera was dead in Puerto Rico. Sonny fills Brenda in on the details. Tin Man tells them that Rivera didn't commit suicide because he blames Sonny, not himself, for Lily's death, and had to see him and Brenda dead. Rivera had hoped Harry would get rid of Sonny, but he failed. Rivera promises to make them suffer before they die. Sonny hits Tin Man and holds a gun to Rivera's head as his other henchman run in and grab Brenda. She screams as they point a gun at Sonny and shoot. Amazingly, they miss. Tin Man grabs Brenda and threatens to shoot her. Sonny is forced to give up the gun. Tin Man hits Sonny over the head with the gun butt and he falls to the floor, unconscious. Brenda kneels down to him. Tin Man says they're not ready to kill them yet. He gives Brenda a drink to put her to sleep,