General Hospital Monday July 28th, 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 7/28/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alan asks Emily to explain what she meant but she begs him to forget it. Alan badgers her. Monica and Ned come up to find out what's happening. Emily sort of shuts down. AJ comes by and takes her away. Monica demands that Alan tell her what Emily said. Alan tells her Emily's fine but he has to leave because he gets beeped by GH. He takes Emily aside and advises her not to tell anyone what she said, including Monica. They hug and he takes off. Monica tells Ned that Alan's "hiding something". Emily tells them she's "sorry". Ned takes her home and Monica leaves to go to work. Emily hugs AJ before leaving.

Tony tells AJ he's having problems telling Bobbie the news. Meanwhile, Carly apologizes to Bobbie for blurting the news out about the baby. Bobbie laughs sarcastically and accuses Carly of planning the whole thing. Carly denies it but Bobbie won't listen. Then Bobbie wonders if Carly's lying about being pregnant, too. Carly dares her to ask Tony or her doctor. They continue to argue and exchange awful words. They both leave the restroom. Carly runs to Tony. Bobbie insists they all sit down and discuss the happy news. Tony wants to know what's going on. Bobbie, very angry, fills him in. Tony tries to keep them calm. He apologizes to Bobbie for not telling her sooner. Carly begs her to be happy for Tony. Bobbie, hurt, leaves. Carly asks Tony to forgive her again as she explains what happened in the restroom. He believes and forgives her. Later, she lies that she only went to the Outback to make sure he was okay after he told Bobbie the news. They hug and she gets a doubtful look on her face. He takes a shower. AJ knocks on the door but she pretends they're not home.

Sonny and Brenda sit at the Zoo Bar wondering where the guy who's been setting them up is. They notice that Ricky the bartender seems agitated. They watch the Tin Man make a phone call and Sonny realizes who he is. The Tin Man slips out while they're distracted. Ricky brings Sonny a note. Instead of reading it, he leaves with Brenda. Later, he reads it and tells Brenda that the note invites them somewhere. She is in a hurry to get there but he wants to think about their options first. They discuss the different possibilities. They decide to go ahead, together. Meanwhile, the Tin Man phones his boss to say that things are proceeding as planned. The man listening to opera lights some candles and lays out his opera gloves.

Robin yells at Jason for risking his life to run off after Sonny. He sits down and assures her that he won't leave yet. She takes his face in her hands and tries to get him to see reason. They talk about the shooting and get emotional. He tells her, "I don't want to be dead!" but he is worried about Sonny. He tells her he's been working out while he's alone and he's fine, the wound doesn't hurt. But she asks him to give up his lifestyle, to quit his job. He refuses and also tells her it's not possible because he knows and has done too much. She tells him Sonny can arrange it. He says he wouldn't want to, anyway, because it's the only job he can do. They argue about it. She accuses him of wanting the thrill of risking his life all the time. He admits he likes the thrill but talks passionately about how much he enjoys life. But she can't take another loved one dying, she says. She explains about all her family members who've died by violence. He understands her feelings of protectiveness because he felt that way after Sonny was attacked. But he tells her this is the way he is and he can't change. Mac comes in with news about Brenda and Sonny. He tells them that he thinks they're safe in Florida because there's been no news from the FBI. Robin leaves for awhile. Mac quizzes Jason about why she's upset and advises him to "relax". Mac tries to "make peace" with him. He also lets him know that he shouldn't go to Florida, then he leaves (even though he told Robin he'd stay with him). Robin comes back and asks what happened to Mac. He talks about his love for her but says he can't give up his job because it's "part of" him. She turns off the light and leaves without kissing him or anything. She stands outside and cries.