General Hospital Friday August 1st, 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 8/1/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Sarah and Lucky joke around. She sees Nickolas looking at them and gets flustered. He goes to get her some more food because she spills hers. Lucky notices that Emily's upset. Lucky tries to help her but she doesn't make much sense. Keesha says she feels too old to be at the party so she offers to take Emily home. Lucky tells Sarah he has to go with Emily because she's upset. Amy chats with Nickolas, her nephew, while Sarah and her friend watch. He accidentally bumps into Sarah and seems flustered. She tells him Lucky had to leave and asks him to stay. They joke around. He is walking away when she asks him to dance. He says yes and they dance romantically. Some of Sarah's friends invite them over to Kelly's for another party but Nickolas declines and leaves when Lucky's name is mentioned. He runs into Stefan walking on the docks. Sarah goes home and finds her sister, Elizabeth, sitting outside Audrey's house smoking a cigarette.

Jason chews out Robin for asking Sonny to fire him. He asks her to call him back but she says she can't. They argue. He tells her she's ruined his life, not in those exact words. Robin says she doesn't understand him and why he thinks his job is his identity. She claims she didn't force Sonny to fire him but he knows Sonny was forced to by her emotional blackmail. He is crying slightly as he tells her what a horrible thing she's done to him and to Sonny. He accuses her of being overprotective of him because of his brain damage. She denies it. He talks about how he learned from her and Sonny when he first woke up from his accident. She yells at him for putting her on a pedestal and says, "I'm not going to put someone else I love in a grave". She tells him he should be grateful for everything he has, including his health. She doesn't have all the things he has anymore because they were taken away. She tells him there are plenty of things he can do besides work for Sonny and that they can go away together and start fresh. She begs him to tell her why not. He tells her he doesn't know how to do anything else, that she'd have to do everything for him. "The only place I can make happen what I want to happen is where Sonny lives". They realize they can't reconcile their differences. He says he'll wait for Sonny to return so he can make him take him back. Robin says she can't stick around for that. They hold hands. Robin apologizes for wanting to change him. Robin says things will turn out allright but they both cry. Jason says, "Promise me you'll never get sick." They kiss tenderly. She leaves. They both cry.

Jax and V. get rescued. He asks if she's mad at him but she denies it. He says their time there was pretty fun so he asks her to be friends. She says she still plans to arrest him. He tells her he has to protect Brenda because he knows what the Tin Man looks like. He promises that if V. lets him go, he'll come back to Port Charles after he helps Brenda. A cop, their rescuer, walks through the brush to greet them. Another police officer joins him. They question them about why they ended up there.

Sonny and Brenda go to the address to which they were invited. He knocks and the door opens. They go in and it's a spooky-looking mansion. They find an origami animal and a live tarantula, which scares Brenda. They open a note they find, which says, "Your turn to wait, why don't you put on some music?" Sonny plays a record, the opera Rigoletto. The Tin Man greets them. He tells them that he killed Pierce Dorman. Sonny guesses that he also framed Brenda. Tin Man tells them that Dorman "was not an honorable man" and that Sonny would have killed him or had someone do it. Sonny asks who he works for. Tin Man admits revenge is involved. He makes an origami animal and shows it to them. He seems to enjoy playing mind games. Tin Man introduces them to his "boss" by opening the door. They walk in and look stunned.

Monica wants to go retrieve Emily from the barbecue. Alan chews her out for the way she's acting and for lying to him. Just then, Emily, Keesha and Lucky walk in. Keesha and Lucky take off. Alan tells Monica to stay away from Emily and says, "She knows what you did, Monica...and so do I!" Monica wonders what he's talking about. He tells her that he knows her secret about Dorman.