General Hospital Thursday July 31st, 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 7/31/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Lucky and Sarah are nervous before their big picnic date. He tells her she looks "beautiful". They share a hug. They go to the bbq and she looks for Nickolas.

Edward takes Emily to the barbecue. She is horrifed to find out that he plans to stay, despite his assurances that he'll leave her alone. Keesha comes by to say hi to her and notices Em is down about him being there. Keesha goes over to speak to him; after some time, she asks him to leave so Emily can have some privacy. She promises to watch her. He tries to talk to her about AJ but she changes the subject. He says she reminds him of Mary Mae. They hug and then he leaves, after saying goodbye to Emily.

Katherine comes home and bugs Nickolas about going to the barbecue. He has been avoiding Stefan. She tells him she went to Windemere to talk to Stefan about him and ask him to stay away from the barbecue. Nickolas says Stefan's not the reason he's not going. Robin phones Katherine to see if they can visit later. Katherine tells Nickolas she doesn't think Stefan will go to the barbecue anyway, to make him happy. She shows him some clothes she bought for him and encourages him to wear the shirt to the barbecue. Robin visits and fills Katherine in on her love life troubles and going to the Sorbonne. Katherine offers encouragement and support. Robin wishes she and Jason could go to Paris together. Robin leaves and Nickolas comes downstairs in his new shirt. Kath nags him some more about going to the bbq. He says maybe and takes off.

Lucky and Sarah say goodbye to Emily and Keesha. Sarah explains that her parents are in Bosnia. Amy comes by to drag Lucky off to help her get some charcoal. He tries to get out of it so he can spend time with his girl but Amy convinces him. Keesha goes for a dance, leaving Emily and Sarah alone to chat. Emily asks if she likes Lucky but Sarah just says Lucky's "great and we have a lot of fun together". To avoid Emily's questions, Sarah goes to get some food. Some of Emily's classmates come by and give her a hard time about being a druggie. Keesha rescues her. Emily's upset. When one of her classmates gets ketchup on her blouse, Emily flashes back to the blood on Monica's shirt. She gets more upset. Lucky asks Sarah to dance but she's not interested yet. She tells him there's cat hair all over his shirt (from holding Audrey's cat earlier). He enjoys having her pick cat hair out of his hair. Nickolas arrives just then and sees them together, her touching Lucky's hair.

Jax fools with the radio from the plane, trying to get it to work. V. gathers wood for a signal fire but Jax points out why it won't work. They're both a bit peeved that a ship had passed the island without seeing them; she's annoyed that he had yelled at her for messing things up. They argue. He cooks dinner for them and teases her about her love of cliches. She gets offended. They both talk about their fathers and bond. He gets the radio working and calls for help. A ship comes to rescue them. She looks kind of disappointed.

Sonny phones Jason and fills him in on how they've been and why Jason hasn't been able to call him. Jason tells him that Jax is on his trail. Sonny fires him. Jason is stunned and asks to speak to Brenda. He asks her to tell him why; he thinks someone else must be there, forcing Sonny and her to say these things. Sonny tries to get off the phone but Jason insists on finding out why. "Stop lying to me!" Jason yells. They argue very emotionally. Jason can tell he's lying and tells him he knows it's because of Robin. Sonny orders him to forget everything he's learned but won't admit it's Robin's idea. Sonny hangs up on Jason, who's very angry. Brenda comforts Sonny. They get ready to find the Tin Man. Sonny gets his gun out. They hug before leaving.

Robin visits Jason, who's very angry and just glares at her. "How could you?" he asks and then yells that he knows what she did.