General Hospital Wednesday July 30th, 1997 Update


I missed GH Tuesday 7/29 and I missed part of this one.

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/30/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Tony comes home early; Carly questions him about what's wrong. He confesses that he and Bobbie had a fight. Bobbie told him that she and Lucas are going out of town so she can get a divorce and take a little vacation. She really blasted him for getting Carly pregnant, etc. Carly is outraged that Bobbie would dare make moral judgements on them. She worries that their child will suffer for being a bastard and for their illicit relationship. She suggests they leave town and go somewhere else, where no one knows them. They discuss it. She tells him that her first day of school was not happy because of rumors about her family. Tony tells her that moving is not a good solution but she tries to convince him how happy they would be elsewhere. But Tony doesn't want to live away from Lucas. He assures her that people will forget about how they got together and that "the truth will always win out". Meanwhile, at his AA meeting, AJ has a flashback to him and Carly touching in the bar.

Edward tells Jason about a fascinating surgery he saw on television. Jason looks bored and Lila tells Edward to lay off him. Edward tries to convince him to go back into medicine. Edward and Lila leave.

Alan reassures Emily that it was good that she told him the truth about Monica. He is questioning her further when Ned and Monica walk in. Monica wants to know why Em isn't on her trip. Alan explains she didn't feel well and defends her to them. Edward comes in and starts bugging Emily about why she's not feeling well. Edward suggests Emily go to the barbecue. She's not sure. Alan and Edward argue. Monica and Ned wonder what's really going on with Emily and Alan. Ned thinks Monica should question Alan. Alan overhears Monica say that Alan is suspicious and Ned say that they've "gotten this far without anyone finding out".

Brenda phones Robin from her and Sonny's hotel room to find out how she and Jason are. Robin tells her that Jason should recover fine but Brenda can tell she's upset. Robin asks to speak to Sonny so Brenda gives him the phone. He questions her and gets worried that she means that Jason is sick. But Robin asks him to let Jason out of his organization. She explains why; Sonny doesn't agree. He explains why he can't betray Jason. She insists and begs. He says he can't just make a phone call and get Jason a new identity, but she argues that they could go to Paris together and he would be safe. He still says that he doesn't have the power to do it. She uses all her emotional leverage to beg him to try anyway, reminding him that he promised Stone he'd take care of her. She feels bad about trying to manipulate him, though. He promises to give it some thought. She thanks him for listening. Sonny tells Brenda he doesn't think he can "make Jason change".